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  • Reach Consumers Looking to Spoil Mom on Her Day with Social Ads

    MediaPost   April 27, 2017  

    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, follow these recommendations on how to inspire love for moms with paid social.

  • Marketing's Next Big Thing?

    ANA Magazine   April 26, 2017  

    Branded social media videos are playing an increasingly vital role in driving consumer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

  • User-Generated Content

    Ask the Expert Answers   April 24, 2017  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “What are the best practices for utilizing user-generated content?”

  • Taking a Bite of Rebranding

    Industry Insights   April 21, 2017  

    It’s never too late for marketers and advertisers to breathe new life into their brands. Here are five companies that embraced new trends to transform their brands for younger generations.

  • Cheetos Store

    REGGIE Awards   April 20, 2017  

    Cheetos underlined its mischievous brand image during the holiday season by launching an online store that featured a variety of tongue-in-cheek branded products.

  • Period Pop-Up Shop

    REGGIE Awards   April 20, 2017  

    U by Kotex created a pop-up shop Period Shop to engage millennial women by reframing the conversation around feminine care.

  • B-to-B Brands in an App-Focused World

    Knowledge Partners   April 19, 2017  

    How can a B-to-B brand determine which mobile app channels (digital audio, social networking, gaming, video, and messaging) are best for reaching its customers?

  • Exercise Is "Contagious" on Social Networks

    MediaPost   April 19, 2017  

    A new study shows that discussions related to exercise — specifically running — across social networks are positively influencing users.

  • An Interesting Turn for Dos Equis

    Industry Insights   April 14, 2017  

    In this exclusive Q&A, Dos Equis VP of Marketing Andrew Katz explains why the brand introduced a new “Most Interesting Man” and how the iconic campaign has evolved.

  • Advertising Law

    Insight Briefs   April 13, 2017  

    For marketers, every new channel, platform, and technology presents opportunities to deepen consumer engagement. However, they also pose risks, not only of litigation and regulatory punishment, but of eroding consumer trust. When an organization’s marketers and lawyers work closely throughout the marketing process, it not only protects the company, it can strengthen the brand’s relationship with customers.

  • Teens and the Three-Second Rule for Social

    MediaPost   April 6, 2017  

    Five helpful tips for marketers who want to capture the attention of Gen Zers on social media.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing Memes and Other Content on Social Media

    Webinars   April 5, 2017  

    In this video, learn why the sharing and posting of social content can be both rewarding and a challenge for brands.

  • Brands That Hit the Sweet Spot

    Industry Insights   March 31, 2017  

    Confectionary brands Hershey’s, Mars, and Sour Patch Kids have found innovative ways to leverage social and digital platforms to target new audiences and boost brand engagement.

  • Social Media and Word of Mouth: Two Ecosystems That Must Be Mastered

    MediaPost   March 29, 2017  

    Research shows that marketers who depend on social media conversation alone are listening to only a part of what consumers say about their brand.

  • The Social Media War Room

    Session Videos   March 29, 2017  

    In this video, social media experts from Dell discussed the brand's social media policy.

  • Tweeting with Words

    Public Videos   March 28, 2017  

    To avoid legal troubles in a landscape of social media and new technologies, marketers need to think ahead and be vigilant about their association with viral content.

  • Five Digital and Social Media Trends of 2017

    Industry Insights   March 24, 2017  

    How five brands are using digital and social media to connect with their customers.

  • 7 Steps to Effective B-to-B Content Marketing

    Knowledge Partner Video   March 23, 2017  

    This webinar hosted by EMA discusses how to retain more business and generate leads with content marketing.

  • Millennials Follow Brands; Gen X, Contests; and Boomers, Promotions

    MediaPost   March 16, 2017  

    A survey by Sprout Social reveals how each generation is engaging with brands on social media.

  • Verification and Accreditation of Large Digital Enterprises and 3MS Updates

    Event Recaps   March 16, 2017  

    George Ivie, executive director and CEO of Media Rating Council, Inc., discussed Facebook’s misstatements about video ad metrics and shared updates on media measurement initiatives.


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