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  • The GDPR and Digital Advertising

    Event Recaps   October 2, 2018  

    Reed Smith LLP reviewed the GDPR and what organizations must do to comply with it.

  • Enhance the Digital Experience for Users with Disabilities

    Smarties Awards   October 1, 2018  

    Samsung Canada created a mobile app that helped disabled consumers navigate the digital world more readily.

  • Rexona Movement for Movement

    Smarties Awards   October 1, 2018  

    To strengthen brand love and build differentiation in the deodorant category, Rexona launched “Movement for Movement” and the mobile app, Gerak, which would create a more accessible Indonesia and help the disabled community face mobility challenges.

  • 2017 Lyft and Kargo Round Up and Donate Mobile Campaign

    Smarties Awards   October 1, 2018  

    Lyft strengthened its reputation for social responsibility with the launch of a feature to streamline charitable donations — a launch that it promoted through an online video campaign.

  • Breaking the Deafening Silence: Mirinda’s #ReleaseThePressure Campaign

    Smarties Awards   October 1, 2018  

    Beverage company Mirinda generated awareness about the intense pressure teens face during exams, and the brand leveraged digital media to create mutual understanding between parents and students.

  • MINI USA: Driving Hope

    Event Recaps   September 27, 2018  

    MINI partnered with a non-profit organization to build the MINI brand and business in a key urban area, New York City.

  • Quick Bits for the Week of September 24, 2018

    ANA Magazine   September 24, 2018  

    What marketers need to know this week: Mayochup is coming, 40 percent of clients don't trust their agencies, and more.

  • Marketing to the LGBTQ Community

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 24, 2018  

    The LGBTQIA+ market commands $5 trillion in global and $965 billion in domestic spending power. It’s crucial for marketers to evaluate its marketing approach to this demographic and find ways to be truly inclusive.

  • DMA Privacy Shield Annual Report

    Industry Insights   September 23, 2018  

    This report covers the DMA Privacy Shield Program’s activities from August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018 including a background of the Privacy Shield Framework; the role, responsibilities, and overview of the DMA Privacy Shield Program; and a summary and statistics of participants and complaints received through the Privacy Shield process.

  • Brand Activation Legal Committee: September 2018

    Event Recaps   September 20, 2018  

    Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s presentation included a federal regulatory update; a discussion of recent state attorney general activity; Lanham Act false advertising cases, and; a review of recent NAD, ERSP, and CARU cases.

  • Rules of the Road in Engaging with Celebrities, Influencers, and Fans

    Webinars   September 11, 2018  

    Jason Gordon, Partner at Reed Smith LLP, and Jennifer MacDougall, Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary at Jack in the Box, Inc., provided an overview of some of the most pressing legal and business concerns related to influencer marketing.

  • Brand Activation Legal Committee: August 2018

    Event Recaps   August 23, 2018  

    Members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance from the Canada, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, South Africa & Switzerland covered hot topics on advertising and marketing in their jurisdictions over the last few months.

  • Talent and Recruitment

    Insight Briefs   August 23, 2018  

    In recent years, there has been growing research dedicated to helping bridge the gap within the economy and diversity in marketing and how it affects what the younger generations aspire to do — and how they work. ANA shared insights on how to fix this disconnect.

  • Transparency in Programmatic Advertising Won’t Happen Until Marketers Demand It

    Industry Insights   August 21, 2018  

    Media transparency is a hotbed topic in the industry, but change won’t come until marketers take a firm line and demand it. AppNexus makes a call for action.

  • Collaborating with Social Entrepreneurs: an Opportunity for Marketers

    Event Recaps   August 15, 2018  

    In an increasingly interconnected world, brands have a host of opportunities to simultaneously better their business and society, according to Carlos Abler, a leader of content marketing and strategy.

  • A Question on the 2020 U.S. Census Raises Issues for Marketers

    ANA Magazine   August 15, 2018  

    A question regarding citizenship being added to the 2020 U.S. census could have major implications for marketers.

  • Brand Activation Legal Webinar: August 2018

    Event Recaps   August 14, 2018  

    In this webinar, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP provided a practical overview of the impact of false advertising laws on trademarks and brands.

  • The Evolution of "Priceless" and a Mastercard Panel Discussion

    Event Recaps   August 7, 2018  

    Mastercard’s marketing leaders shared how the latest iteration of the brand’s iconic “Priceless” campaign is inspiring customers to effect change in their communities.

  • CMI’s 12th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey

    Knowledge Partners   August 1, 2018  

    CMI released its 2018 LGBTQ community survey results in a study.

  • Future of Programmatic

    Research Reports   July 30, 2018  

    The ANA Marketing Futures Report on the Future of Programmatic provides marketers with expert perspectives, industry benchmark stats, and brand case studies around this evolving trend.


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