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Hub Culture 2014 Zeitgeist Ranking

Hub’s 8th Annual Zeitgeist Ranking charts the pending urban moment in the squishiest of ways, with pure conjecture, conversation and cold calculating analysis on the subjective mood.

From Las Vegas to Davos, an Eye Toward the Evolution of Marketing in 2014

As the industry settles from the future-driven frenzy of CES in Las Vegas to more sobering messages from the World Economic Forum at Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, it is worth assessing how marketing now fares in the midst of developing technologies, shifting global economies, media innovation and fast-changing consumer culture.

Internationalists of the Year: Celebrating the People Behind the Brands

Passion. Reinvention. Dedication. Three words are not enough to sum up the accomplishments of the 2013 Internationalists of the Year; however, these particular words are among the key ingredients necessary to be a great marketer in an age of constant change.

What Is the Key For Traditional Media Brands’ Quest to Regain Luster?

Consumers living in today’s wired society benefit greatly from the transformative powers of the Internet, which has revolutionized the way goods and services are advertised and sold. But they should be aware of the dangers posed by online advertising and retailing.

Copyright Infringement Claims for Tattoos?

When people get tattoos, they are having an artist create a copyrightable work on their face, body, and limbs. This poses a problem when tattooed people are featured in advertising and have not secured rights to the tattoos.

A New View of Three Americas: Key Regions Exhibit Distinct Personality Traits

According to a new study, the United States of America may be divided by three different psychological profiles. This research looked at 1.5 million responses gathered from five different online surveys and assessed respondents across five key personality traits: Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Marketing Makes a World of Difference: Interview with Morten Albaek, CMO of Vestas on Wind for Prosperity

Today’s social media environment with its constant sharing, commentary, advocacy and criticism has dramatically shifted the rules of “doing good business,” and global marketing organizations must evolve to address new challenges and opportunities.

ANA Study Reveals New Trends in Payment Terms for Marketing Services

Issues of remuneration and payment terms are always important to marketers and suppliers. A report from the ANA outlines key factors that are affecting the payment of services for agency fees, research, media, production, and talent payments.

Winners in The Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Solutions Demonstrate How Social Media Shines in Building Brand Advocacy

This year’s winning case studies demonstrated a tremendous viral capability in a social media age when buzz, sharing and endorsement can create a groundswell for brand preference, advocacy and loyalty.

Is The Safe Harbor Becoming Unsafe?

For companies doing global commerce these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with international privacy standards. This could have severe consequences.

The Global Affluent Tribe

Research has identified that there is a growing global affluent tribe who are more united by what they love than by where they live, and are connected by five core unifying values: mobility, success, status, belonging and consumption.

What is the World’s Favorite City?

The Ipsos Cities Survey concluded that overall the world does really love New York, followed by London, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and Sydney. Zurich was named the world’s best city to live, while New York was voted the top city for business. Paris was the best city to visit.

Shoppers React to Sustainable Brands

New research shows that most North Americans would not select a product with "sustainable" credentials for two key reasons: sustainable products are isolated in separate aisles in US supermarkets, and there is a general lack of knowledge among consumers about the benefits of sustainable production.

Innovators Are Transforming the Ideals of the Agency World

This year’s Innovators don't merely reflect the changing nature of the advertising agency business — they are in the midst of transforming it. For the first time, we are associating innovation with many new areas that underscore the breadth of expanding agency responsibility — trading desks, barter, procurement, analytics, strategy, as well as key creative, media, digital and overall leadership roles.

ANA Sees Growing Trend to In-House Agencies

An increasing number of marketers are relying on in-house agencies to take more ownership of their advertising and marketing strategies, while also admitting to cost saving advantages.

Is the Cookie Crumbling?

For some time now, the "cookie" — a small line of text with an identification tag that is integrated into a browser — has been the manner in which advertisers track people's Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes. There are signs, however, that this digital code technology may be phased out.

ZenithOptimedia Ranks Largest Global Media Companies

The latest Top Thirty Global Media Owners report covers the 2011 financial year with figures from publicly listed companies and estimates from privately-held ones. ZenithOptimedia notes that figures change rapidly, and the next report based on 2012 revenues will be quite different — no doubt with even higher rankings for digital companies.

The Evolution of Marketing Procurement

In today’s new era of ROI, Big Data, and economic re-settings, procurement is largely accepted as a means of insuring that marketing investment, agency management, and media spending not only deliver value, but are efficiently maximized, best optimized, and within budget.

Internationalist Asia 50

The Asia 50 are pioneering marketers working in one of the world’s most diverse and fastest-growing regions who influence activities from Japan to India. They think innovatively, generate great work, and deliver strong results.

Today's 100 Marketing Leaders

The Internationalist announces its annual list of 100 Marketing leaders from around the world to acknowledge those industry executives who are consistently moving our business forward and are the champions of insuring that brands can cross borders with relevance and responsibility.

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