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Engaging Users with Gamification

Read this How-To Guide outlines to learn what gamification is and how gamification can benefit your online community as well as your organization.

Game On

Kia created “Game On,” an interactive mobile game that engaged customers and generated awareness and brand affinity for the automotive company.

Untie the Knots

Buscopan created a mobile game that made alleviating stomach pain fun, which allowed the brand to engage men and women ages 18 to 44.

Catch Pink If You Can

A haircare company in Turkey reached TV audiences with a gamification integration for the second screen.

Balance Rewards

Walgreens offered incentives for consumers to sync their fitness apps or wearables to its Balance Rewards loyalty program.

Air on the Side of Humanity

JetBlue designed a voice-activated rich media banner ad for mobile to connect with frequent flyers.

Win the Hour

Nike’s “Win the Hour” program integrated with its FuelBand SE wearable and strengthened the brand’s one-on-one relationship with consumers.

Lexus and Real Racing 3’s Virtual Test Drive

Lexus teamed with Electronic Arts to create a branded in-game experience in EA’s Real Racing 3 mobile app to raise awareness for its new IS model launch.

Google Maps App QuizUp Campaign

Google partnered with a mobile gaming app for a native advertising campaign to drive Google Maps downloads.

State Farm and Rovio — Native/Mobile

State Farm developed a fully in-game campaign with the popular Angry Birds franchise that reminded consumers of the brand’s commitment to get consumers to a “better state.”

Virgin Mobile Game of Phones

To generate footfall and awareness for its telco offering, Virgin Mobile developed a mobile game that hid and awarded prizes in and around the country.


Alvio is a new product designed to help kids improve their asthma condition by using their lungs to power video games.

Mobile Commons and “Would You Rather?” for Financial Education launched a text messaging game aimed at teaching teens about personal finance.

Coca-Cola Share Happiness

Coke and pizzeria franchise Mellow Mushroom teamed up to drive beverage sales by engaging restaurant guests with a mobile game and sweepstakes.

Lucky Charms’ 50th Anniversary Campaign

General Mills shared a case study from a 50th anniversary campaign for Lucky Charms cereal that included digital, social, television, and gamification elements.

Multi-Platform Gaming: For the Win!

Gamers over the age of 13 spend more than six hours per week on a gaming platform, a 12 percent increase since 2012.

Electronic Gaming Becoming Equal-Op Entertainment

Women over the age of 18 now represent a larger portion of the gaming audience than teenage boys.

404 Fun Not Found by Fanta

To generate awareness of its playful campaign, Fanta took the fun away from tweens’ favorite websites by replacing it with an error code in order to show users just how much play was needed in their lives.

AHH Effect

Coca-Cola launched a digital content campaign aimed at authentically engaging teens.

Women Dominate Mobile Gaming Space

The way to reach women in the digital age is through their phones. More specifically, it’s through the games on their phones.

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