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The 5 Myths of PMB, Dispelled

Still in the fog over programmatic media buying (PMB)? Here’s the reality behind some common misconceptions.

Programmatic Fuels the Audience Engine

Programmatic media buying (PMB) is empowering marketers to connect with the right consumer every time. Learn how to make sense of fragmentation, take control of your buy, and leverage PMB to your best advantage.

How to Stop Programmatic from Being Problematic

Programmatic media buying (PMB) may involve automation, but diligence and hard work are still required to get it right.

Programmatic 101

In its short life, programmatic media buying (PMB) has attracted more attention than almost any form of advertising this century. PMB is ad buying for the digital age.

Psst, Over Here

When Best Buy wanted to highlight its back-to-college offers, the brand looked to PayPal Media Network to create a nationwide campaign.

Avoiding the "Creep Factor"

From storing information securely to not being overly intrusive, big data requires big efforts in data stewardship.

Getting Big Data to Pay Off

If you want to figure out how big data can help your marketing organization make faster and better business decisions, then it is important to understand the additional baggage that big data brings along with it.

Big Data Goes to Washington

Is increasing government scrutiny on the way? Two reports out of Washington in May 2014 could signal a move in that direction.

Visualize It

Developments in advanced analytics, data visualization, and processing power are opening new doors to solve big data marketing problems.

Coming into View

This article discusses new standards and technology for verified video ads.

Similar But Different

This article looks at three key touchpoints between clients and agencies where procurement can appropriately apply strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management (SRM) techniques to add value to the relationship.

Making the Most of Your Production Spend

This article discusses the importance of focusing on value, rather than dollar signs, when making the most of production spend.

ANA Member’s Point of View

A conversation between Steven Wales, COO of Decideware, and Christine Eaton, senior sourcing manager of advertising and agencies at General Mills.

A Measured Approach

While programmatic media buying is taking hold, marketers’ concerns about transparency and confusion over how it works still persist.

The Tricky Waters at C-Level

Find out how the lack of C-Suite alignment causes companies and careers to flounder.

Social Can Matter – But Narratives Shape our World

This article focuses on the impact of social media on brand management.

Big Data Conundrum

This article discusses steps to overcome consumer privacy and security issues.

Join The Band?

More than ever, marketers are letting the music do the talking, developing songs and artists just like record labels.

3 Questions on Disruption for Craig Dubitsky

Craig Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of Hello Products Inc., answers three questions on disruption for ANA.

Free the Forced

This case study used familiarity and clever visualization through a tactile medium to attract users and raise awareness through mobile devices.

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