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comScore and Hulu: Reaching Millennials Across Platforms

Hulu and comScore uncovered rich insights on how Millennials are utilizing multiple platforms and how marketers can capitalize on this opportunity.

Insights to Reaching a Rising Demographic

This webinar explored the role culture and identity play in solidifying strong relationships between the Indian community and brands.

Insights to Reaching a Rising Demographic

This webinar explored the role culture and identity play in solidifying strong relationships between the Indian community and brands.

American Greetings World’s Toughest Job: 2015 North American Grand Effie Winner

On Mother’s Day, the second-biggest revenue-driving period for the greeting card industry, American Greetings honored moms by showing them in a different light with World’s Toughest Job, a video embraced by over 24 million YouTube viewers.

Bader Rutter: “B2B2C" and Consumer Transparency’s Impact on B2B Marketing

As B2B marketers, you can lead by embracing “B2B2C” efforts such as educating consumers about the sustainability, quality and safety of products. And in doing so, you can position your brand on the proactive side of transparency.

USG: Building Your B2B Brand Through Exceptional Customer Experience

In this session, Tanya Earley, director of global brand and customer experience – USG Corporation, shared how thinking differently about the USG brand increased overall customer satisfaction, and in turn, increased customer retention and loyalty.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Owlet Baby Care created a wearable baby monitor that alerted parents about their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels via smartphone or tablet.

The Language of Hair

Sunsilk Shampoo reinvigorated its brand with the mobile and social campaign “FingerComb Language,” which told a story about the meanings behind women touching their hair.

Heineken @WhereNext

Heineken created a service to provide real-time recommendations for trending nightlife destinations in cities across the world.

Nike 2014 World Cup Mobile Alphonso: Brand Aware

Nike used active listening technology to create second-screen mobile experiences for World Cup fans.

American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation

A research report looking at Millennial attributes and attitudes toward grocery, retail, restaurant, and travel experiences.

Technology and Innovation at Every Turn

NASCAR developed a digital and social strategy to engage Millennials.

The Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content

A new report from Crowdtap explains best practices for using UGC to fuel a content strategy.

How Weather Activates Consumer Behavior

Working with its immense trove of weather data, The Weather Company has found some of the strange and unusual connections between weather and consumer behavior that allow marketers to create stories that are both compelling and sometimes entirely intuitive.

CVS Shoppers Are Loyal by Design

CVS shared how personalization through behavioral customer insights has driven growth within the retail and health care brand, now 10th on the U.S. Fortune 500 list.

Debunking Millennials: Myths, Generalizations, and Dumb Demographics

Key takeaways from a panel discussion of five common myths about Millennial consumers.

Back to School 2015

A look at planned back to school spending and how broadcast TV can reach shoppers.

American Greetings, ‘World’s Toughest Job’: 2015 North American Grand Effie Winner

American Greetings’ award-winning “World’s Toughest Job” campaign for Mother’s Day was a company-wide initiative with results that exceeded expectations.

It’s "Good to Be Bad": How Storytelling Got Jaguar Back into Cultural Conversation

Jaguar’s fully integrated “British Villains” campaign confidently embraced villainous characters and reinvigorated the brand.

Newcastle: If We Made It

Newcastle’s “If We Made It” campaign used digital video to become part of the Super Bowl conversation, despite not having an official placement in the game.

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