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From Mystery Meat to Meat You Can Trust

Applegate did what their competition couldn’t do – prove their hot dogs have nothing to hide. An ingredient list you could trust was the inspiration behind the What's In Your Hot Dog campaign.

A Breakfast Revelation

As consumers traded in their cereal bowls for handheld breakfast options, how could Special K, who was famous for cereal, compete? We needed to look across the grocery store to Frozen Foods.

Cloud 10 - Revitalizing the Airport as an Acquisition Channel

American Express's Platinum Card franchise had been lagging in Canada, experiencing steady application declines. The Airport channel had historically been relied on to attract affluent prospects to the card, but had become stagnant. The solution: partner with Toronto Pearson International Airport to deliver an elevated experience, Cloud 10, which was designed to provide special treatment for current customers and to create Cardmember envy among prospects. Since launch Cloud 10 has successfully grown Platinum Card applications by 51% against forecast and delivered an exceptional ROMI of $2.74 for every $1 spent.

Cottonelle - Better Together

Cottonelle set out to change the toilet paper shopping experience. Its goal was to increase quality support and brand dollar volume 20% and 5.6% respectively. We achieved and exceeded objectives resulting in 23% increase in quality support and 5.95% in brand dollar volume.Since launch Cloud 10 has successfully grown Platinum Card applications by 51% against forecast and delivered an exceptional ROMI of $2.74 for every $1 spent.

Drive a Firestone

Firestone existed in a cluttered category of tires and car maintenance,where competitors were urging consumers to "fix it and forget it." Firestone changed the conversation about maintaining your car from a burden, to an act of pride. They encouraged people to celebrate their older cars and to let Firestone help them run newer, longer. Over a year, tire sales increased 6.9%, Firestone had the highest jump in brand consideration among its competitors, and saw a 197% YOY improvement in website traffic.

Guard Your Manhood

4 million men in America suffer from incontinence, yet the condition’s attached to an emasculating stigma. Of the 20% of men who address it with an absorbent product, 63% use a feminine product, or lack awareness of anything besides adult underwear. Depend needed to make men aware they could get light-end masculine protection. Within a manly campaign featuring football legend Tony Siragusa, he showed guys how to guard their manhood with Depend Guards & Shields. Depend brand affinity increased by 52%, which is a massive success for this category.

I'd &*@! Me

Philips Norelco was king of the electric shaving and grooming category, which had been flat for ten years. In order to grow, we had to woo a completely new audience: 18-24 year old men. We won them over by showing them we understood why they groomed, and by speaking to them in a language that no electric tool ever had. Not only were we able to sell them on Philips Norelco, but we created a shift in the entire electric shaving and grooming category.

Let's Do This Together

For a small state, RI had huge healthcare challenges including increased competition from national carriers. With new affordable plans, a new collaborative attitude, and in anticipation of the ACA – it was time for BCBSRI to hit the rebrand button with one simple idea: healthcare challenges were so large that the best approach was a holistic one – we had to do it together. By humanizing the health insurer and embedding the brand into the community, the campaign built trust and favorability, now a solid 20% higher than the competition.

Many Happy Returners

Aruba, the second most tourism-dependent country in the world, sought to reverse a trend of back-to-back years of declining visitation from its most important market, the US. The valuable resource they had been overlooking was the Caribbean’s largest community of loyalists who could speak to the island’s assets as well as anyone. We placed these “Happy Returners” front and center in the campaign, introducing newcomers to Aruba through their eyes. The campaign helped us to nearly double our goal of 2.5% growth in tourism arrivals, year-over-year, with the category down.

MiO Sport

After a successful launch, MiO's new sub-line, MiO Sport, launched in 2013. The challenge for MiO Sport would be to continue to introduce a relatively new product through this new innovation and continue the brand's narrative into year 2, focusing attention on the highly sought-after male-millennial target. What resulted was a campaign that was entertaining enough to build incredible brand health, effective enough to drive massive sales, and ownable enough to continue insulating the brand against a growing set of competitors.

Muddle No More

Until now, ZYRTEC® had one major competitor: OTC allergy leader Claritin. But now that a formidable new player had entered the category with unprecedented media spend, ZYRTEC® needed an innovative strategy to grow the business. We found an opportunity among heavy allergy sufferers using Claritin, a large cohort we believed could be lured by ZYRTEC®’s superior effectiveness. To our surprise, they were stubbornly content with their mediocre relief. Muddle No More used nontraditional tactics to help them realize that “good enough” isn’t, resulting in unprecedented success for the brand.

