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The Big Picture

While challenges remain, addressable TV may finally be within reach for marketers.

By the Numbers

Learn about the science behind advertising in a fragmented TV world. The effect of fragmentation is seen in an erosion of ratings and increasing challenges in reaching both large and targeted audiences.

Talking Shop

In this one-on-one interview, Doug Ray, global president of Carat, discusses how his agency attracts billions in new business from brands like Macy’s, Staples, GM, and Dannon, and gives his take on where the industry is going.

Adapting in the Data-Driven Evolution

Today, the TV landscape is increasingly fragmented, and this has made it more difficult than ever for an advertiser to efficiently reach its entire audience through a contextual network media purchase.

Turkish Delight

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 in Turkey, the brand leveraged the popularity of a local crime drama, Kara Para Ask, to achieve its goals.

It’s Getting Personal

Learn how brands, including Hilton Worldwide, Toms Shoes, and MINI USA, win trust by creating genuine experiences.

Going the Distance

For several years, Expedia has been leveraging user-generated content from a variety of real-world travelers for its “Find Yours” campaign. This personalized brand engagement reaches a broad audience.

Reaching the Infinitely Connected Consumer

John Nardone, executive vice president and general manager at Rocket Fuel, discusses the need for a programmatic CMO.

Know Your Bull’s-eye Audience

To create the right brand experience, you need to know your customer. At Target, marketers have a clear sense of the people they are trying to reach because the company uses a wide variety of methods to learn about its consumers.

An Evolutionary Process at Allstate

Amy Stankiewicz, display advertising manager at Allstate Insurance Co., discusses moving programmatic media buying (PMB) from marketing to branding.

TOMS Builds a Movement

Zita Cassizzi, chief digital officer at TOMS, discussed using storytelling to build a brand, creating unique customer experiences, and reaching social conscious consumers through mobile.

4 Questions on Measurement for Aaron Fetters

Aaron Fetters, director of the insights and analytics solution center at Kellogg, discussed data, analytics, and ROI.

Getting from Here to There

How does marketing organize for growth? Let these key insights from Marketing2020 be your guide.

Getting Our Money’s Worth

While technology has been the great enabler, it has also spawned a disease that is leading to an erosion of the phenomenal potential of digital marketing platforms. Find out what steps the ANA is taking to combat the less-than- trustworthy digital media supply chain.

Changing With the Times

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela discusses how the company is elevating its marketing. Capossela shares his thoughts on the skills of great high-tech marketers, how to keep marketing fresh, what he learned from Bill Gates, and more.

How to Create a Culture of Risk Taking

In the face of rapid technological change, hypercompetition, and globalization, the call for innovation is skyrocketing. For marketing organizations on the front lines of both creating and communicating change, the demands are particularly intense.

The Great, Risky Testing Ground

When it comes to risk taking, the issues are even more complex in the age of social media. Marketers have to try new and sometimes risky moves to make their mark and attract attention while the opportunities to make mistakes are an all-too-real possibility.

IHG Checks In a Winner with Holiday Inn Relaunch

When Verchele Wiggins was tapped to be InterContinental Hotels Group’s vice president of brand marketing communications for its Holiday Inn brand family, she knew that what awaited was no ordinary exercise in brand rebuilding.

It’s All in the Game

Gamification — applying elements of gaming to other activities, like marketing or work — has emerged as an effective engagement tool for brands looking to reach consumers of all ages and interests.

Loyalty — It’s Not Just in the Cards

Loyalty isn’t easily attained. It takes time for new acquaintances to prove their worth and earn our trust. That’s just as true for companies as it is for people.

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