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  • Better Creative Briefs

    Industry Insights   November 20, 2017  

    Learn why getting the creative brief right will result in better work, less churn in the creative process, an improved client/agency relationship, and better business results.

  • Run Forrest, Run

    Knowledge Partners   November 12, 2017  

    Discover how brand advertisers can ensure the effective use of budgets and talent with an integrated approach to managing agency partnerships.

  • Safeguard Your Brand

    Industry Insights   November 9, 2017  

    For all the benefits of programmatic ad buying, such automation has resulted in one significant downside for many brands: unintended placements next to objectionable content or on fake news sites. Trust Metrics CEO Marc Goldberg offers his perspective on how brands can avoid bad placements in their retargeting efforts.

  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask the Expert.

    Ask the Expert Answers   November 9, 2017  

    ANA members have access to a free team of researchers able to pull the best content and resources on your marketing challenge.

  • Agency Industry Discussion with ID Comms

    Industry Insights   November 7, 2017  

    Pivotal Research's Brian Wieser discusses key trends impacting the agency holding companies with marketing consultants ID Comms.

  • The Maturation of PR

    ANA Magazine   November 3, 2017  

    An ANA survey found that public relations is playing a more decisive role in the marketing mix. Here’s what’s fueling the convergence.

  • Production Process Shows Dearth of Transparency at Agencies

    ANA Magazine   October 27, 2017  

    A recent ANA report confirms issues with transparency are common in the media production process; here are the key findings, and what marketers can do to protect their dollars.

  • Media Agency Estimated Billing Should Be Eliminated

    Knowledge Partners   October 24, 2017  

    AARM examines alternative billing options advertisers can consider when paying media agency partners.

  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation

    Forward   October 24, 2017  

    Account-based marketing has the ability to transform the way companies engage consumers, but the tactic requires a huge amount of data that many marketers struggle to wield. Technology partners are crucial to unlocking the potential of marketers' data and using it to optimize outreach for growth. Here's how HPE and Digitas used account-based marketing to engage key decision makers and fuel HPE's digital transformation.

  • Liberty Mutual: Building a Brand to Recruit

    Event Recaps   October 19, 2017  

    Liberty Mutual shared its in-house capabilities and how it is constantly refining and enhancing its processes, as well as how it created Liberty’s new go-to-market campaign for talent.

  • and TMI Strategy: Leveraging Internal Expertise

    Event Recaps   October 19, 2017  

    DoSomething’s consulting arm, TMI, shared how it uses data to monitor sentiment and engagement among DoSomething’s audience and discussed some examples of successful DoSomething campaigns.

  • Boeing: Turning Kryptonite into Superpowers

    Event Recaps   October 19, 2017  

    Boeing shared how it transformed a fractured creative services team into a sought-after resource for the company by recognizing its weaknesses and taking steps to strengthen them.

  • Triangle Media Management: Introducing a New Paradigm for Media Investment Strategies

    Industry Insights   October 17, 2017  

    The purpose of this white paper is to help corporations who support their brands with advertising to improve their process for media planning and buying. Reviving strategic media planning using a new paradigm appropriate to today’s environment will improve ROI and create competitive advantages.

  • Viewability

    Forward   October 10, 2017  

    It’s time to think of viewability as more than a binary metric. While it’s important to determine which impressions meet the minimum threshold for what counts as viewable, that is just a starting point. The true goal should be to determine how specific brand messages are driving consumers to act — and moving them further along their decision journey.

  • The Next Tipping Point: How Relationships Between Tech, Brands, and Agencies Will Change Forever

    Session Videos   October 7, 2017  

    SteelHouse CMO, David Simon discussed the current state of the agency/brand/technology relationship and how the latest programmatic advancements are challenging those traditional roles.

  • Is There Value in Advertising Awards?

    ANA Magazine   October 6, 2017  

    Following Publicis Groupe’s decision not to enter any advertising awards shows next year, marketing leaders weigh in on the true value of industry awards to the brand and agency.

  • Brand Building as a Force for Good and Growth

    Event Recaps   October 5, 2017  

    Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer shared four steps the brand has taken to accelerate market growth.

  • Brand Building as a Force for Good and Growth

    Public Videos   October 5, 2017  

    Among the steps P&G is taking to transform itself for a world of ongoing disruption is raising the bar on advertising and media content quality.

  • The Expanding Role of Programmatic Media Buying

    ANA Magazine   October 4, 2017  

    With a strong foundation in social, mobile, and online advertising, programmatic technologies and tactics are now expanding into more traditional ad platforms, such as TV, radio, direct mail, and out-of-home.

  • WFA Report Agency Evaluation Survey

    Knowledge Partners   October 2, 2017  

    Thirty-three client-side marketers from WFA’s Sourcing Forum, representing 15 commercial sectors, took part in this research on agency evaluation. Whilst results are not statistically relevant, they are indicative of the thoughts and actions of global multinationals within the WFA membership.


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