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The New Marketing KPIs

According to Marketing2020, the top three KPIs that best capture marketing effectiveness are ROI, revenue growth, and consumer engagement.

Social Media Strategy for B-to-B

Dell shared best practices for integrating social media into a B-to-B marketing strategy and achieving measurable business results.

Secrets of the Math Men: How Leading Performance Marketers Win

A new breed of marketers are using measurement and testing to learn more about their customers, act faster, waste less, and win more.

The Biddable Revolution

The success of paid search marketing has spurred the emergence of real-time bidded (RTB) display advertising, which is expected to grow at an average rate of 48 percent per year to $14.4 billion by 2017. Beyond digital, advertisers are also starting to cozy up to bidded media in television and out-of-home.

2014: The Year of Marketing Accountability

After years of spreadsheet addiction, educated guesses and gut-based optimization, the advent of advanced analytics tools has provided marketing organizations with far better — and far more automated —- decision-making and forecasting capabilities.

Webinar Promotional Calendar 2014

Use this to organize and report on all of your webinar program tasks & activities.

Where Marketing and Finance Agree on Measurement for Creating Value

Meg Blair, the founding president of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), provided an overview of the MASB initiative to establish an industry standard for marketing accountability and predictability to improve financial performance and guide business decision-makers.

Brand Assessment Tool

A self-assessment to evaluate your organization from a Branding perspective.

Business Case Template

Use this template for any corporate investment and as a formal management communication document.

Webinar Program Metrics Dashboard

You need to define, track, and create a report of the KPIs and metrics related to your webinar.

Webinar Risk Assessment Template

You need to identify and mitigate risks associated with launching a webinar program.

Webinar Project Management Tool

Use this tool to communicate project status with stakeholders and management.

How CMOs Justify Their Digital Budgets

Three trends are making it easier for marketers to justify moving brand dollars into digital media: audiences are consuming an ever-increasing amount of digital media; richer creative formats are allowing marketers to create more engaging consumer experiences online; and consistent multi-platform metrics are emerging that allow us to track relative efficacy of different media.

ANA Member Perspective

Jaime A. Vasquez, executive vice president and CMO at WellBiz Brands Inc., discussed accountability concerns, social media measurement, and the challenge of integrated marketing.

Moving 3MS Priorities Forward: A Status Report

George Ivie, president and CEO of Media Rating Council, Inc. (MRC) discussed the status of the cross-platform measurement initiative Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS), which was launched in 2011 by the ANA, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and the 4A’s in order to develop digital metrics and advertising currency that facilitate the cross-platform measurement and evaluation of media.

Redefining Performance for the 21st-Century Brand

The four Cs of a customer-centric brand (customer experience, competency, commitment, customer intelligence) are helping companies overcome challenges and make the most of their resources and data.

What’s In Store for Customers

Analytics help engage customers and save the brand $500,000 annually. To more effectively measure the impact of its online marketing initiatives on store sales, increased its analytical capabilities with a data mining solution.

The Walgreens Approach to Agency Evaluations

Christine Kubisztal, director, media services, Walgreen Company, discussed how the implementation of agency scorecards and media performance monitoring has contributed to the success of Walgreen’s marketing.

Research Report: 2011 Marketers’ Top Concerns Survey

This Research Report includes findings from the 2011 Marketers’ Top Concerns Survey, conducted by the ANA. The survey’s objective is to understand concerns facing the marketing industry going into 2012.

Data Charts: 2011 Marketers’ Top Concerns Survey

This collection of data charts represent findings from the 2011 Marketers’ Top Concerns Survey, conducted by the ANA. The survey’s objective is to understand concerns facing the marketing industry going into 2012.

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