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CE Growth Continuing in 2014

As consumer electronics and connectivity continue to spread into other areas and products, the category’s revenues will continue to grow.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lead CoreBrand's Most Respected

New study indicates that even though Coke and Pepsi are on top, their favorability is actually down because people are more health-conscious.

Top Three Marketing Capabilities for Growth

Marketing2020 respondents identify the top three marketing capabilities for the future.

The Next Social Marketing Revolution

Keller Fay Group shared how the most social brands have focused on driving offline word of mouth.

MMA Mobile Video Benchmark Study

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) studied one month of data from six mobile publishers to determine the effectiveness of mobile video advertising.

Can You Measure Engagement?

Lacking a single definition, the IAB has attempted to untangle the multiple, competing definitions of engagement. Essentially, digital advertising engagement falls into three major buckets: cognitive, physical, and emotional.

How Brands Can Measure and Leverage Predictive Emotional Brand Engagement

Dr. Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, Inc., shared how emotional brand engagement can be measured and leveraged to generate positive consumer behavior in the marketplace.

Great Brand Experiences Start with Engaged Employees

Allan Steinmetz, CEO and founder of Inward Consulting, demonstrated why employee engagement is mission-critical and shared best practices for how organizations can foster a more engaged, focused, and innovative workforce.

Message Mapping Tool

A template to document and assess the key messages that are important for your target audience to hear.

GfK MRI: Top Interactive Magazine Ads on Tablets

In the 12th edition of their digital update video series, GfK MRI shares insights from their latest Starch Digital research on tablet magazine ads which generated the most reader interaction.

The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Real-Time Customer Engagement

This white paper examines how leading marketers are using Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to engage their customers more effectively and grow their businesses.

The Mail Moment: Consumers' Engagement with Their Mail

Greg Whiteman, manager, market research, U.S. Postal Service, discussed how in studying consumers’ engagement with mail, the Postal Service has discovered some insights which can help to explain the value of mail to advertisers.

The Hershey Company: Measuring the Impact of Charitable Efforts on Brand Warmth, Competence, and Behavior

Ed Martin, marketing excellence and CSR insights director at The Hershey Company, and Chris Malone, director of research at The Relational Capital Group, shared key learnings from a research study that measures positive brand perceptions, purchase intent, and loyalty from charitable marketing programs.

Google: Searching for Primetime Engagement

Google analyzes the strong correlation between TV viewership and online search activity as a vehicle for understanding the dynamics of primetime engagement.

Logitech Is Shaping the "New Office"

Chad Thompson, worldwide B-to-B marketing director at Logitech presented how his company positions itself in the ever-changing office peripherals market. Logitech's objective is to provide companies with tools to minimize barriers between people, technology, work, and life.

Unilever and Nielsen Advertising Solutions

Tomas Emmers, consumer and market insights, director, Unilever, and Susan Lauinger, VP, account management, Nielsen Advertiser Solutions, discussed Nielsen IAG, a service which allows advertisers to measure real time audience engagement to advertising.

Introduction to Innerscope Research

Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and co-founder, Innerscope Research, Millie Carrasquillo, senior vice president of research, Telemundo, and Andrea Mulligan, consumer insights, Campbell Soup Company, outlined the principles and processes for how biometric research can measure the emotional engagement and impact of multicultural advertising.

TV and Online Video: Better Together

Microsoft shared five insights for measuring and optimizing a cross-screen video campaign.