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From Mystery Meat to Meat You Can Trust

Applegate did what their competition couldn’t do – prove their hot dogs have nothing to hide. An ingredient list you could trust was the inspiration behind the What's In Your Hot Dog campaign.

Halo 4: An Ancient Evil Awakens

Halo 4 needed to reignite passion to save the franchise. We focused our campaign on building up the enemy and recasting the game's hero as the underdog. It worked beyond expectations and reestablished Halo in the first person shooter genre.

It's Not Complicated

We set out to improve perceptions of AT&T's network and grow contract subscribers in a saturated, declining marketplace. From the mouths of babes: it’s not complicated – product advantages so simple, even kids get it. Key network perceptions increased and AT&T posted significant YOY subscriber growth.

Madden Forever

With the venerable Madden NFL video game franchise seeing sales stagnate and much of its consumer base flocking toward first-person shooter juggernauts like Call of Duty, it was time for Madden to re-energize sales and win back their gaming crowd.

Milk Carton 2.0

The Most Valuable Search Party, a digital innovation toolkit utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest, was created to actively engage the Canadian public in the search to find missing kids; reaching 70% of all Canadians and responsible for the safe return of 7 kids and counting.

Target Back to College After-Hours Shopping Events

Since 2010, the number of students shopping for Back to College needs at Target has been declining. To turn this trend around, we investigated the motivations driving student behavior during the momentous time in their life when they "go off to college."

Unleashing America’s Inner Mustang

Ford's iconic Mustang was facing a shrinking segment and its first real competition in over a decade. To regain its relevance at a critical moment in the category, Ford changed the conversation around the greatest driver of purchase in the segment, exterior design. The highly social "Unleash Your Inner Mustang" campaign wielded digital, mobile, social, and traditional channels in innovative ways.

Sabemos que te va a encantar. (We know you're going to love it.)

After almost six years without dedicated marketing efforts and ensuing declines in consumption, KRAFT set out to reconnect KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese with less acculturated Hispanics. The objective of this campaign was to reach Hispanics through in-language communications and prove the effectiveness of dedicated efforts in four local test markets.

Cultivate A Better World

Chipotle is known for its burritos, but few know that Chipotle has radically changed fast food. The brand asked its agency to tell Chipotle's story. The result was a content driven marketing platform, "Cultivate a Better World," designed to emotionally engage customers in Chipotle's journey to create a sustainable future.

Cadillac ATS vs. the World

For the first time in years, Cadillac was launching an entrant into the lucrative compact luxury car segment — the Cadillac ATS. The ATS would help disrupt and reinvent all the Cadillac stereotypes. By positioning the ATS as a challenger brand, in a category that was desperate for one, Cadillac created a number-one contender that could credibly challenge the champ for the first time.

Corona Extra: Finding Our Beach

Through the Find your Beach effort, Corona Extra broke out of being typecast for beach-like occasions to being invited to occasions it's never been asked to before. Find Your Beach turned around four years of consistent declines, resulting in double digit growth (15.3 percent) and 7 straight months of positive sales during the brand's historical fall/winter off-season.

Costa Rica’s Million Dollar Gift of Happiness

Tourism advertising is a $504 million industry; Costa Rica's share of voice was just 0.3 percent of that amount. The business challenge was to increase visits to the country by 5 percent, and to gain a larger share of the conversation. Driven by consumer insight and validated by an international study, we leveraged Costa Rica's position as the happiest country on Earth to export happiness to North Americans.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

The challenge: to transform a no-name Mexican beer into a distinctive premium brand. Faced with declining beer sales and increasing competitive spend, Dos Equis needed a counter-category message to break through. Dos Equis realized beer advertising typically insults the intelligence of drinkers, and this presented an opportunity: to be interesting, rather than infantile.

Mi Tide

To re-establish Latinas' emotional bond to Tide, the brand had to reduce their ignorance towards Tide's line of products and increase the value of these in their mind. The Mi Tide campaign broke with the norm of crafting insights known to resonate amongst the majority of the Hispanic segment and chose to engage with Latinas through their individuality and authenticity.

The Great Paper Airplane Project

The Pima Air and Space Museum's Great Paper Airplane project is a story about how a little known museum in the Arizona desert created new relevance for their physical artifacts of aviation history by making a little history of their own.

The Great American Try-On

Depend wasn't resonating with boomers and was losing share to Private Label. The category hadn't experienced true innovation in years. Depend was finally bringing breakthrough products to market, but at a 50 percent price premium, consumers didn't believe it was "like real underwear." That was until they tried it first-hand. Thus, "The Great American Try On" was born.

In-Hotel Credit Card Acquisition

Less than half of one percent of Priority Club ® Select Visa® (the loyalty program’s credit card of the InterContinental Hotels Group) cardholders are acquired every year from the in-hotel channel. With 3,500 hotels in the Americas and 48,000 loyalty program members checking in everyday, this performance was abysmal. We set out to re-imagine what this channel could and should do.

Kellogg's Walmart Back-to-School Program

In 2010, the United States was in the middle of a deep recession that impacted manufacturers, retailers, and shoppers alike. The Kellogg Company experienced one of its toughest back-to-school (BTS) seasons ever. Competition was fierce, but rival brands were thriving because of their longstanding school-giving programs that tapped into Mom's desire to further her kids' education.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, “The Vet and the n00b”

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3, the brand set out to create the biggest entertainment launch of all time. With tapped outlets for growth, Call of Duty ignited its disparate audiences with one insight; the fun isn't in winning, it's in the progression. The brand invited the world to join in the thrill of becoming a badass.

Febreze Global Azerbaijani Olympics Campaign

To create a campaign that would stand out among all the other Olympic advertising, Febreze decided to forge a unique sponsorship of the Azerbaijani Wrestling Team to demonstrate to moms how Febreze can take on even the toughest sports odors.

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