People Love PEOPLE

In 2007 People Magazine was hit by the perfect storm: The Great Recession combined with the dramatic behavioral shift to onlinenews. Celebrity websites offered readers instant access to the stars free, causing People’s sales to plummet. In 2011, Time Inc. decided to undertake the first advertising campaign in the brand s history. Tapping into the insight that sites are often negative and gossipy, we brought back the romance of celebrity news by paying tribute to celebrities and their amazing lives. Our campaign “People Love People” increased sales and People’s market share.

Powerball: Believe in Something Bigger

The California Lottery wanted a strong sales launch for Powerball, the nation’s largest jackpot game. However, a game this size has sizeable odds, and with the main consumer barrier to playing already being the odds, we needed something greater than imagery of winning to fight consumer cynicism. The strategy: tap into the thrill of hope, not the thrill of winning. Our launch had the largest sales in lottery history, beating our goal threefold. Consumer desire to use the brand went up 10%, attracting almost 10% of the state to play.

Reality Drop

Climate science is a nuanced subject that’s become a battleground for cultural debate. Every news article attracts arguments about what is really happening and who is at fault. Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project needed a way to arm activists with the facts. Reality Drop aggregates climate news from around the world and aligns it with the science that explains it, enabling activists to quickly dive into the fray. Since launch, we’ve surfaced over 29,000 climate articles and our reality droppers have engaged in over 50,000 debates, reaching over 180,000 people.

Take The C-MAX Hybrid Challenge

By presenting Ford’s new C-MAX as a hybrid that hadn’t forgotten how to be a car, we successfully introduced a new concept to a category long dominated by a single model, the Toyota Prius. Through a head-to-head, no-holds-barred campaign across multiple channels, we won the hearts and minds of a new generation of hybrid buyers, progressed Ford’s brand image and its business in key markets, and helped C-MAX become the fastest selling hybrid ever.

Undercover Color: Dare to Share

Known as a leader in comfort, but not style, Hanes was losing share in the women’s underwear category. Competitors were reaching a younger demo by offering panties that were comfortable AND stylish. Millennial women, known for expressing themselves through their personal style, didn’t consider Hanes fashionable. Knowing Millennial women share taboo information in public, social contexts, Hanes gave women a platform to reveal their undercover color. Results showed a 17.4-point lift for the statement "Hanes products are for someone like me" vs. women not exposed to the digital campaign.

Upgrading America's Everyday Cup of Joe

How do you take an unknown Swedish coffee brand, with a short history of direct-to-consumer distribution and no advertising, and successfully launch it into the competitive retail marketplace? With Starbucks and Dunkin outspending us 10-to-1, while also monopolizing attention through branded retail on every corner, we had our work cut out for us. By turning their ubiquity into a disadvantage (the ordinary "cup of Joe"), the campaign inspired millions to reappraise their everyday cup, and trade up to a "cup of Johan" (20% sales increase, category 6%).

Welcoming Beyonce to the World's Biggest Stage

For Pepsi’s sponsorship of the Super Bowl, we offered the audience the chance to welcome Beyoncé to the world’s biggest stage by using their photos to create a fan-made intro. We stretched the “ask” of submitting photos over several weeks to build buzz, and drive engagement and sharing, turning a Super Bowl ad into an 8-week engagement program. Pepsi traditionally loses the share of conversation to Coca-Cola during the Super Bowl, but on game day Pepsi surpassed Coke for the first time all year as evidenced by its SIM score.

American Express OPEN Business Lounges

American Express OPEN was attending 200+ shows per year to sell business charge cards to small business owners. Momentum reinvented the way that OPEN approached the tradeshow space by building the first-ever permanent business lounges in three of the top convention centers in the United States. The lounges have allowed OPEN to reach more of their coveted target, small business owners, at scale in a more efficient manner.

Biggest Words With Friends Giveaway Ever

With the launch of an exciting new liquid form, Crystal Light wanted to find and engage women in their 20s who may have previously thought of the brand as dusty or dated. Crystal Light talked to her where she was already engaged, in the mobile game Words With Friends. By creating the largest group game in history, Crystal Light Liquid drove trial and awareness of its new product among the core target.

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