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Multicultural Marketing and Diversity

This Insight Brief explores best practices in internal organization and strategy for marketing to a diverse population. Learn how brands like Coca-Cola, the NBA, and Honda Civic are reaching multicultural consumers, including the important Millennial target.

Niche Opportunities for Market Share Growth Among African-Americans

Seeking opportunities to extend your brand’s reach to African-American consumers? A good place to start is in the pantry and consumer pocketbooks.

Multifaceted Connections: African-American Media Usage Outpaces Across Platforms

African-Americans consume above-average amounts of content, across a wide variety of media platforms, including radio, print, TV, and mobile.

Marketing in a Multicultural Nation

Coca-Cola shared seven key learnings on marketing to multicultural Millennials.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

The NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

In this video, the NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

Toyota’s Total Market Model

Toyota shared the process of bringing all of its agency partners together to create a total market approach to advertising.

The Next Chapter in Walmart’s Multicultural Journey

Walmart shared how, through a collaborative total market approach to advertising, it was able to increase business in the general market while simultaneously engaging multicultural consumers on an emotional level.

Gaming for Multicultural Consumers

Insights from game developers who created an interactive experience for multicultural consumers.

Honda Civic Best Yourself

Honda used insights, social media, and TV spots to reach African-American Millennials.

Lexus Builds Awareness with Branded Content

Lexus created a branded television program to reach affluent African-American consumers.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars used geographic targeting and customized creative to reach on-the-go consumers about to make mealtime decisions.

Chevrolet Helps Awaken the Dream of a King

Chevrolet shared how TV, print, and digital amplified awareness of a campaign, while experiential and social created a conversation about how to apply the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King to modern-day life.

AARP Engages African-American Boomers Using Social Media

AARP shared how it engaged African-American Baby Boomers on Facebook by creating an online community where users could discuss their culture, history, celebrities, and other relevant topics.

Curl Power

The natural hair movement among African-American women is the fastest growing segment in ethnic hair care. Dark and Lovely had to assure women of its authenticity – persuading her that the brand entered into this new territory because we care about her needs, not because we’re following the trend.

African-Americans Seek Authenticity in Ads

A study last fall by Essence magazine and Added Value demonstrates that African-American women think marketers are misrepresenting them.

City Year Reaches Millennials Through Social Media

Gillian Smith, chief marketing officer at City Year, shared key lessons learned, and insights on how its message resonated with Millennials and drove significant increases in awareness among the influential group through social media.

How Hollywood Connects with Multicultural Audiences

In this video, a panel of studio marketing executives shared recent advertising insights and experiences used to connect with their respective multicultural audiences.

How Hollywood Connects with Multicultural Audiences

John Gibson, special assistant to the chairman and CEO for diversity at the Motion Picture Association of America, Fabian Castro, vice president of multicultural marketing at Universal Pictures, and Rick Ramirez, SVP of targeted marketing at Warner Bros. Studios, shared recent advertising insights and experiences used to connect with their respective multicultural audiences.

Total Market from Idea to Execution

ANA multicultural marketing and diversity committee chair Gilbert Dávila moderated a discussion featuring client-side marketers from Coca-Cola, Walmart, and General Mills about the key elements to success with a total market strategy.

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