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Driving Radio's Value With U.S. Auto Buyers

Based on findings from a new major market test, we can connect what consumers listen to on the radio with what they buy at the auto dealer.

Winning at Sustainability: Turning Principles into Action

With more people saying they're willing to pay more for products and services from socially responsible companies, how can companies communicate that they’re on the same page?

Uncommon Sense: Global Trends that Will Affect Us All

The long-term, persistent tailwinds created by the migration to an urbanized, Pacific-focused world will present businesses with significant opportunities.

Smartphones: So Many Apps, So Much Time

Consumers are spending more time on their apps than ever before, presenting marketers with new opportunities to connect.

Real Returns: What Matters Most in Digital Advertising

With so many channels and so little time, it’s a bigger challenge to reach consumers at the right place and the right time.

Beautiful Game: Soccer in the U.S. Could be a Win for Advertisers and Programmers Alike

Two-thirds of people who follow soccer say that they take notice of brands that support their favorite teams or players.

The Aging Population is Growing, and So Are Its Retail Needs

Two billion people will be at least 60 years old by 2050, so retailers must act now in order to better serve this lucrative and growing demographic.

Beating the Winter Blues: 40 Million Americans Turn to Travel Sites in April

Americans spent approximately 17 minutes on travel websites in April 2014, with TripAdvisor being the most frequented site.

Five Years Later: U.S. Consumers Cautiously Leave the Shadow of the Great Recession

Although U.S. consumers still list the economy as their top concern, fifty-nine percent of Americans say they feel "excellent" or "good" about their personal finances.

Multi-Platform Gaming: For the Win!

Gamers over the age of 13 spend more than six hours per week on a gaming platform, a 12 percent increase since 2012.

Millennials Are Seeking the Fountain of Youth Through Healthy Aging

Contrary to popular perception, the healthy aging marketplace isn’t exclusive to Baby Boomers and older consumers. In the U.S., younger generations are taking personal interest in their health and are increasingly driving sales in health care categories, such as supplements, vitamins and preventive care.

Advertising and Audiences: Making Ad Dollars Make Sense

Americans spend more than one-fifth of their time watching traditional TV — and a lot of ads, as a result. Adding to this increased ad exposure is the fact that the number of commercial minutes each hour has increased year-over-year on broadcast television, according to research from Nielsen.

Changing Channels: Americans View Just 17 Channels Despite Record Number to Choose From

The proliferation of devices for consuming content has enabled more choices than most can count. But the “problem” of having too many options doesn’t seem to be having an impact on our TV viewing preferences.

First-Quarter U.S. Consumer Confidence Reaches Highest Score Since 2007

Consumer confidence in the U.S. increased six index points in the first quarter to reach 100—the optimism baseline and the highest score since third-quarter 2007, according to findings from Nielsen.

As More Men Push Shopping Carts, Are Brands and Retailers Adapting?

It’s not surprising that Nielsen research shows men have gained or maintained trip share in all retail channels except drug stores since 2004. While women still drive 64 percent of all shopping trips, dominating every retail channel except convenience/gas, the rise of male shoppers cannot be ignored.

Corporate Reputations Hit Highest Levels Since the Great Recession

While a strong brand holds a company’s promise to customers, a company’s reputation gives it credibility and the license to operate. And for consumers, that reputation plays a strong role in guiding their decisions to buy — or not buy — a company’s products.

To Switch or Not to Switch, That Is the Question

Today’s consumers have a wealth of options at their fingertips when it comes to technology. Yet many products, such as televisions and mobile phones, would be little more than pricey paperweights without the services they need to operate fully.

The Power of Pricing

There’s nothing like the power of setting your own prices. It’s not something every brand can do, and most brands are actually price takers that accept the prices established by the market. But, when a company offers something that can’t be beat, it creates a significant and lucrative business lever — the ability to name your own price.

This U.S. Economic Recovery Arrived Empty Handed

The U.S. economy has been slowly improving since mid-2009, but many consumers aren’t seeing — or feeling — much relief. There’s no single cause of the malaise, but many place a good chunk of the blame on financial headwinds that continue to sap their ability to spend.

Hacking Health: How Consumers Use Smartphones and Wearable Tech to Track Their Health

Wearable tech is a hot trend this season, seen on the sleeves of consumers walking down the street — and even on models walking the runway. But the appeal of wearables goes beyond fashion accessories, particularly as more consumers adopt technology to help address their individual health and fitness needs.

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