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10 Custom Content Trends Every Marketer Should Know

This webinar explored 10 significant trends shaping custom content in 2015 and beyond.

Insights to Reaching a Rising Demographic

This webinar explored the role culture and identity play in solidifying strong relationships between the Indian community and brands.

BAA Legal: The Intersection of Targeted Advertising, Privacy and Technology

This webinar video provided an overview of current legal and business trends surrounding online and mobile marketing initiatives such as targeted advertising, text messaging, use of mobile apps, and optimizing customer data for marketing campaigns.

Three Key Insights to Brand Performance Measurement

In this webinar video, marketers discovered a new measurement model that enables the whole management team to own and deliver the success of the brand.

The FTC’s “Start With Security” Initiative: Where To Start?

This webinar video addressed a few of the questions raised by this new initiative – in particular, why the Commission is doing this road show and what the key components of the conferences will be (e.g., general privacy by design principles; app security; internet of things security; etc.); and how one might be able to evaluate the trends in terms of data security enforcement.

Social Media Tips and Trends From the Top 40 Social Media Agencies

In this webinar video, attendees learned how social media trends and user behavior have changed over time, the state of social media globally, and what the 40 most creative and impactful agencies are doing well in this space.

BAA Legal: Understanding the FTC’s Updated FAQs on Testimonials & Endorsements

This conversation with industry experts aimed to help ensure compliance ‎with material connection disclosures on any platform.

Integrating a Cross-Channel Strategy with Programmatic Advertising

This webinar video provided marketers with the insights they need to know to develop a cross-channel strategy that will reach their consumers at the right time and on the right device.

Best Practices in Privacy, Data Security, and Information Governance Programs

Alan Friel and Randal Gainer, both partners at BakerHostetler, discussed the components of an information governance program.

Keeping up with Your Growing Marketing Technology Portfolio

This webinar covered methods for blueprinting and strategic sequencing of marketing tech portfolio rollouts, factoring in internal skills and capabilities, marketing organizational structure and corporate goals.

Strategic Couponing

With today’s value-seeking consumer and complex path to purchase, promotional messages and media need to consistently work together to deliver value that activates consumers.

OTT (Over-the-Top) Devices: What Marketers Need to Know

In this webinar video, attendees discovered what marketers stand to gain in a world where linear TV ratings are on the rapid decline: better data, more accurate targeting, and richer experiences on the favorite screen.

Licensing #3: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your License

In the BAA’s third licensing webinar video, marketers discussed what licensors and licensees can do to maximize the value of their partnerships.

Insights for Building a Content Marketing Organization: People, Process, Platforms

This webinar covered the three areas an organization should know to be content ready — people, process, platforms.

Licensing #2: What Marketers Need To Know — The Legal Side of Licensing and License Negotiation

In this video, a panel of attorneys shared the basic building blocks of licensing agreements.

What Marketers Can Do About the Collaborative Economy

As the sharing economy grows, brands must evolve to keep up; in this webinar, Crowd Companies discussed how corporations can use new business models to stay relevant.

Licensing #1: The Basics of Licensing

This Webinar covered the big picture: What licensing is; how it differs from promotion; how and when you might use licensing in your marketing mix (including licensing in and licensing out); and the in-house versus outsourced options.

Insights to Real-Time Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

In this webinar, attendees heard case study examples from brand marketers illustrating how they were able to predict how their customers would act and serve ads that were relevant to those behaviors.

Navigating the On-Demand World of Millennial Shoppers

In this video, Sharalyn Orr, executive director at Frank N. Magrid Associates, discussed how the Millennial mindset was created.

Sweepstakes 2: Sweeps, Contests, and Games in Social Media

In this video, a panel of attorneys discussed the rules that govern social media sweepstakes and potential red flags for marketers.

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