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The Rewards of Risk

Deluxe Corp. goes all in on content to gain an edge.

Spreading a Million Smiles with a Mobile

To create nationwide oral health awareness among Indians, Colgate India commissioned Oral Health Month and promoted it with a mobile campaign that leveraged the popularity of the “missed call.”

CVS Shoppers Are Loyal by Design

CVS shared how personalization through behavioral customer insights has driven growth within the retail and health care brand, now 10th on the U.S. Fortune 500 list.

Debunking Millennials: Myths, Generalizations, and Dumb Demographics

Key takeaways from a panel discussion of five common myths about Millennial consumers.

Untapped Potential

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world and a valuable consumer base for those who know how to reach them.

PPG Industries and MARC USA: Innovation Comes to Life Between Marketers and Start-Ups

PPG Industries and MARC USA shared insights from Marketing Sparks, a series of events that connected startup entrepreneurs with senior marketers.

Johnson & Johnson: Relentlessly Relevant

In this video, Vineet Mehra, president of global marketing services at Johnson & Johnson, discussed how Johnson & Johnson uses purpose-driven marketing to achieve relevancy.

Johnson & Johnson: Relentlessly Relevant

Vineet Mehra, president of global marketing services at Johnson & Johnson, discussed how Johnson & Johnson uses purpose-driven marketing to achieve relevancy.

Marketing Makes a World of Difference

These remarkable case studies represent a revolution in marketing ideals.

Closing the Gap between Products that Appeal to Our Heart and Health

Nielsen research explored the gap between what consumers say they are buying and what they wish they could buy.

KYSS — Know Your Status Stage

KYSS (Know Your Status Stage) was a concert where the only way to get a ticket was by taking a simple and fast HIV test.

Broccoli's Image Makeover

There’s a food fight in America and junk food is winning. We set out to change that by rebranding one of the most polarizing vegetables in America: broccoli. In the end the campaign resulted in over 400 million media impressions, increased broccoli sales by 23% and did its part to make healthy food fun food.

Summer of Play

Chevrolet leveraged their sponsorship of Manchester United to bring play to where it’s needed most. Together, they rebuilt football pitches in impoverished areas, distributed over a million ultra-durable footballs worldwide and brought 11 children to Manchester to walk onto the pitch hand-in-hand with their football heroes for the season opener.

No Judgments. Just Help.

Smokers know the reasons to quit and want to quit, but quitting is hard. QUITPLAN® Services responded by connecting with smokers using genuine empathy and a promise of “No judgments. Just help.”

What If Everybody Ran?

With a staggeringly small budget, Mizuno took on a staggeringly big idea. Instead of focusing on product attributes, Mizuno asked people to imagine what would happen if everybody ran, leveraging a statistical analysis that quantified the transformative power of running,

Skip Starbucks Saturday

Starbucks allowed the public to carry armed weapons inside their stores where 'open carry' laws allow it. "Skip Starbucks Saturday' was launched in protest against this policy.

The "One Person Away from Home" Campaign

How does a nonprofit animal shelter in Chicago with a small budget and big competition draw busy city dwellers inside its nondescript shelter? By giving the animals the voice they needed to connect with owners, and crafting our communication to hit our target’s emotional core.

OK2TALK: Giving Youth a Voice to Discuss Mental Health

Following the devastating shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, Ogilvy partnered with the National Association of Broadcasters to produce a compelling PSA campaign to chip away at the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Noise vs. Signal: The Challenges of Connecting with the Connected Consumer

McCannXBC shared the importance of brand purpose in the 21st century.

Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions

The Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro shared how even in a data-saturated world, emotional connections are still the leading driver of business decisions.

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