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  • A Step Back for CX?

    B-to-B Marketer   April 25, 2018  

    As customer experience becomes the key growth differentiator, companies struggle to match rising expectations.

  • Intensity as the Third Dimension

    Knowledge Partners   April 25, 2018  

    Fullscreen conducted a study aimed at quantifying the effects of “intensity,” or the blend of attention, engagement, and emotion, on brand recall and affinity.

  • Building a Social Brand from the Inside Out

    ANA Magazine   April 18, 2018  

    Creating a social organization is critical for a brand in the digital world. Here's how Dell and Coldwell Banker are going about it successfully, and the challenges that still exist.

  • Influence by the Numbers

    Knowledge Partners   April 18, 2018  

    Fullscreen partnered with social media analytics firm Shareablee on a study aimed to uncover the true value influencers deliver for brands across multiple social platforms.

  • Overview of the 2018 ANA Brand Activation Conference

    Public Videos   April 18, 2018  

    In this video, get an overview of the 2018 ANA Brand Activation Conference.

  • Brand Activation Through Strategic Storytelling

    Event Recaps   April 17, 2018  

    Crayola illustrated the marketing benefits of developing a well-crafted narrative to publicize changes to a product.

  • Brand Activation Through Strategic Storytelling

    Public Videos   April 17, 2018  

    Building strong brand stories has been crucial to Crayola’s successful activations.

  • Sour Patch Kids: Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z Best Practices

    Webinars   April 11, 2018  

    Sour Patch Kids shared their best practices for marketing to Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Five Steps to a Great Creative Brief

    ANA Magazine   April 11, 2018  

    Five things marketers can do to produce a better creative brief.

  • Increasing Ad Frequency and Relevance to Overcome Distraction

    Event Recaps   April 11, 2018  

    Flashtalking urged marketers to increase their ads’ frequency and contextual sensitivity to reach consumers in a world of multiple screens and pervasive multitasking.

  • Brand Activation Legal Webinar: April 2018

    Event Recaps   April 10, 2018  

    In this webinar, learn how a good chatbot can improve customer experience, reduce costs, and build your brand. But while chatbots can yield many benefits, they can also pose legal challenges.

  • Innovation

    Insight Briefs   April 8, 2018  

    Innovation is disrupting the marketing landscape, and this Insight Brief discusses opportunities for marketers as the industry embraces changes in technology, consumer behavior, and trends.

  • What U.S. Marketers Need to Know about the GDPR

    Industry Insights   April 6, 2018  

    Review the top policy changes that will be initiated by the GDPR as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Understanding Generation Alpha

    Knowledge Partners   April 5, 2018  

    “Generation Alpha” (those born in 2010 and beyond) will grow up with an unprecedented amount of exposure to technology. Hotwire and Wired Magazine partnered to study the behaviors of this generation, and their implications on marketing.

  • The Power of Real-Time Marketing

    ANA Magazine   April 4, 2018  

    Excited by the prospect of something truly new and innovative, brands and agencies have jumped on the live video streaming bandwagon — and consumers have taken notice.

  • Become a Marketing Engineer: Crafting the B2B Customer Journey

    Webinars   April 4, 2018  

    Learn why it's important to understand how all the technology best practices and platforms we use come together to create a marketing infrastructure, customer journey, and sales funnel.

  • Wired for Success

    B-to-B Marketer   April 3, 2018  

    Comcast Business has steadily earned a reputation for being tenacious and innovative, an approach personified by SVP and CMO Denice Hasty, hailed as one of the most powerful women in cable/telecom.

  • How ANA Members Are Using Influencer Marketing

    Industry Insights   April 2, 2018  

    New research from the ANA explores how brands are working with influencers. Read the white paper to learn more.

  • Advocacy and Loyalty System RFP

    Tools   April 1, 2018  

    Use this tool to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Advocacy and Loyalty platform.

  • Lead Qualification Process Diagram

    Tools   April 1, 2018  

    A tool to help you visualize what steps need to be taken to qualify a new sales lead in your CRM system.


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