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It’s Getting Personal

Learn how brands, including Hilton Worldwide, Toms Shoes, and MINI USA, win trust by creating genuine experiences.

Going the Distance

For several years, Expedia has been leveraging user-generated content from a variety of real-world travelers for its “Find Yours” campaign. This personalized brand engagement reaches a broad audience.

Reaching the Infinitely Connected Consumer

John Nardone, executive vice president and general manager at Rocket Fuel, discusses the need for a programmatic CMO.

Know Your Bull’s-eye Audience

To create the right brand experience, you need to know your customer. At Target, marketers have a clear sense of the people they are trying to reach because the company uses a wide variety of methods to learn about its consumers.

An Evolutionary Process at Allstate

Amy Stankiewicz, display advertising manager at Allstate Insurance Co., discusses moving programmatic media buying (PMB) from marketing to branding.

Hitting All the Angles

Learn how brands, including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Dell, and Dunkin’ Donuts, use cross-screen marketing to effectively reach consumers.

Cross-Screen: Decoded

We live in a world of multiscreens, multiplatforms, and multidevices, from smartphones to connected TVs to “phablets” to wearables. The challenge for marketers is to understand how to communicate effectively with today’s cross-platform customers.

What’s Next Is Already Here

Programmatic buying is quickly becoming the norm and should be an integral part of an advertiser’s buying strategy.

Bring It

To reassert their products in consumers’ minds, Canon USA launched a multiscreen campaign around #BringIt. The brand tapped shutterbugs to show what a real camera can do.

Reaching Consumers Across All Screens

The Jeep brand is a success story that increased awareness and consideration of its new vehicles using cross-screen advertising.

The 5 Myths of PMB, Dispelled

Still in the fog over programmatic media buying (PMB)? Here’s the reality behind some common misconceptions.

Programmatic Fuels the Audience Engine

Programmatic media buying (PMB) is empowering marketers to connect with the right consumer every time. Learn how to make sense of fragmentation, take control of your buy, and leverage PMB to your best advantage.

How to Stop Programmatic from Being Problematic

Programmatic media buying (PMB) may involve automation, but diligence and hard work are still required to get it right.

Programmatic 101

In its short life, programmatic media buying (PMB) has attracted more attention than almost any form of advertising this century. PMB is ad buying for the digital age.

Psst, Over Here

When Best Buy wanted to highlight its back-to-college offers, the brand looked to PayPal Media Network to create a nationwide campaign.

Maximizing Native Ads

Native advertising, the integration of marketing content with a third-party website, has enabled brands including Xerox to change consumer perceptions and reposition themselves.

3 Questions on Culture Marketing with Carlos Saveedra

Carlos Saveedra, director of culture marketing at Pepsico Beverages America, discussed culture marketing, the Pepsi Culture Lab, and reaching out to multicultural audiences.

Spirit of Collaboration

Matt Jauchius, EVP and CMO at Nationwide Insurance, discussed the secrets to maintaining a noncontentious, two-way relationship with procurement and the benefits of a marketing/procurement partnership.

Gaining Consensus

Whether you’re making decisions for your personal or professional lives, gaining consensus/alignment is sometimes a challenge. Bob Liodice, president and CEO at ANA, discusses important collaborations in the marketing industry.

We Should Know by Now

Digital tools provide mindblowing opportunities to connect with consumers around the world on a real-time, personalized basis, but many are still baffled by digital and big data. Learn what you can do about it.

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