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Real Beauty Sketches

Dove created a viral video campaign to remind women they are beautiful, and created a global social media phenomenon in the process.


Universal Pictures held a “takeover” of some of Germany’s premier news and entertainment websites to promote the main character of its upcoming comedy, TED.

Cookie vs. Cream

Oreo built a war room that enabled it to create quality, real-time content for social media, a decision which showed its value during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout.

Life’s a Photo — Take It.

Samsung launched its newest camera by putting it in the hands of social media influencers and letting them present their cities through the lens of the Galaxy One.

Wind for Prosperity

Vestas used media partnership, influencer engagement, and social sharing to launch its clean energy initiative “Wind for Prosperity.”

Heineken – The Candidate

When interviewing potential interns, Heineken created stressful scenarios and filmed the candidates’ reactions, which went viral and created major buzz for the brand.

Ice Truck

Canadian Tire built and promoted a truck made of ice to get Canadian consumers talking about its new car and truck battery product.

Say Everything By Saying Nothing

A campaign to promote Daft Punk’s new album broke sales records without allocating any spend to digital advertising.

Bleachable Moments

Clorox used interactive billboards in Las Vegas to generate engagement and relevance for its 100-year-old product.

Carefree Secret Talks

Carefree used OOH ads and samples to educate women in Saudi Arabia on its product benefits.

Gastronomic Heritage

To raise awareness for its evaporated milk, Rica invited consumers to share their favorite family recipes to be included in a cookbook that highlighted historical recipes from across the nation.

Journey to the Capitol

COVERGIRL launched its Hunger Games tie-in collection with competitive retailer and consumer experiences.

404 Fun Not Found by Fanta

To generate awareness of its playful campaign, Fanta took the fun away from tweens’ favorite websites by replacing it with an error code in order to show users just how much play was needed in their lives.

The Voice, Starring You

To separate itself from the competition, Gain turned to social media and drove real-time interaction with The Voice in order to gain the attention of judges and win the hearts of consumers.

The Power Garden

To catch the attention of health-conscious consumers, Naked Juice created a virtual, out-of-home garden that interacted with consumers both in-person and online.

Hurricane Sandy Response

Duracell used social media during Hurricane Sandy to help consumers notify each other of potential hazards and locate stores that still carried emergency supplies, like batteries.

The 4 to 9ers

Subway launched a successful branded entertainment series on Hulu aimed at Millennials.

AHH Effect

Coca-Cola launched a digital content campaign aimed at authentically engaging teens.

Women-Targeted LinkedIn

Emerson used thought leadership content and paid media to engage female professionals through LinkedIn.


GE used “Windbikes” to communicate the ease of producing renewable energy to politicians in Berlin in hope of reinvigorating their enthusiasm for clean energy.

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