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Has Performance-Based Agency Compensation Failed?

In this session, Sarah Sikowitz, Principal Analyst – Forrester Research, Inc., explored the results of their latest research on agency compensation.

Secrets to a Tensionless Agency-Client Relationship

Whether you have a great relationship with your agency or a horrible one, this session focused on how to decrease the tension and find common ground.

ANA/4A's Collaboration to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Project Reviews

Based on the trend toward more project reviews and the perspective that more streamlined and efficient project review processes are in the best interests of both marketers and agencies, the development of project review process guidance is an important industry opportunity for 2015.

The Latest in Value-Based Compensation and Agency Incentives

In this session, Greg Paull, Founder and Principal – R3, discussed the pros and cons of value-based and incentive-based agency relationships, including specific cases from their work with Unilever, Samsung and AB InBev. Ricardo Dias, Global VP of Consumer Connections – AB InBev, also shared his experience with the incentive-based approach for his brands.

ANA Media Leadership Conference in Three Minutes

In this video, get a three-minute overview of the 2015 ANA Media Leadership Conference where leaders of the media industry discussed urgent issues and shared insights on the newest ways of connecting with today’s consumers.

Subaru’s Success with Branded Content

Subaru owes its content success to a media integration strategy that focuses on naturally incorporating its vehicles into content that puts them in front of the right audience.

Proving the Value of Your In-House Agency

In this webinar, Dan Jeffries, Commercial Operations Consultant at the In-House Agency Forum, along with industry expert and IHAF Board Member Marta Stiglin, discussed the importance of defining the contribution of your in-house team so you can quantify the value it delivers to your corporation.

Fit To Print: Target Buys Time Print Ads Via Programmatic

Programmatic ad technologies just infiltrated the last unconquered industry: print. Time Inc. announced a partnership with MediaMath, a demand-side platform (DSP), that will see print audience segments be made available for programmatic buying.

Target’s Zero Waste Commercial Production Strategy

Target has dramatically lowered its environmental impact during commercial production.

A New Gold Rush for Advertisers

Learn how state production incentives can boost your brand, your company, and your bottom line.

Finding the Perfect Match

With just over half of marketers believing the overall number of agencies they work with now will stay true for the next five years, it stands to reason that maintaining healthy marketing/agency relationships cannot be overstated.

Using Facebook to Drive Conversions

Nonprofit organization Ducks Unlimited has driven conversions and revenue with Facebook.

What Successful Companies and their Marketing Organizations are Putting into Practice

Get the recipe for success from proven companies in this useful top ten list.

Trends To Watch in 2015

Perspectives and predictions from 5 ANA members.

Measuring the Consumer Decision Journey

Microsoft shared a new consumer-centric approach to multiscreen marketing and measurement.

When 1+1=3: Direct Collaboration Improves Ad Performance

With increasing fragmentation across the media landscape, marketers are hard pressed to uncover a winning formula for advertising success.

Why 'Programmatic' Is The Word Of The Year

According to an ANA survey, “programmatic” was voted the word of the year. Here are some interesting are the reasons voters gave for voting for “programmatic.”

On Understatements, Exaggerations And Billions Of Dollars Lost To Fraud

A new report from the ANA and White Ops notes that global advertisers could lose $6.3 billion to bots in 2015, if current bot rates continue.

A+E Ad Receptivity Study

A+E shared key findings from its study on whether the emotional tonality of programs affects ad receptivity.

MINI Drives Content Creation and Brand Experiences

MINI worked with Buzzfeed to develop digital content that could amplify an annual road trip event.

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