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Four Takeaways from the 2015 NewFronts Season

What to keep in mind as online video and media allocation decisions are made.

Five Factors of Video Viewability

According to research from Google, DoubleClick, and YouTube, things like player size and position determine video viewability.

Why Online Video Is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Insights on how smartphone viewers experience video advertising and branded video content.

How Canadians Use Mobile Search

An ethnographic study of Canadian smartphone users to understand their mobile conversion behavior.

Proving Marketing Impact: Three Keys to Doing It Right

A guide to how controlled marketing experiments can help improve campaign success.

Evolution of TV: The Promise of Programmatic TV

Google looks at the potential of programmatic TV for brand advertisers.

LGBT Advertising: How Brands Are Taking a Stance on Issues

Brand messages about diversity and equality for the LGBT community can have widespread impact.

Money Matters: Finance Trends throughout the Year

Google created an infographic to show how people use the web to research and buy financial products.

Lenovo: A Radically New View of Results

Case study of how Lenovo was able to gain a complete and accurate view of its cross-channel marketing efficacy.

Measuring the Impact of Online Video on Brand Metrics

Google looks at how the effectiveness of a video ad campaign can be measured.

Toward Viewability: You Can’t Count What You Haven’t Measured

Google shared three steps the industry should take on the topic of viewability and viewable impressions.

New Balance Races Past Pre-Order Goal with YouTube TrueView and Google Lightbox Ads

New Balance used video content and search ads to reach new customers and triple its pre-order sales goal.

Spring Break Travel Trends

Google created an infographic showing when people search for Spring Break travel ideas and top destinations.

Mobile Drives Year-Round Popularity of SXSW Music Videos

Brands are using mobile video to reach SXSW fans beyond the event.

The Changing Face of B2B Marketing

Google debunks several B-to-B myths, including the myth that Millennials aren’t making B-to-B business decisions.

Real-Time Marketing at the Oscars: Backstage with Google Play

Google shared four real-time marketing lessons from running display ads during the Oscars.

Omnichannel Shoppers: An Emerging Retail Reality

Retailers can reach the omnichannel shopper by measuring behavior, providing localized information, and creating the right organizational structure.

Office Depot Attracts On-the-Go Shoppers With Local Inventory Ads

Office Depot turned to local inventory ads to reach omnichannel shoppers.

Searching for Love on Valentine's Day

Love changes everything—what we buy, how we make purchase decisions, and who influences those decisions. On Valentine's Day and beyond, the web plays a big role.

Evolution of TV: Reaching Audiences Across Screens

Here we dig into the first dynamic—reaching fragmented audiences spread across hundreds of screens and devices—and discuss the challenges and opportunities for distributors, programmers, and advertisers.

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