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  • Five Essential Marketing Tips for 2018

    MediaPost   February 8, 2018  

    MediaPost shares five trends for 2018 that marketers should not ignore.

  • To Thrive, Brands Must Share Marketing Data

    MediaPost   February 6, 2018  

    Instead of relying solely on third-party vendors, companies are increasingly partnering with other brands to access each other’s proprietary data.

  • Tackling Marketing's Dirty Little Secret: Consumer Data

    Industry Insights   January 31, 2018  

    Consumer data is vital to creating personal communications on a mass scale, but marketers beware. Databases of consumer information may not be as accurate as one would assume.

  • Marketing Accountability

    Insight Briefs   December 29, 2017  

    In most organizations, marketing is uniquely positioned to lead companies into the future, and drive growth in a constantly changing ecosystem. However, to assert that type of leadership, marketers must be able to prove their efforts are not just building the brand, but positively contributing to the bottom line. Through data analytics, marketers can connect strategies and tactics to sales and market share growth, and earn a “seat at the table.”

  • How Reaching Real People Changed Target’s Media Strategy: Target Media Network

    Webinars   December 7, 2017  

    In this webinar, learn how Target's access to good data and measurement changed their digital media strategy.

  • Google: The Shift to Machine Learning

    Event Recaps   December 6, 2017  

    Google discussed how companies should rethink marketing in an AI-first world and shared how marketers are preparing for the future.

  • Marketing Data Management Plan How-To Guide

    Tools   November 27, 2017  

    Read this short How-to guide to help you organize your data management plan. The purpose of this guide is to give a quick introductory overview of marketing data management planning best practices.

  • Negotiating and Using Consumer-Friendly Big Data

    Event Recaps   November 14, 2017  

    A panel of legal experts discussed strategies for compliance and effective marketing when using data.

  • Negotiating and Using Consumer-Friendly Big Data

    Public Videos   November 14, 2017  

    Safeguards before launching programs involving big data should include privacy analyses and ensuring security of stored data.

  • The Convergence of TV and Digital

    Forward   November 7, 2017  

    Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming services and other technological advancements may have altered the ways in which people consume television programming, but they're also creating big opportunities for advertisers.

  • Man, Machine, and Creativity: IBM Watson

    Event Recaps   October 25, 2017  

    IBM and Ogilvy shared examples of innovative partnerships made possible with cognitive systems.

  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation

    Forward   October 24, 2017  

    Account-based marketing has the ability to transform the way companies engage consumers, but the tactic requires a huge amount of data that many marketers struggle to wield. Technology partners are crucial to unlocking the potential of marketers' data and using it to optimize outreach for growth. Here's how HPE and Digitas used account-based marketing to engage key decision makers and fuel HPE's digital transformation.

  • Leveraging Data to Drive Your Social Further

    Webinars   October 18, 2017  

    In this webinar, discover how to take a calibrated look at data, explore the many ways data can be used to enhance connections between brands and consumers, and create more meaningful social engagement.

  • Brand Security on Social Media and Beyond

    Event Recaps   October 12, 2017  

    KMPG discussed insights about data collection and privacy that every marketer and advertiser should know.

  • Cognitive Marketing: Explained

    ANA Magazine   September 29, 2017  

    New technologies based on large-scale data analysis and artificial intelligence can anticipate consumer behavior and serve personalized messages to individuals at a rate beyond human capability. Here’s how cognitive marketing could revolutionize advertising.

  • People-Based Marketing and Identity Resolution

    Forward   September 26, 2017  

    "People-based marketing," and the technology that underpins it — identity resolution — should be on every CMO's radar. This technology promises to unlock the holy grail of marketing — creating a true omnichannel view of the consumer, and activating this knowledge across digital and offline channels to create natural, seamless interactions with your brand.

  • Lawsuits Expose the Seemly Underbelly of Programmatic Digital

    Knowledge Partners   September 25, 2017  

    AARM examines the impact of programmatic digital on the advertising industry.

  • 24 Hour Fitness: Out-of-Home Advertising and Mobile Work Better Together — Mobile Amplification Campaign

    Smarties Awards   September 25, 2017  

    24 Hour Fitness increased lead generation with an OOH campaign.

  • Facing the DMP Data Marketplace Yard Sale

    Knowledge Partners   September 19, 2017  

    A recent report from Forrester revealed that certain digital advertising strategies aren’t worth the investment and marketers aren’t getting the intended ROI due to lack of transparency.

  • 2015 Business Intelligence Survey

    Knowledge Partners   September 18, 2017  

    The survey, conducted as a partnership between the WFA and Decideware in May 2015, sought to understand the key stakeholders and processes that companies utilize to manage data.


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