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Coca-Cola FM

Coca-Cola built a social radio network to connect with teenagers living in Latin America using a mobile app.


Garanti Bank in Turkey built a mobile app that provides customers with a number of resources, including person-to-person transfers, financial coaching and advice, and exclusive personalized offers from brands.

Kettler S-FIT App

Kettler created an app that connected to its racing bike, allowing users to track how many calories would be needed to burn off a specific meal or set up virtual races with other users.

Which Color is Madrid?

Mahou-San Miguel, the most important beer brand in Spain, leveraged its sports sponsorships by hosting an online game for consumers aged 18 to 50 leading up to a football match between two Madrid rivals.

Inside Intel: Live

Intel UK used a first-of-its-kind mobile campaign to reverse declining brand measurements and prove its speed and innovation could enhance the lives of Generation Y consumers.

Greenpeace Arctic Experience

Greenpeace used mobile augmented reality techniques to show, rather than tell, the delicate situation of the Arctic Territory, which not only engaged the audience in the cause, but provided a means to donate as well.

Sushi Pop Mobile Commerce Strategy

Sushi Pop achieved its goal of increasing sales of its delivery sushi by opening a new communication and sales channel and becoming the first Argentine company in the gastronomy industry to develop a mobile commerce platform and strategy.


Coca-Cola Korea engages in youth recruitment using mobile technologies that emphasize energizing refreshment through play and connection, while offering as a reward additional wireless data capacity, something 80 percent of Korean teens exceed each month.

Will and George Come to Life

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater partnered with the Art Institute of Chicago to give art lovers an once-in-a-lifetime experience and drive ticket sales for the play Sunday in the Park with George.

How Colgate Turned the Maha Kumbh Mela into the Maha Tech Mela

Colgate used location-based technologies to connect with attendees at the Maha Kumbh Mela spiritual gathering in India and educate them about the benefits of oral hygiene.

Beam Inc., Sauza “Girls’ Night” Mobile Party Planner

Beam Inc. launched a party-planning app for its Sauza tequila brand to help connect with tech savvy women.

Soup in Every Stew

Knorr Soup, a Unilever Brand, wanted to increase consumption in South Africa, so it launched a simple text message-based campaign to connect with low- and middle-income moms.

Donate a Word Via SMS

With an extremely limited budget, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan launched an innovative SMS campaign that raised money for schools in Afghanistan and created a new way of writing books.

Back to Vinyl — The Office Turntable

To cut through the clutter of the music industry and capture the interest of creative directors, Kontor Records GmbH sent out vinyl discs, along with an “office turntable” to play them on.

O2 Priority Sports

O2, the U.K.’s largest mobile carrier, launched Priority Sports as an extension of its existing Priority loyalty program for its 22 million customers.

Priority Moments for Independent Business

O2, the U.K.’s biggest mobile carrier, extended the successful Priority customer loyalty platform by creating Priority Moments for Small Businesses.

The A&F Forecast

The Abercrombie brand is first and foremost about looking hot. This was taken to the next level by transforming something as practical as a weather app into a way to find hot new looks, modeled by attractive forecasters.

TIM beta Blablablâmeter

TIM, one of the largest mobile carriers in Brazil, found success with its first-ever phone plan designed for teens by teens: TIM beta. Since teens are always trying new things, TIM had to keep innovating to keep them interested.

X Games Digital Platform // Mobile

To re-launch the X Games, the brand connected to fans through digital apps that created a two-way conversation.

Life’s a Photo — Take it.

To demonstrate the superior quality of photos from Samsung’s Galaxy Camera over pictures from simple Android phone cameras, a social media photo campaign highlighted consumer photos and a feeling of online stardom.

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