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  • Celebrating Brand Activation: Six Winning Case Studies from the REGGIE Awards

    Industry Insights   June 27, 2017  

    Brand activation marketing brings brands closer to consumers via experiences and emotional connections. Here are six REGGIE Award-winning case studies that exemplify best practices in brand activation marketing.

  • The Transformative Power of Cognitive Marketing

    Forward   June 27, 2017  

    Cognitive technologies are changing the way marketers plan, execute, and optimize campaigns. Here's how these tools can create sustainable connections that drive brand loyalty and ROI.

  • 5 Takeaways from the 2017 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference

    ANA Magazine   June 26, 2017  

    Marketers must constantly be ready to move forward and evolve. It is testing and learning that allows marketers to find true value. At the 2017 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, experts outlined the true value of evolving. In this presentation, we cover five of their most important insights.

  • 9 Takeaways from the 2017 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference

    B-to-B Marketer   June 22, 2017  

    Change by design was the theme for the 2017 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference. The three-day event brought together dozens of expert speakers and hundreds of industry players to discuss how purposeful change can drive organizational growth. These are the best nine insights shared by speakers.

  • Email Marketing 101

    Ask the Expert Answers   June 21, 2017  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “What are the best practices, benchmarks, and consumer insights for email marketing?”

  • Understanding How Underlying Consumer Values Impact Engagement

    Webinars   June 21, 2017  

    In this webinar, Resonate and CreditLoan discussed how they utilized value-based consumer insights to develop messaging and creative for their multi-channel marketing approach including search, programmatic, Facebook and a new digital content strategy.

  • Global Marketing

    Insight Briefs   June 19, 2017  

    This Insight Brief discusses how brands are connecting with consumers globally and upcoming regulations that every marketer should be aware of.

  • Virtual Reality

    Ask the Expert Answers   June 19, 2017  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “What are trends in virtual reality, and how are marketers using it?”

  • Content Strategy Tools & Templates: A Best Practices Handbook

    Knowledge Partners   June 18, 2017  

    The Content Strategy Alliance created best practices and nearly 40 templates for content strategy projects like audits and style guide creation.

  • From Ann Arbor to Africa: Undergrads Team Up to Find a Sustainable Animal Protein

    Unconventionals (A PJA Advertising Podcast)   June 15, 2017  

    In this episode, The Unconventionals explores how innovation isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, it’s a piece of shiny new technology. But other times, it’s down in the dirt with black soldier fly larvae.

  • Creating Cupfusion: Lessons in Innovation from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    Event Recaps   June 15, 2017  

    Reese’s shared how smart risk-taking, agile social listening, and embracing brand personality delivered one of the most unconventional, successful, and cost-efficient product launches in Hershey history.

  • Strayer University: Creating Innovative Content that Moves

    Event Recaps   June 15, 2017  

    Strayer shared its “Readdress Success” campaign and how it was able to start a movement, give back to charity, and improve brand health metrics and business results.

  • Storytelling Inside a 125-Year Old Company

    Event Recaps   June 15, 2017  

    GE Digital shared its innovative content creation techniques and practices and lessons learned from bringing the creative process in-house.

  • McDonald's Taps Snapchat for Huge Hiring Push

    MediaPost   June 14, 2017  

    McDonald’s is leveraging Snapchat to hire 250,000 people across the United States this summer.

  • Building a Better Chatbot

    ANA Magazine   June 13, 2017  

    Studies show chatbots can reduce costs and increase customer engagement, but how and where to get started can be overwhelming. Here are some best practices for marketers who want to build chatbots for their brands

  • 2017 U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast

    Research Reports   June 13, 2017  

    The ANA, in collaboration with and licensed from PQ Media, developed updated brand activation marketing expenditure information for 2017. The report takes deep dives into five industry verticals.

  • Google and the Future of Healthcare

    Unconventionals (A PJA Advertising Podcast)   June 8, 2017  

    In this episode, The Unconventionals sits down with Mark Rosenthal, head of health services at Google, for a sneak peek into what the company will revolutionize next.

  • Life-Saving Brands

    Industry Insights   June 8, 2017  

    Five brands that have created innovative campaigns and products to save peoples’ lives.

  • Quantcast Real-Time Advertising Academy Training

    Event Recaps   June 7, 2017  

    The ANA partnered with Quantcast, to offer ANA members a complimentary digital advertising boot camp.

  • Overview of Programmatic – Seeing Through the Financial Fog

    Event Recaps   June 7, 2017  

    With the rapid adoption of programmatic media, the supply chain has quickly become complicated — agencies, trading desks, demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, data management platforms, exchanges, publishers — and to many, the result is a financial "fog." ANA, ACA (Association of Canadian Advertisers), AD/FIN Solutions, and Ebiquity PLC commissioned a study to investigate the costs and economics of the programmatic ecosystem and explore the lack of transactional transparency in many programmatic buys. This was reported by multiple advertisers and highlighted in last year's K2 Intelligence study on media transparency in the U.S. advertising industry. In this session, the presenter revealed key findings from this programmatic study and provide action steps for marketers.


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