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  • 2017 Marketing Word of the Year: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Industry Insights   December 5, 2017  

    “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” was selected by ANA members as the ANA 2017 Marketing Word of the Year.

  • Tuning In to Programmatic TV Advertising

    ANA Magazine   December 1, 2017  

    The Trade Desk's Tim Sims, SVP of inventory partnerships, looks at connected TV, programmatic media buying, and the future of ad-supported media.

  • Using Emerging Technologies to Build Direct Relationships: R/GA

    Webinars   November 29, 2017  

    In this webinar, earn how frictionless mobile technology is moving brands "post social" in a conversational world, and how chatbots, conversational commerce, and contextual messaging are opening up new opportunities for advertisers and the customers they serve.

  • Marketing Data Management Plan How-To Guide

    Tools   November 27, 2017  

    Read this short How-to guide to help you organize your data management plan. The purpose of this guide is to give a quick introductory overview of marketing data management planning best practices.

  • Winning by a Nose

    ANA Magazine   November 22, 2017  

    As brands look to make the customer experience in physical locations something that can't be duplicated online, they are increasingly developing scent marketing programs to appeal to the powerfully influential sense of smell.

  • Advanced TV 101 — Which Service Is Right For Your Business?: Simulmedia

    Webinars   November 15, 2017  

    Many companies are offering data-driven, Advanced TV solutions. Learn why the key is understanding which one will drive the most growth for your business.

  • New Frontiers in Technology Platforms and Ad Tech

    Public Videos   November 14, 2017  

    Emerging marketing technologies such as augmented reality, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence will create new regulatory challenges in the years ahead.

  • Using Sound to Rise Above the Noise

    ANA Magazine   November 8, 2017  

    The proliferation of voice-enabled assistants and other technologies have companies reconsidering how they use sound and music to define and reinforce brand identity.

  • Bringing the Precision of Digital to Connected TV: The Trade Desk

    Webinars   November 8, 2017  

    In this webinar, learn why connected TV is the linchpin to a holistic media buying approach and is enabling advertisers to plan screen agnostic, consumer-centric campaigns, aligning their tactics to consumer behavior instead of specific channels.

  • Study Says Use of Chatbots Rising

    MediaPost   November 7, 2017  

    A white paper released by LiveWorld suggests an increase in the use of chatbots as a way of communicating with consumers.

  • Are We Missing the Real Issue with Ad Blockers?

    Knowledge Partners   October 26, 2017  

    AARM discusses the impact of ad blockers on the advertising industry.

  • Using Technology to Drive Experiential Performance

    Event Recaps   October 24, 2017  

    Google shared how it mixes art and science to deliver inventive, fact-based experiential marketing activations.

  • Engaging a Community Through Experiential Marketing

    Event Recaps   October 24, 2017  

    Software technology company Docker discussed how it scaled its annual convention.

  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation

    Forward   October 24, 2017  

    Account-based marketing has the ability to transform the way companies engage consumers, but the tactic requires a huge amount of data that many marketers struggle to wield. Technology partners are crucial to unlocking the potential of marketers' data and using it to optimize outreach for growth. Here's how HPE and Digitas used account-based marketing to engage key decision makers and fuel HPE's digital transformation.

  • How RSA Drives Revenue from Events

    Event Recaps   October 24, 2017  

    In this question-and-answer session, Laura Leeper from RSA Security and Parth Mukherjee from Jifflenow discussed the best practices and technology that help RSA’s events drive revenue.

  • Intel’s Experiential Brand Transformation

    Event Recaps   October 24, 2017  

    Intel transformed its brand image using experiential partnerships.

  • Marketing Operations

    Ask the Expert Answers   October 23, 2017  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “What are some best practices for designing a powerful, highly functional marketing ops organization?”

  • How to Ensure AI Doesn't Make Your Customers Hate You

    MediaPost   October 16, 2017  

    MediaPost shared three points for brands experimenting with AI to examine to ensure they don’t jeopardize their relationship with their customers.

  • ANA, 4A’s and IAB Include Browsers in Self-Regulatory Digital Ad Standards

    MediaPost   October 12, 2017  

    Three major industry advertising groups have joined forces to push the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA).

  • Brand Activation Legal Webinar: October 2017

    Event Recaps   October 10, 2017  

    This webinar covered targeted advertising, device tracking, and how increasingly powerful connectivity between consumer and household devices further expands the ways marketers can better reach consumers in innovative ways.


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