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Closing the Gap between Products that Appeal to Our Heart and Health

Nielsen research explored the gap between what consumers say they are buying and what they wish they could buy.


Frito-Lay immortalizes summer memories on bags of potato chips, New Balance builds a commuter rail station, and Coors Light donates to conservation efforts.

Best Practices in "Going Green" from Major Brands

EcoSet Consulting shared how major brands have benefitted from adopting environmentally responsible production practices.

JetBlue Diverts Uniforms from Landfill

JetBlue launched a recycled bag collection using unworn airline uniforms.

Increased Fears About Environment, but Little Change in Consumer Behavior, According to New National Geographic/GlobeScan Study

A new global analysis finds that concern about environmental problems has increased in most countries surveyed, and that more people now expect global warming will negatively affect them during their lifetime than in 2012.

Tetra Pak Focuses on Customer, Community & Environment

Tetra Pak VP Khaled Ismail discusses green packaging as a value-add and useful point of differentiation in a competitive market.

Winning at Sustainability: Turning Principles into Action

With more people saying they're willing to pay more for products and services from socially responsible companies, how can companies communicate that they’re on the same page?

Mr. Iglú Park

A non-profit organization in Spain created a park to encourage children and their families to recycle.

The FORTUNE Global Re:Set

To expand their presence in China, DuPont collaborated with Fortune to produce a targeted informational series to the world’s top business leaders that focused upon sustainable development and healthy-Earth industrialization.


In order to keep up with a rapidly changing market, it’s crucial for brands to constantly seek new ways to innovate and evolve, not only in messaging, but as a company. In this Insight Brief, top marketers discussed the challenges, opportunities, trends and best practices involved in creating a truly innovative marketing campaign.

Leveraging Consumer Insights and Measurement to Create Content that Wins in Digital

Reid Greenberg, director of digital marketing strategy and e-commerce at Seventh Generation, shared insights from Seventh Generation’s success in digital and e-commerce.

Scaling an Authentic Brand While Keeping It Honest

Seth Goldman, co-founder, president, and TeaEO of Honest Tea, Inc., shared insights and challenges in maintaining authenticity during Honest Tea’s innovative, mission-driven growth into a top-selling organic bottled tea company as part of The Coca-Cola Company.

Shoppers React to Sustainable Brands

New research shows that most North Americans would not select a product with "sustainable" credentials for two key reasons: sustainable products are isolated in separate aisles in US supermarkets, and there is a general lack of knowledge among consumers about the benefits of sustainable production.

Building a Global Glass Movement

Owens-Illinois tapped Nike veteran Saga Shoffner to lead its "Glass Is Life" initiative in 2011. The O-I executive team wanted to build a global movement that would underscore the value of glass and prompt brand managers to align their products with sustainability, health, and quality.

Glass Is Life

O-I makes most of the world’s glass bottles and jars. But brand managers have been shifting to plastic, destroying O-I’s market share along with the health of our planet. The “Glass Is Life” campaign emerged from a subconscious love for glass to become a global sensation, targeting brand managers and their consumers.

Honest Tea Drives Growth Through Authenticity and Social Responsibility

Seth Goldman, president and TeaEO of Honest Tea, discussed how an entrepreneurial team of true believers leveraged innovative brand marketing and a socially-conscious vision to build a national brand.

Lessons of Hurricane Sandy: 5 Tips to Disaster-Proof Your SEM Campaign

Organizations running search engine marketing campaigns are charged with the weighty responsibility of providing ROI, sales and other mission-critical business objectives for their clients. We need to be prepared for disruptions.

Venable LLP: FTC Forces Paint Companies to Remove “Green” From Their Palette

Venable LLP discusses two recent green marketing settlements from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in this advertising alert.

Green Marketing: Growing Your Business Through Sustainability

Green products are a huge business. It is estimated that they account for $40 billion in annual U.S. sales. This ANA Insight Brief includes best practices for building a green marketing program. It features case studies from Patagonia, Reckitt-Benckiser, Seventh Generation, and TerraCycle, in addition to information on federal guidelines for green and sustainable marketing.

Venable LLP: An Overview of the FTC’s New and Improved Green Guides

Venable LLP provides an overview of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s new and improved green guidelines in this article from The Antitrust Source.

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