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Training in Winning Organizations

Of the data examined in the Marketing2020 survey, training proved to be the most important differentiator between over- and underperforming organizations.

Collaborative Negotiation Practices for Win-Win Results

A negotiation strategy focused on mutual trust and active listening can strengthen a deal for both parties.

Marketing Training: The Growth Driver

As marketing continues to evolve across the digital space and new channels and customer expectations emerge, offering additional training capabilities will become more important than ever.

Dell’s Innovative Approach to Activating Their Employee Advocates Through Social Media

Amy Heiss, global program lead for social media training and activation at Dell, shared how the brand motivates employee advocates in social media with its training and activation programs.

Achieving Cultural and Generational Chemistry with Millennials

Tru Pettigrew, founder and CEO of Tru Access, discussed the importance of bridging cultural and generational gaps with both consumers and employees.

Social Media Education for Employees

No policy or guideline alone can ever be comprehensive enough to anticipate every potential social media scenario. Employees need to be prepared for the inevitable “gray areas” created by the fast-changing social media space.

The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation

Companies are not created equal. Altimeter Group found that companies go through six distinct stages of social business maturity, each with unique risks and opportunities.

The PR Factor

This compilation of PR insights features articles on the power of content, what's hot for 2014, mastering social in B-to-B marketing, and training the next generation.

Sales Training Plan Methodology

Use this step-by-step planning methodology and set of 27 premium tools and templates to develop a consultative approach to selling.

Blog Policy Template

A policy to absolve your organization from litigation resulting from illegal or inappropriate content.

Code of Conduct Policy Template

A policy template to outline standards for acceptable staff behavior.

Mobile Device Policy Template

A policy for acceptable use of mobile devices by employees and contractors.

Online Community Policies & Guidelines

Use this template to help you create reasonable guidelines for internal behavior by employees and contractors in relation to your online community.

Online Community Governance Document

Use this template to help you govern your corporate online community.

Sales Script Template

A template to create a standardized sales script that helps your new reps perform faster.

Sales Training Assessment

Use this to evaluate your company's sales training effectiveness.

Social Marketing Governance Document Template

Use this template to create a social media governance document to help you govern your company's social media marketing program.

Social Media Policy & Guidelines Template

Use this template to help you create reasonable guidelines for online behavior by employees and contractors.

HP Leverages Social Media as an Internal Tool

Chris Curtin, senior vice president of strategy and innovation, global marketing at Hewlett-Packard Company, discussed the launch of Hewlett-Packard’s new internal social network.

Best Negotiating Practices

Stuart Shlossman, consultant with Watershed Associates, outlined a five-step process for win-win negotiations, and shared negotiating best practices.

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