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Operating in Today’s Media Marketplace

Research from Active International shows that media companies are concerned about their ability to deliver audience through new media channels.

How Millennials Respond to Radio Messaging

Research on Millennials and radio messaging tactics, including commercials and contests.

Marketing Automation: How to Make the Right Buying Decision

An overview of a survey conducted across marketing automation users and vendors.

A Manufacturer’s Step-by-Step Guide for Improving the Customer Experience

Steps manufacturers can take to improve experiences and increase customer loyalty.

B-to-B Sales Tools for a Digital World: Leveraging Digital Marketing Principles to Boost Strategic Sales

Principles from digital marketing can be used to shape a new generation of strategic sales tools.

How Are Manufacturers Generating Leads?

Manufacturers are driving customer acquisition by embracing data and technology, according to DataMentors.

Family, Food, and Culture are Asian-American Staples

Insights into Asian-American consumers’ grocery shopping behaviors.

Closing the Gap between Products that Appeal to Our Heart and Health

Nielsen research explored the gap between what consumers say they are buying and what they wish they could buy.

Repackaging USG: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

An interview with USG’s Vice President of Marketing on the topics of rebranding and repackaging.

Localization: Mapping out Hidden Pockets of Opportunity

Many retailers and brands are turning to localization strategies to drive growth.

What’s in Asian-Americans’ Wallets?

Asian-American consumers have a strong affinity for credit cards, particularly rewards-based credit cards.

Consumer Loyalty Is Not Much Deeper than Our Pockets

A global Nielsen survey found that price is the top driver of store-switching behavior.

What Does It Take to Measure the Total Audience?

Insights on media measurement and media planning from a Nielsen panel discussion.

Making Impressions Count: Mobile Viewability

An overview of issues and definitions around mobile ad viewability.

Exploring the Science behind Successful Innovation

Successful innovation is a science, and it can become a repeatable and scalable part of any business.

How Mobile Wallet Apps Are Changing Consumer Habits

Nielsen research on mobile wallet users and the opportunity for marketers.

How to Apply Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement

Leverage business intelligence and data analytics to make better agency management decisions.

From Content Creation to Value Creation

How marketers can benefit from maximizing post-production.

Storytelling Tips from an Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer

Quick tips on how to entertain and inform an audience with stories around your brand.

Warby Parker, Moosejaw, and Amazon Earn Millennial Shopper Love in the Store

FutureCast shared four ways that retailers can win with Millennial shoppers.

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