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From Purpose to Purchase: How American Standard Proved the Power of a Toilet

Based on the insight that people want to support companies that make a difference, American Standard’s “Flush for Good” campaign tied the brand’s performance to its cause in this video.

Turning B-to-B into Me-to-B: How Grainger Created an Emotional Connection to a Rational, Technical World

In this video, Grainger shared how establishing an emotional connection with its customers allowed the brand to shift its perception from parts supplier to true partner.

hello products: A Friendly David-versus-Goliath Story

In this video, hello shared how disruption in media and merchandising led to increased market share for the brand.

Kraft Harnesses Data to Drive Marketing Success

Deanie Elsner, executive vice president and CMO at Kraft Foods Group, Inc., showcased how Kraft's Parallux — knowledge fueling action — influences marketing efforts on some of Kraft's most iconic brands.

How Does America’s No. 1-Selling Greek Yogurt Brand Maintain Its Leading Position?

In this video, Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer at Chobani, discusses how the company has embraced innovation and marketing to maintain its leadership position.

Disrupting a Category by Putting the Customer First

T-Mobile has single-handedly disrupted an industry through its "Un-carrier" strategy of defying "carrier" rules and putting the customer first. "Un-CMO" Mike Sievert discussed how the brand managed this massive turnaround and intends to continue shaking things up in the wireless industry.

Navigating the New Customer Journey

In this video, learn how Cisco’s B-to-B marketers have shifted focus from promotion to engagement, aligning with sales to drive volume, velocity, and value.

Putting Your Brand Champions at the Center of Everything

Brands at General Mills have used consumer-centric thinking and purpose to achieve growth.

JetBlue: Life as a Challenger Brand

In this video, JetBlue takes a values-based, challenger approach to brand communication.

My "Aha!" About Brand Growth

In this video, Jim Stengel draws on his marketing experience to share lessons on growth for marketers and brands.

Don’t Be the Next #Socialmediafail

In this video, Reed Smith discussed legal issues in digital and social media, such as social media contests, privacy, copyright/trademarks, and publicity.

Social Media Strategy for B-to-B

Dell shared best practices for integrating social media into a B-to-B marketing strategy and achieving measurable business results.

Denny’s: A Social Diner

Denny’s Corporation shared 11 best practices for engaging Millennials on Twitter and Tumblr.

Top Digital Trends

This video highlights eMarketers' perspective on how today’s connected consumers are spending their time and money.

MINI Motors Incites Passion with Real-Time Content Marketing

Lee Nadler, marketing communications manager at MINI, shared examples of MINI’s creative real-time marketing, from social volleys with other brands to turning a moving car into a live concert venue.

Equinox: Changing the Conversation Through Content and Social

This video highlights how Equinox has leveraged social channels across its house of brands to foster engagement with current and prospective members.

TOMS Leverages All Things Digital

This video highlights how TOMS has developed an omnichannel approach to building lifelong customer relationships.

Frito-Lay Gets Social with Content

This video highlights Frito-Lay's innovative approach to creating consumer-centric social content.

The Power of Social Content: Today and in the Future

Advertising, customer service, and even product development have all been drastically affected by social media, and brands must become adept in the space or get left behind. LiveWorld, a social media agency, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing brands on social networks.

Optimizing the Marketing Procurement and Marketing Relationship

Survey research from the ANA Procurement Task force revealed insights into optimizing the relationship between marketing procurement and marketing.

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