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Connecting the Dots with Customer Analytics

Representatives from the insurance, financial services, and retail industries discussed how they are becoming more customer-centric at their organizations during the 2011 SAS Financial Services Executive Summit.

Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

This report from SAS explores how organizations can use customer analytics to discover which message, interaction, or campaign actually had the most influence with consumers.

Driving Marketing Relevance in Today's Digital World

Breaking down internal silos, connecting marketing performance to business revenue, and focusing on building long-term relationships with consumers are some of they keys necessary to maintaining marketing's relevance in the current digital environment.

Driving Profitable Growth: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Marketers

This white paper from SAS explores best practices and lessons learned that relate to driving profitable growth through deployment strategies, organizational structure and culture, and measurement.

Driving Profitable Growth: Technologies Available to Marketers

The technologies available to marketers today have evolved from personal productivity tools and basic search to customer-oriented data warehouses and advanced analytics, as well as other tools developed specifically for marketers.

Driving Profitable Growth: The Thought Leader Perspective

This white paper from SAS discusses the major issues facing markers today as they attempt to help drive profitable growth at their organizations.

Effective Marketing with Customer Analytics

In order for marketers to effect change and remain relevant in their organizations, they must be able to tie marketing to financial results.

How to Turn Customer Insight into a Profit with Marketing Analytics

This white paper from SAS outlines a five-step process for turning data into real profits.

Building a Marketing Analytics Culture

This SAS Q&A features a discussion with Adele Sweetwood, vice president of Americas marketing at SAS, and focuses on how marketing analytics can help to quantify the role that marketing plays in an organization's overall revenue.

Building a Marketing Analytics Framework

This SAS Q&A features a discussion with Lori Bieda, executive lead for customer intelligence at SAS, and focuses on how to set up an internal marketing analytics structure.

Competing on Customer Intelligence

Instead of focusing on the traditional four P's of marketing (product, price, promotion, and placement), marketers need to re-focus their efforts on achieving customer-centric growth in order to improve their marketing performance and be more accountable.

The Power of Personalizing the Customer Experience: Creating a Relevant Customer Experience from Real-Time, Cross-Channel Interaction

Real-time marketing allows marketers to provide consumers with timely, relevant offers, as well as respond to concerns and issues rapidly.

Predictive Analytics and Customer Lifetime Value: An Inside Perspective

SAS defines customer lifetime value as "the net present value of cash flows (past and future) attributed to a customer, household, or segment for a designated time period." Identifying these customers shows marketers which consumers will offer the highest value in the future and identifies top prospects.

Successful Marketing in the Digital Age

In this Q&A, SAS speaks with Jenna Fiorito, vice president of acquisition marketing at Time Warner Cable, about the changes that have taken place in the mobile wireless industry over the past two decades.

Technology That Grows Customer Value

Technology has evolved to the point today where it can now help marketers manage real-time campaigns, engage in conversations with consumers, and measure the impact of marketing activities.

Ten Ways to a Customer-Centric, Data-Driven Business Strategy

The unstructured data that is created out of human interactions can help marketers improve their business strategies, if it is captured.

The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action

SAS sponsored a survey of 2,100 organizations, in partnership with Harvard Business Review Analytics, to study how social media is being used by marketers today.

Using Analytics to Drive Customer Loyalty: Three Real-World Examples

Featuring examples from Oberweis Dairy, this white paper from SAS explores how analytics can be used to promote cross-channel behaviors, improve customer service, and increase customer retention.

Using Marketing Analytics to Drive Relevance for Customers

This white paper from SAS shares five steps for improving customer loyalty through marketing analytics.

SAS Case Study: Vail Resorts Creates Epic Experiences with Customer Intelligence

Vail Resorts uses relationship marketing to deliver unique, personalized experiences for its guests.

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