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  • Top Brands Consumers Associate with Positive Health and Wellness Impact

    Nielsen   September 15, 2016  

    EquiTrend conducted a study of CPG brands to determine which ones consumers associated with positive health and wellness impact.

  • Recruiting Talent

    Insight Briefs   September 14, 2016  

    This Insight Brief discusses the challenge of recruiting top-tier talent into the advertising industry; includes interviews with marketers, professors, and students; and explores new research from the ANA and AEF.

  • The Millennial Workforce

    Ask the Expert Answers   September 12, 2016  

    ANA’s Ask the Expert research service answers the question, “How do the workplace expectations of Millennials differ from other generations and what steps can my company take to attract and retain Millennial workers?”

  • Brands Building Momentum with Canadians

    Nielsen   September 8, 2016  

    Despite the age gap between Canadian Millennials and Baby Boomers, their shopping tastes and preferences may not be as different as marketers think.

  • The Keys to Unlocking the Millennial Mindset

    Nielsen   September 7, 2016  

    Millennials are a demanding generation that wants to be more informed about companies, their products, and their business practices.

  • Eighty-Seven Percent of Millennials Use Mobile Banking

    MediaPost   September 7, 2016  

    A large majority of 18 to 35 years old use mobile banking, according to a consumer trends survey, but security concerns continue to be a major barrier for many.

  • Insights into Reaching the Latino Market

    Webinars   August 31, 2016  

    In this webinar, learn more about a collaboration between Publicis Media and Telemundo to take a fresh look at the groundbreaking “Beyond Demographics: Latino Identity,” a research study that previously clarified the primary archetypes that exist across the U.S. Latino community.

  • Fanning Excitement

    Activate   August 24, 2016  

    Five ways to get the most out of brand advocates and influencers

  • How Brands Are Winning with Millennials

    MediaPost   August 23, 2016  

    The key to successfully capturing Millennials is rooted in authenticity, transparency, and well-structured and accessible user experiences.

  • Color for the Colorblind

    Activate   August 22, 2016  

    An award-winning campaign from Valspar and FCB/Chicago demonstrates the power of color for all

  • Hispanics, Transforming the Consumer Landscape

    Nielsen   August 18, 2016  

    Hispanics are rapidly becoming the consumers and influencers of tomorrow, and as a result, marketers cannot have a “one size fits all” strategy anymore.

  • POPSUGAR Digital Case Study

    Event Recaps   August 18, 2016  

    POPSUGAR shared how it stays relevant to the newest generation of consumers and how it curates content to engage its audience and ultimately drive sales.

  • Digital Advertising Will Determine the Race to the White House

    Knowledge Partners   August 3, 2016  

    A look at how presidential campaigns should be leveraging mobile video to reach Millennials.

  • Hispanic Shoppers Decide Where to Shop Based on Coupons

    MediaPost   August 1, 2016  

    An Ipsos study found that over 80 percent of Hispanic consumers decide where to shop based on print and digital coupon offers.

  • Marketing with a Bigger Purpose

    B-to-B Marketer   July 27, 2016  

    CMO Matt Preschern's approach to marketing has translated to award-winning work for HCL Technologies.

  • Challenger Brand Drives Shopper Loyalty Amongst Millennial Moms

    Session Videos   July 26, 2016  

    In this video, learn how Sprout Organic Foods differentiates itself through superior millennial shopper understanding and applies these learnings to retail excellence.

  • Challenger Brand Drives Shopper Loyalty Amongst Millennial Moms

    Public Videos   July 26, 2016  

    In this video, learn how a challenger brand built shopper loyalty with millennial moms through deeper insight, speed to market, and unique positioning.

  • Decoding Gen Y to Z Shoppers

    Session Videos   July 25, 2016  

    In this video, hear from two leading generational experts about proprietary insights from a study on Gen Y and Gen Z shoppers.

  • Marketing in a Collaborative Economy

    Event Recaps   July 21, 2016  

    Crowd Companies discussed three new business models that corporations can use to stay relevant as the collaborative economy grows.

  • Marketing in a Collaborative Economy

    Session Videos   July 21, 2016  

    In this video, Crowd Companies discussed three new business models that corporations can use to stay relevant as the collaborative economy grows.


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