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B2B Video Marketing Benchmark Report

In a June 2014 study sponsored by Vidyard, Demand Metric and Ascend2 partnered to explore the B2B Video Marketing landscape for the upcoming year.

NCAA March Madness Live

The NCAA March Madness Live app offered live video feeds, social integration, and instant replay abilities to fans across multiple devices.

Bringing the Ford F-150 to Life in Innovative 3D Mobile Ad Experience

Ford created an interactive virtual showroom within a 3D mobile ad unit.

Video Marketing Plan Methodology

Follow this simple, step-by-step, methodology to create an effective video marketing plan and produce engaging video content to support your marketing goals.

How-To Guide: Enhancing Content with Video Marketing

This How-To Guide discusses why Video Marketing is the Content Marketing format for 2014, shares the benefits of Video Marketing, and introduces actionable items to get started on your Video Marketing program.

Post-Production Workflow Model

Review this process diagram to understand and complete the 7 steps of the post-production stage of video production.

Recording Live Video Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you complete all of the tasks required to produce a live video.

How-To Guide: Selecting Content Types for Video

This How-To Guide discusses how to align your video content choices with your audience, the most successful types of video content and the benefits associated with each content type.

Video Marketing Assets Database

Use this database to document the details of each video in your program and track your videos by content type.

Video Marketing Budget Template

Use this budget template to set and track your video marketing budgets.

Video Marketing Business Case

Use our Video Marketing Business Case to provide senior management with a use case for a video marketing program in your organization.

Video Marketing Manager Job Description

Document the responsibilities and job requirements for a video marketing manager within your organization.

Video Marketing Maturity Assessment

Utilize our Video Marketing Maturity Assessment to assess your organization's current Video Marketing capabilities.

Pre-Production Planning Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you complete all of the steps associated with pre-production for videos.

Video Marketing Metrics Dashboard

Track and measure the results of your video marketing program with this dashboard.

Video Marketing Posting Calendar 2015

Use this calendar to organize the dates of distribution for your video marketing program in 2015.

Video Marketing Project Plan

Use this project plan to outline the key components of your video marketing program to steer the direction of your project.

Video Marketing RFP Template

Use this template to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a video marketing consultant or agency.

Video Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Outline your video marketing strategy for the upcoming year with this easy-to-use Microsoft Excel scorecard.

Video Production Project Schedule

Use this schedule to track all of the task associated with a video production initiative.

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