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Chango: The Five C's of Effective Content Marketing

This report from Chango provides marketers with five tips for building a successful content marketing program.

Chango: Five Ways to Use Twitter's New Targeting Capabilities

The ability to create "tailored audiences" on Twitter will allow marketers to target users at an individual level.

Chango: Debunking Five Myths About Display Advertising

Many direct response today marketers steer clear of display advertising after having had poor experiences in the past. However, Chango argues that the new world of display advertising represents many opportunities for marketers.

Chango: Five Marketing Misconceptions About Programmatic Video

With online video usage skyrocketing, there's an opportunity for marketers to also incorporate programmatic video into their campaigns.

Chango's Top 10 Marketing Predictions for 2014

Chango shares the top trends that it believes will be impacting marketing in 2014, including the emergence of "flow advertising" and the growth of content marketing.

Chango: The Retargeting Barometer Report

Chango surveyed nearly 300 media buyers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. in the fourth quarter of 2013 to explore how retargeting is being used across industries.

Twitter Tailored Audiences Handbook

This handbook fully explains Twitter tailored audiences and all of its targeting capabilities. It also offers best practices for targeting, and outlines six use cases that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

The Facebook Exchange Handbook

This guide from Chango provides marketers with everything they need to know about FBX.

The Programmatic Mind: A Marketer's Utopia, Issue Three

In the third issue of The Programmatic Mind, the quarterly journal looks ahead to 2023 to see where programmatic marketing is heading and how it might change the industry.

Chango: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

This presentation from Chango covers the fundamentals of advertising on Facebook and how brands can use the social network to achieve goals.

Chango: Exposing Display Media Measurement

According to Chango, 90 percent of all conversions come during exposure to display media, not post-exposure.

Chango: Retargeting is Not What You Think!

Retargeting tactics can be applied to search, social media, search engine optimization, website traffic, and email marketing, according to Chango.

Chango: The FBX Opportunity

Facebook Exchange (FBX), a real-time bidding ad system, allows marketers prospect for new clients using search and third-party data, as well as convert existing site visitors using primary site data.

Chango: Why Creative Still Matters

Despite an increased focus on data and digital technologies, creative is still an important part of marketing and advertising because it allows the brand to establish a connection with its audience.

Chango Case Study: Home Improvement Retailer

A home improvement retailer used search retargeting, in partnership with Chango, to drive online sales and improve awareness of a new service.

Chango Case Study: A Luxury European Auto Maker

A European luxury automobile company used search retargeting, implemented by Chango, as part of a national campaign aimed at targeting the lower end of the purchase funnel and driving purchase intent conversions.

Chango Case Study: Online Education Provider

An online education provider used Chango to implement search retargeting strategies that would encourage prospects to fill out online forms related to e-learning.

Chango Case Study: Major Credit Card Issuer

A major credit card company worked with Chango to use search retargeting to encourage prospects to apply for a credit card online.

Chango Case Study: Online Travel Meta Site

An online travel site used a search retargeting campaign, in partnership with Chango, that was integrated into the its dynamic creative system at the keyword level to increase hotel bookings.

Chango Case Study: Theme Amusement Park

An amusement park looking to drive incremental ticket sales worked with Chango to create a search retargeting campaign that focused on keywords related to other theme parks, zoos, and additional family activities.

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