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Highlights from the 2015 Brand Masters Conference

The 2015 Brand Masters Conference in three minutes.

Expedia: Find Yours

In this video, learn how Expedia set out to make travel personal again, to acknowledge that travel is about more than changing places; it’s about finding the things that change you.

Brand and the Bottom Line

In this video, discover how the DuPont marketing team is linking brand to business financials to get approval for major changes in brand strategy.

Vita Coco: Connecting Through Culture

In this video, learn how Vita Coco started the coconut water trend – one of the fastest growing beverage categories of the past ten years – by promoting the brand in association with pop culture.

Target: Creating a Meaningful Community Impact Through Production

In this video, discover how Target strives to achieve “zero waste” on every commercial it shoots, and as a result, has set a new industry standard of responsible production for its agencies and production companies.

Mobile: Adding Impact to Brand Marketing

In this video, Heineken offered insights on how mobile marketing spending translates to sales and brand awareness.

The Future in a World of Digitized Defined Objects

In this video, how the data our devices digitize not only inform the choices we make but also define who we are, with grand implications for how we live in the future.

Timex’s Vision for Wearable Technology

In this video, hear Timex’s approach to wearable technology innovation as they uncover how they have quickly become a leader in this “mobile first, mobile everywhere” world.

2014 ANA Mobile First, Mobile Everywhere Conference Recap

In this video, learn key takeaways from the 2014 ANA Mobile First, Mobile Everywhere Conference.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

In this video, the NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

Total Market — Principles and Case Studies

Over the past year, a task force led by AHAA and ANA has been working to provide guidance to the industry on the development and execution of a total market approach in marketing communications.

Toyota’s Total Market Model

In this video, Toyota shared the process of bringing all of its agency partners together to create a total market approach to advertising.

The Multicultural Music Millennial

In this video, Sony Music revealed the role music plays in the lives of the multicultural consumer and how to communicate with this consumer through the currency of music, based upon its annual study of 30,000 music fans.

Diversity: A Business Imperative

In this video, Cox Communication shared best practices for diversity and inclusion.

Culture and Moments: Multicultural Communities on Twitter

In this video, Twitter shared an overview of how brands can connect with multicultural consumers on its social media platform.

Zumba Fitness: Global Lifestyle Phenomenon

In this video, Zumba shared key steps from its journey toward becoming a global lifestyle and fitness brand.

Meet the Regulators: The Key Issues for the Federal Regulators, State AGs, and Self-Regulatory Bodies

In this video, a panel discussion offered enforcement’s perspective on investigations into advertising practices.

Ambush Marketing, Sports Sponsorships, and Social Media

In this video, a panel discussion of ambush marketing, its risks, and how to help prevent it.

The Tricky Business and Law of Loyalty Programs, Gift and Stored Value Cards

In this video, legal experts discussed the current laws around gift card and customer loyalty programs, and offered marketers advice on avoiding legal issues.

FDA/FTC Overlap: Health and Wellness

In this video, learn how the FDA and FTC have overlapping areas of concern in health and wellness advertising and labelling.

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