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Top Tips and Tools for Commercial Production Incentives

This webinar provided an overview of U.S. State production incentives for advertisers, and guidance on how to tap into them for success.

Digital Subchannels Are Becoming Channels of Choice in Local Markets

A look at how digital subchannels can offer advertisers an alternative to the niche cable networks.

Four Takeaways from the 2015 NewFronts Season

What to keep in mind as online video and media allocation decisions are made.

Brainstorming on Steroids: Ideas for Advancing In-House Agencies

Results from a brainstorming session on how to promote, align, and prove the value of in-house agencies.

Top Agency Management Trends That Will Rock Your World in 2015 and Beyond

Discover what the future holds for Madison Avenue and the implications for brand advertisers who rely on their agencies to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Overview of the 2015 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference

In this video, get an overview of the 2015 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference.

Operating in Today’s New Media Marketplace

Active International unveiled results from its survey of media companies on how the landscape is changing, what new investments in technology and data media organizations are making, and the impact those will have on companies in 2015 and beyond.

Incentive Compensation Town Hall

Do performance-based incentives really work? The 4A’s has serious doubts and presented key industry research results on incentive compensation, followed by a town hall open discussion.

The Increasing Influence and Value of the In-House Agency

State Farm discussed some of its most-valuable lessons learned so far and how to articulate value, drive cost-avoidance and efficiencies, empower creativity, and build brands.

Looking for a Better Way to Integrate Your Marketing?

World-class marketers should understand vertical, horizontal, external, and internal integration.

Programmatic Media Management

Examine the current landscape of programmatic media management models and learn how to select the right model for your organization.

Today’s Client/Agency Relationships — What’s Wrong and How to Make Things Better

This session combined the personal perspective of a leading marketer with results from a new ANA survey on agency relations issues and opportunities.

Balancing Agency Relations and Procurement

Eve Reiter from American Express shared best practices and insights taken from her journey from agency relations to procurement.

Transparency Town Hall

Ad Age identified media transparency as one of its 2014 “Biggest Stories of the Year.” This session featured perspective from a panel of industry leaders on transparency issues and then evolved into a town hall discussion to get the input of conference attendees.

Infographics: 2014 Omnichannel Marketing

These infographics reveal how marketers are using Omnichannel marketing and measuring its impact as part of an overall marketing strategy.

Research Report: 2015 Enhancing Client/Agency Relationships

In first quarter 2015, ANA conducted parallel surveys among ANA members and agencies on issues related to the client/agency relationship.

Data Charts: 2015 Enhancing Client/Agency Relationships

In first quarter 2015, ANA conducted parallel surveys among ANA members and agencies on issues related to the client/agency relationship.

Generational Video Viewing Preferences Vary by Device and Activity

A Nielsen global survey segments video viewing behaviors by generations.

Ten Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Before Buying Audience Data

Tips to help select the right data provider before a media buy.

Hewlett-Packard: A Case Study in Decoupling

In this webinar, attendees heard from Jim Wallace, Director Agency Strategy & Management – Hewlett-Packard, and Myles Peacock, President, Americas – eg+ Worldwide, on their approach to the decoupling strategic process.

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