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  • Mobile

    Insight Briefs   October 15, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses how marketers can ensure mobile success and shares the latest trends, research, and case studies around mobile marketing.

  • The Emoji Fundamentals

    ANA Magazine   October 13, 2017  

    Emojis are popular in text messages and on social media, but it’s important for brands to know how to use them — and when not to. Here are five fundamentals for using emojis in marketing communications.

  • News Radio Reach Surges During September Hurricanes

    Nielsen   October 11, 2017  

    Nielsen’s portable people meter (PPM) September survey revealed a distinct spike in listening to News/Talk stations as weather dominated the busy news cycle.

  • Viewability

    Forward   October 10, 2017  

    It’s time to think of viewability as more than a binary metric. While it’s important to determine which impressions meet the minimum threshold for what counts as viewable, that is just a starting point. The true goal should be to determine how specific brand messages are driving consumers to act — and moving them further along their decision journey.

  • Latinas are Breadwinners, Driving Growth and Influence for FMCG Categories

    Nielsen   October 10, 2017  

    Nielsen explored the purchase habits of Latina consumers over several categories including food and beverage, health and beauty, and athletic and sporting goods.

  • The Next Tipping Point: How Relationships Between Tech, Brands, and Agencies Will Change Forever

    Session Videos   October 7, 2017  

    SteelHouse CMO, David Simon discussed the current state of the agency/brand/technology relationship and how the latest programmatic advancements are challenging those traditional roles.

  • Can B-to-B Mobile Marketing Fulfill Its Promise?

    B-to-B Marketer   October 5, 2017  

    After years of talking about the potential of B-to-B mobile marketing, marketers may finally be seeing the light.

  • How Polarization and Digital Are Disrupting the U.S. Retail Landscape

    Nielsen   October 5, 2017  

    Nielsen revealed that while several economic factors resulted in a retail contraction of nearly $3 billion in the first-quarter of 2017, shifting consumption patterns are ultimately to blame.

  • The Expanding Role of Programmatic Media Buying

    ANA Magazine   October 4, 2017  

    With a strong foundation in social, mobile, and online advertising, programmatic technologies and tactics are now expanding into more traditional ad platforms, such as TV, radio, direct mail, and out-of-home.

  • Stop, Look and Listen: Collecting Insights from Social Listening

    Industry Insights   October 4, 2017  

    Here are five ANA brands who are using social listening to get a leg up on competition and give consumers what they really want.

  • Power Up: How Brands Are Getting Their Game on in E-sports

    Nielsen   October 3, 2017  

    According to Nielsen market intelligence, more than 600 e-sports sponsorship agreements have been made since the beginning of 2016 and the majority of fans welcome the brand involvement.

  • Toys R Us Using AR to Bridge Online, In-Store Experience

    MediaPost   October 2, 2017  

    Toys R Us is experimenting with augmented reality to incentivize and engage consumers of all ages.

  • Are Americans Still Falling for Pumpkin?

    Nielsen   October 2, 2017  

    Nielsen explored the popularity of pumpkin-themed products among the fast-moving consumer goods category in the U.S., finding that sales are still trending upward overall, but not for all products.

  • Cognitive Marketing: Explained

    ANA Magazine   September 29, 2017  

    New technologies based on large-scale data analysis and artificial intelligence can anticipate consumer behavior and serve personalized messages to individuals at a rate beyond human capability. Here’s how cognitive marketing could revolutionize advertising.

  • Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Knowledge Partners   September 29, 2017  

    While content is a vital element of social media marketing, the real value for brands lies in community management and engagement. Eric Mower + Associates shared business cases from brands that used social media as a way to make genuine connections with consumers, driving brand affinity and sales in the process.

  • Screen Time Dollar Signs

    Nielsen   September 28, 2017  

    Nielsen shared insights surrounding television advertising in the U.S., including how much money is spent across platforms and commercial ratings lifts of ads beyond seven days.

  • Americans Get Their Caffeine Kick on National Coffee Day

    Nielsen   September 28, 2017  

    Nielsen explored the U.S. sales of coffee and tea over the last five years and found that both have grown immensely, representing billions of dollars in sales.

  • Sharpen Your Focus on Visual Communications

    ANA Magazine   September 27, 2017  

    People process visual information a remarkable 60,000 times faster than text. With that in mind, here are five ways to tap the power of visual communications to deliver a unique and memorable marketing message.

  • How Cisco Technology Changed The Game for NBA Fans

    Event Recaps   September 27, 2017  

    Cisco shared how it leverages its NBA sponsorship to enable global conversations and combined two of its sponsorships to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment event.

  • NASCAR: Using Technology to Track and Drive Sponsorship ROI

    Event Recaps   September 27, 2017  

    NASCAR showed how it’s using the audience insights generated by its Fan Media Engagement Center to help increase sponsorship ROI for the brand and its partners.


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