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Trends To Watch in 2015

Perspectives and predictions from 5 ANA members.

Measuring the Consumer Decision Journey

Microsoft shared a new consumer-centric approach to multiscreen marketing and measurement.

When 1+1=3: Direct Collaboration Improves Ad Performance

With increasing fragmentation across the media landscape, marketers are hard pressed to uncover a winning formula for advertising success.

Why 'Programmatic' Is The Word Of The Year

According to an ANA survey, “programmatic” was voted the word of the year. Here are some interesting are the reasons voters gave for voting for “programmatic.”

On Understatements, Exaggerations And Billions Of Dollars Lost To Fraud

A new report from the ANA and White Ops notes that global advertisers could lose $6.3 billion to bots in 2015, if current bot rates continue.

A+E Ad Receptivity Study

A+E shared key findings from its study on whether the emotional tonality of programs affects ad receptivity.

Adobe's In-House Agency Journey

In this session, Alex Amado, Sr. Director, Creative and Media and Jay Middleton, Director, Global Search Marketing – Adobe Systems Incorporated shared Adobe's in-house agency journey, their decision-making process on what to in-source, and how it has changed their agency relationships.

Building an In-House Culture

In this session, Dell discussed how to get your team to tap into creativity and deliver beyond expectations.

Aetna: Agency Consolidation Case Study

In this session, Julie Chalifoux, Portfolio Manager – Aetna shared their consolidation success story including how they are able to integrate and manage more efficiently while improving quality and saving time and resources.

Ikea's Approach to Successful Agency/Client Relationships

In this session, Christine Whitehawk, Communications Manager – IKEA North America, LLC shared their agency relationship journey, lessons learned, and how other marketers can leverage the power of transparency and openness to drive great creative and business results.

Transparency Issues in Post-Production

In this session, AICE helped educate ANA Agency Relations Committee members on this issue and provided suggestions to drive transparency among their agencies.

Top 10 Best Practices: Successful Companies and their Marketing Organizations are Putting into Practice

View the best practices that successful companies and their marketing organizations are putting into practice.

What Will You Get Your Agency For Xmas?

Forego a lavish gift and focus on what clients can truly give: the gift of stronger partnerships.

Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot Most Efficient Advertisers

All retailers started banging the Black Friday drum earlier this year. These companies got the most response to their calls.

Patent Troll Liability in Client/Agency Contracts

In the adver­tising space, patent trolls have been increasingly in the news. This survey has helped provide the foundation for an ANA recommendation on patent troll liability in client/agency contracts.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

The NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

Why Clients Really Fire Agencies

Rational feedback and reasons are often provided to justify what is largely an emotional response to the relationship. Being able to read between the lines of what is being said takes incredible emotional intelligence.

Enhancing Ad Viewability in Premium Digital Environments

Time Inc. uses data to improve the viewability of ads placed on its digital properties.

Award-Winning Case Study: ZYRTEC’s "Muddle No More”

ZYRTEC shared an award-winning case study on gaining share and differentiation on a challenger budget.

Talking Shop

In this one-on-one interview, Doug Ray, global president of Carat, discusses how his agency attracts billions in new business from brands like Macy’s, Staples, GM, and Dannon, and gives his take on where the industry is going.

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