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Turning Customer Frustration into Breakthrough Innovation

This webinar provided insights into how marketers can make innovation simple through a deeper understanding of customer purchase behavior.

Proving the Value of Your In-House Agency

Dan Jeffries, Commercial Operations Consultant at the In-House Agency Forum, along with industry expert and IHAF Board Member Marta Stiglin, discussed the importance of defining the contribution of your in-house team so you can quantify the value it delivers to your corporation.

Five Ways Marketers Can Unlock Digital Value

This webinar video featured the five strategies companies can implement to deliver both rapid returns and sustained growth in the complex digital advertising world.

Influencing, Optimizing and Reshaping Marketing in 2015

This webinar video provided insights into how the gap between customer-obsessed brands and the rest grow further as more as more interaction data from multiple channels and touch points floods customer databases.

Increasing ROI with Programmatic

In this video, Michael Greene, Director of Research – Audience Science discussed why limited transparency and uncertain data ownership are hampering advertisers' ability to succeed with programmatic and how advertisers can best work with their agencies and technology providers to take back control.

Refining Hispanic ROI in a Total Market World

This video features Kellogg's journey amid other leading marketers to help improve some of the shortcomings of Hispanic audience and sales measurements.

Native Advertising: Insights from an ANA Study and How Xerox is Optimizing Native

In this webinar, Chris Boles, director of global advertising and media at Xerox, provided his perspective on results of an ANA survey and shared examples of recent Xerox work in native advertising.

CES Topline: What Marketers Need to Know

In this webinar, learn how the products and innovations shared at the largest industry trade show in the U.S. shaped both the immediate and long-range future for marketers and consumers alike.

Programmatic Buying — Real Time Buying, Real Time Legal Problems

In this webinar, learn the key legal issues raised by the increasingly programmatic advertising environment.

Why Marketers Should Tell Ad Tech "F--- Your Analytics!"

This webinar helped present the three requirements marketers should look for when choosing a digital media partner.

Insights into the Future of Digitized Defined Objects

This webinar will reveal how devices are digitizing our physical environments and how the resulting data not only informs the choices we make, but also defines who we are and how we will live in the future.

Beyond Millennials: What Marketers Need to Know About the Next Generation

In this webinar, insights into the post-Millennial generation’s attitudes and behaviors.

The FTC's Operation Full Disclosure: What You Need to Know

This webinar will help participants learn what the FTC's Operation Full Disclosure could mean to them.

Measuring the Impact of TV Ad Receptivity

This webinar presented insights from a new research study that reveal how the relationship between the emotional profiles of programs and ads impacts ad receptivity.

Enhancing Ad Viewability in Premium Digital Environments

In this webinar, Time Inc. describes how it uses data to improve the viewability of ads placed on its digital properties.

5 Innovative and Effective Tools to Direct Marketing

This webinar presented the 5 key tools in developing and executing an effective direct mail marketing program through new interactive technologies. Attendees heard how innovations in direct mail are key to a brand's marketing mix.

Maximizing Mobile's Impact in the Marketing Mix

In this webinar, attendees heard results from the Mobile Marketing Association's SMoX research study which will reveal how marketers can measure the impact of their mobile spend.

Engaging Customers through Instagram

In this webinar, marketers learned how to communicate their brand's message using Instagram.

Reaching Millennials Through TV: What Marketers Need to Know

In this webinar, TVB discussed the Millennial generation and how it interacts with TV.

Marketers' 5-Step Guide to Data Privacy in a Big Data World

This webinar explored the basics of big data privacy, dispelled big data myths, and provided attendees with the five action steps marketers need to thrive in the world of big data privacy.

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