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Brainstorming on Steroids: Ideas for Advancing In-House Agencies

Results from a brainstorming session on how to promote, align, and prove the value of in-house agencies.

The Increasing Influence and Value of the In-House Agency

State Farm discussed some of its most-valuable lessons learned so far and how to articulate value, drive cost-avoidance and efficiencies, empower creativity, and build brands.

Data-driven Marketing Is All the Rage, but Are Clients Ready to Act?

Brand marketers themselves may provide the biggest challenges to achieving programmatic success.

Netflix: In-House Programmatic

A behind-the-scenes look at Netflix’s internal programmatic buying team.

Proving the Value of Your In-House Agency

In this webinar video, learn why in-house agencies should demonstrate value across a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures.

Proving the Value of Your In-House Agency

In-house agencies should demonstrate value across a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures.

Adobe’s In-House Agency Journey

Adobe improved brand consistency and drove efficiencies and strategic effectiveness by bringing digital marketing capabilities in-house.

Building an In-House Culture

Dell’s in-house agency culture drives creativity, collaboration, and high-quality work.

Transparency Issues in Post-Production

AICE called for greater transparency in the business practices of agency-owned post-production services.

Marketers Panel: Top Media Issues

Members of the ANA Media Leadership Committee discussed the challenges, benefits, and future of programmatic media buying.

Multiple, Specialized Agencies — Fad or Future?

In-house agencies appear to be on the rise, but as marketing continues to become more technical — and media progressively fragmented — there is an increasing need for specialization.

Why More Brands Are Buying Digital Ads In-House

Major brands are turning away from agencies and building in-house advertising teams.

Why Outsourcing Your Trading Desk is Better Than In-Sourcing

Outsourcing the creation of a trading desk can provide marketers with the benefits of programmatic advertising, along with the control that comes with an in-house desk.

2014 In-House Creative Services Industry Report

Cella Consulting surveyed more than 450 in-house creative services professionals to assess in-house career development, global operations, and the role of technology at in-house agencies.

Godiva: An In-House Chocolatier’s Dream

Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. shared some of the engaging content from its “truffle flight” launch campaign, and provided best practices on streamlining and inspiring its in-house talent.

Prudential: 2013 In-House Agency of the Year

Prudential shared how bringing new core competencies in-house and leveraging emerging media helped position it as a leading brand in the financial category.

Agency Creative: Leaning in to Change

The in-house agency at Discovery has embraced change, enabling it to deliver relevance and results.

Marriott International: Successful In-House/Outside Agency Collaboration

The in-house agency for Marriott Hotels shared best practices for collaborating with a client and its outside agency of record.

Wells Fargo: Integrated Marketing Management Software Best Practices

Wells Fargo discussed the project management solution it is currently using and some of the new requirements that marketers might encounter when exploring software options.

Pivotal Research Discusses Programmatic Buying

The Pivotal Research Group shared the latest trends in programmatic buying, discussed considerations for choosing programmatic technology, and talked about the challenges and benefits of bringing programmatic buying in-house.

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