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Three Marketing Tips from Branding Giants

Quick tips for brands looking to introduce new content marketing software platforms and strategies.

mike's Hard Lemonade "mikehacks"

mike's Hard Lemonade used a digital campaign based around the popular trend of lifehacking to connect with millennials.

Nick Jr. Birthday Club

Nickelodeon designed the Nick Jr. Birthday Club to collect data that would allow it to personalize experiences for its consumers.

Rio2 Flies High with Western Union

Western Union engaged Hispanic consumers by partnering with 20th Century Fox for a global marketing campaign featuring Rio2’s themes of family, celebration, and connectedness.

IZZE Friendsday Night

IZZE created a usage occasion and a content marketing campaign to increase sales among Millennials.

Verizon #WhosGonnaWin

Verizon introduced itself into the social media conversation surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII by combing a Twitter campaign with a nightly light show on the Empire State Building.

Wrigley: 5 Gum TRUTH OR DARE Promotion

Wrigley reestablished consumer excitement about its brands with a promotion that turned its product into a truth or dare game.

Top It Like a Texan

Thomas’ created brand awareness in Texas with Top it Like a Texan, an integrated campaign that connected its breakfast foods with local flavors and tastes.

Liquid-Plumr Scores In-Store with Hunky Plumrs

Liquid-Plumr created an in-store Augmented Reality experience to help overcome poor shelf positioning and increase market share.

Native Advertising Best Practices

In this webinar, Yahoo and BBDO shared insights from their research on native advertising.

GE: Reinventing Storytelling for Business-to-Business

GE connected with its audience by telling a story about the wonder of innovation.

Brand Activation

Brand activation is the management of the total brand experience and brand/consumer relationship in order to drive business and increase consumer loyalty. In 2014, the ANA acquired the Brand Activation Association to offer its members a robust knowledge base on the six pillars of brand activation: promotion marketing, retail marketing, relationship marketing, experiential marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

The Evocative Web: How to Engage Women & Create Strong Emotional Connections Via Visual Content

New research on how brands can create high-quality visual content to connect with female consumers.

Are Women Happy? Digital Content, Technology, and Women’s Happiness

New consumer research on how content and technology play a role in women’s happiness.

Snapchat: Temporary Content Is King

An overview of Snapchat’s evolution and how brands are utilizing its technology for promotion.

New Balance Races Past Pre-Order Goal with YouTube TrueView and Google Lightbox Ads

New Balance used video content and search ads to reach new customers and triple its pre-order sales goal.

Infographics: 2014 Content Marketing Survey

These infographics reveal how content marketing is being deployed, integrated into the organization, measured and budgeted.

Mobile Drives Year-Round Popularity of SXSW Music Videos

Brands are using mobile video to reach SXSW fans beyond the event.

How Carhartt Discovered a New Market

Carhartt shared how it increased brand awareness and attracted new consumer groups while staying true to the brand’s century-old identity as champions of hardworking Americans.

Research Report: 2014 Content Marketing Survey

This research report examines at how marketers are employing content marketing today, and how they will use it in the coming years. What media are working? How content is being managed, budgeted, deployed, and measured? Are marketers using forma guideline/standards? ANA members share their current and future insights on best practices on content marketing.

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