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The Latest in Value-Based Compensation and Agency Incentives

R3 shared why value-based agency fees and incentives are on the rise, and which models brands can choose for agency compensation.

Brand and Agency Management in an Age of Discontinuity

Farmer & Co. discussed agency management in the Age of Discontinuity.

Negotiating Advertising Agency/Client Contracts

Legal professionals from brands and agencies discussed the evolution of the client/agency contract.

Darren Woolley Outlines Five Ways to Ensure that Agency Incentive Payments Work Fairly and Beneficially

The Internationalist spoke with Darren Woolley on performance-based agency compensation.

Six Degrees of Integration for Agency-Marketer Alignment

The R3 team sees six types of client-agency alignment structures or “six degrees of integration” among the best work.

How to Negotiate a Client-Agency Agreement (from Both a Marketer and Agency Perspective)

Representatives from both the client and agency sides discussed a range of issues, including agency compensation, exclusivity and ownership, liability, and patents.

Has Performance-Based Agency Compensation Failed?

Forrester research shares why performance-based agency compensation hasn’t resulted in higher quality work, and provides alternate methods to motivate agency partners.

Has Performance-Based Agency Compensation Failed?

In this webinar video, Forrester research shares why performance-based agency compensation hasn’t resulted in higher quality work, and provides alternate methods to motivate agency partners.

Transparency Issues in Post-Production

AICE called for greater transparency in the business practices of agency-owned post-production services.

Advertising Age: 2014 Agency Roundup and Best Practices

Advertising Age shared major trends in agency consolidation, review, and compensation from 2014.

Client-Agency Erosion: Why We Need to Restore the Momentum of Trust in the Procurement Era

A look at the critical issues of transparency and equity in client/agency relationships.

Demystifying Programmatic Buying

Michael Green, director of research at AudienceScience, shared how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk and the questions every digital media team should be able to answer about its programmatic buys.

Report on Global Agency Remuneration Trends and the Use of Performance Metrics

This report outlines the primary global agency remuneration models in use - complete with helpful graphs and definitions.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic media buying has caught the attention of major advertisers. This Insight Brief defines key terms in programmatic buying, explains how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk, and offers best practices for managing agency fees. Marketers can also learn about considerations for taking programmatic buying in-house and read case studies from Kimberly-Clark and Ford.

Decoupling Digital Content Production

Campbell’s shared key learnings from its first year of digital decoupling.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Comcast: An ANA Member Procurement Snack Pack

Boehringer Ingelheim’s new truncated RFI process significantly reduced turnaround time and allowed the brand to focus on the final round of agency selection, while Comcast increased its production savings by double digits by standardizing costs across all its AORs.

PR Agency Industry 2014 Billing Rates and Utilization Report: By Agency Size, Region and Specialty

This report from Gould + Partners outlines average hourly billing rates for public relations (PR) professionals working in various industry verticals.

ANA's Liodice: Marketers Not Hiding 'A Magic Bucket Of Cash' From Agencies

Bob Liodice responds to a Wall Street Journal commentary by 4As President Nancy Hill.

Agency Relations

This Insight Brief covers several models for agency relations, the agency selection process, compensation, and best practices for writing strong briefs.

Programmatic Buying: Implications for Brands and Agencies

Representatives from 4A’s led a roundtable discussion on the implications of programmatic buying for brands and agencies.

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