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  • Building an Effective B-to-B Referral Program

    B-to-B Marketer   February 21, 2017  

    Referral programs have become the bedrock upon which much of B-to-B marketing success is built. In this presentation, we cover five tips to help you launch and nurture your own referral program.

  • Account-Based Marketing: Engaging Your High-Potential B-to-B Prospects

    Webinars   February 1, 2017  

    In this webinar, we uncovered insights and strategies to building affection, relevance and trust with your top B-to-B prospects and customers through the key tenets of account-based marketing.

  • Creative on Demand: How B2B Marketers Can Become Massively Creative at a Moment’s Notice

    Event Recaps   January 26, 2017  

    Carla Johnson, strategist, speaker, and storyteller at Type A Communications, shared how B-to-B marketers can be more creative in their everyday jobs.

  • Intel Inside and Out

    B-to-B Marketer   January 18, 2017  

    In this Q&A, Intel CMO Steve Fund shares his thoughts on a new branding campaign designed to showcase the products and services Intel technology enables.

  • Four Things B-to-B Marketers Must Do In 2017

    B-to-B Marketer   January 17, 2017  

    Don't finalize your 2017 B-to-B marketing plans without first including a resolution to experiment with the four tactics from this presentation.

  • IBM Shares the "Seven Truths of Marketing"

    Webinars   January 11, 2017  

    In this webinar, IBM shared the “seven marketing truths” it learned during the wholesale transformation of its marketing function into a driver of revenue and business growth.

  • Shattering the Myths of Multicultural Marketing

    B-to-B Marketer   January 11, 2017  

    Here are four examples of B-to-B marketing campaigns that help to dispel some of the myths surrounding multicultural marketing.

  • IBM Shares the "Seven Truths of Marketing"

    Event Recaps   January 11, 2017  

    IBM shared the “seven marketing truths” it learned during the wholesale transformation of its marketing function into a driver of revenue and business growth.

  • Tough Enough

    Internationalist Innovation in Media   January 9, 2017  

    Dell sought to win the hearts and minds of IT decision-makers by giving them a social platform to share their experiences.

  • Pure Genius

    B-to-B Marketer   January 4, 2017  

    A close examination of the winning entries from 2016 ANA Genius Awards reveals that The Clorox Company, Hilton Worldwide, Turner Broadcasting, and Syngenta have a lot in common — what you might call the habits of highly effective marketing analytics experts. Here are five that stand out.

  • How Challenger Brands Succeed

    Knowledge Partner Video   December 27, 2016  

    In this video, hear from two seasoned challenger brand experts who have gone head-to-head against leader brand Goliaths and came out on top.

  • Checklist for Optimizing Marketing Content

    Knowledge Partners   December 26, 2016  

    Use this checklist to quickly determine if your marketing content is optimized for modern buyers.

  • Six Modern Marketing Needs Your Tech Stack Should Address

    Knowledge Partners   December 20, 2016  

    Here are six common marketing needs and the corresponding tech stack building blocks that allow you to meet them.

  • Can Digital Transformation Solve Your Lead Qualification Problems?

    Knowledge Partners   December 15, 2016  

    Digital transformation allows marketing to work one-on-one to understand buyer’s needs and build affinity before passing leads to sales.

  • The Rise of the Feeling Machines

    Industry Insights   December 13, 2016  

    In this presentation, Stein IAS explains why the next era of marketing - post-modern marketing - has already begun.

  • Making Natural Food Color More Colorful

    Event Recaps   December 8, 2016  

    Sensient shared how its insight-driven content marketing campaign helped bring millions of dollars of new prospects into the brand’s pipeline.

  • How Sales Teams Can Benefit from Social Selling

    Event Recaps   December 6, 2016  

    Learn why the digital customer experience transformation has taken place, and what action you should be taking now to stay ahead of the curve, and your CEO.

  • Creating a Content Brand for B-to-B Success

    Event Recaps   December 6, 2016  

    Capital Group shared insights on how it transformed the American Funds portion of its business into a content distribution platform.

  • So You Want to Create B-to-B Buyer Personas… Now What?

    Knowledge Partners   December 2, 2016  

    This guide can get you started on creating insightful buyer personas.

  • A Total Market Approach

    Multicultural Excellence Awards   December 1, 2016  

    Prudential created a campaign to help financial professionals understand the opportunity in the women’s and multicultural consumer markets.


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