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The 5 Myths of PMB, Dispelled

Still in the fog over programmatic media buying (PMB)? Here’s the reality behind some common misconceptions.

Programmatic Fuels the Audience Engine

Programmatic media buying (PMB) is empowering marketers to connect with the right consumer every time. Learn how to make sense of fragmentation, take control of your buy, and leverage PMB to your best advantage.

How to Stop Programmatic from Being Problematic

Programmatic media buying (PMB) may involve automation, but diligence and hard work are still required to get it right.

Programmatic 101

In its short life, programmatic media buying (PMB) has attracted more attention than almost any form of advertising this century. PMB is ad buying for the digital age.

Psst, Over Here

When Best Buy wanted to highlight its back-to-college offers, the brand looked to PayPal Media Network to create a nationwide campaign.

Coming into View

This article discusses new standards and technology for verified video ads.

Similar But Different

This article looks at three key touchpoints between clients and agencies where procurement can appropriately apply strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management (SRM) techniques to add value to the relationship.

Making the Most of Your Production Spend

This article discusses the importance of focusing on value, rather than dollar signs, when making the most of production spend.

ANA Member’s Point of View

A conversation between Steven Wales, COO of Decideware, and Christine Eaton, senior sourcing manager of advertising and agencies at General Mills.

A Measured Approach

While programmatic media buying is taking hold, marketers’ concerns about transparency and confusion over how it works still persist.

Age of the Digital Rabbit Ears?

Cord-cutting could change how advertisers approach local and national TV. This possible erosion of the cable/satellite audience is a concern to brands that rely on TV spots to reach their target demographic, but it also has potential benefits.

The Reality of Virtuality

Like traditional media, face-to-face interaction seems oh-so-analog these days. Marketers, in turn, have moved beyond listening and have answered the social media call to officially “join the conversation.”

Youth Movement

One of the biggest questions for digital marketing is how young people’s media habits vary from their parents’ and grandparents’. New technology has confused and complicated our understanding of normal media consumption behavior.

Feel the Power

CBS has spent the past several years utilizing new research tools in order to learn how to maximize the return generated for advertisers and capture the enhanced potential of television advertising in the digital era.

Integrating TV Marketing

Even in the digital age, television is still the best option for reaching consumers. Also, learn the four rules for maximizing return on television advertising.

Digital Subchannels Find Their Niche

Over the past few years, Digital Subchannels — additional channels local TV broadcasters now have as a result of the transition from analog to digital over-the-air signals — have gone from a novelty to a viable new platform for TV ads.

Grab ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

While consumers increasingly interact with brands via some type of screen — whether on a TV, smartphone, or tablet — many marketers are rediscovering the importance of engaging their audience in person through branded entertainment where they live, work, shop, and play.

The New Power Partnerships

While witty, resonant ad messages will always be critical and appreciated by advertisers and consumers alike, in our increasingly fragmented media world, it takes many more skill sets to bring brilliant executions to life at the right time, in the right context, for maximum impact.

The Future Is Soon

Smart brands are preparing for ubiquitous computing in a post-mobile world. Learn about the rise of wearables and the secondary mobile screen.

Beyond the :30

For most creative folk, television advertising — the 30-second spot in particular — has become sort of a benign prison. And in 2014 and beyond, it won’t be all that benign.

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