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Transparency Issues in Post-Production

AICE called for greater transparency in the business practices of agency-owned post-production services.

Aetna: Agency Consolidation Case Study

Aetna shared an agency consolidation success story and best practices for strong agency-client relationships.

IKEA’s Approach to Successful Agency/Client Relationships

IKEA North America shared best practices for managing an integrated agency-client relationship.

Why Clients Really Fire Agencies

Rational feedback and reasons are often provided to justify what is largely an emotional response to the relationship. Being able to read between the lines of what is being said takes incredible emotional intelligence.

MillerCoors: Integrated Cross-Functional Agency Management

MillerCoors takes an integrated approach to cross-functional agency management.

Becoming Your Agency’s Favorite Client

Merz Pharmaceuticals discussed the importance of building a true agency partnership.

Guidelines on Client-Agency Relations and Best Practice in the Pitch Process

Guidelines for the agency and the client on how to organize, conduct, and conclude a pitch process leading to a new client-agency relationship.

Guide to Choosing and Using a Media Auditor

Comprehensive guide describing and defining the advertisers’ needs and objectives, the auditors’ working methods and operating principles, and making recommendations on how they should work together.

Advice on Obtaining Transparency and Return of Media Income

General, high-level guidance concerning negotiations with media agencies and individually drafting contracts with media agencies.

Video Marketing RFP Template

Use this template to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a video marketing consultant or agency.

Decoupling Digital Content Production

Campbell’s shared key learnings from its first year of digital decoupling.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Comcast: An ANA Member Procurement Snack Pack

Boehringer Ingelheim’s new truncated RFI process significantly reduced turnaround time and allowed the brand to focus on the final round of agency selection, while Comcast increased its production savings by double digits by standardizing costs across all its AORs.

Multiple, Specialized Agencies — Fad or Future?

In-house agencies appear to be on the rise, but as marketing continues to become more technical — and media progressively fragmented — there is an increasing need for specialization.

Agency Relations

This Insight Brief covers several models for agency relations, the agency selection process, compensation, and best practices for writing strong briefs.

Social Media Strategy for B-to-B

Dell shared best practices for integrating social media into a B-to-B marketing strategy and achieving measurable business results.

Social Media Strategy for B-to-B

Dell shared best practices for integrating social media into a B-to-B marketing strategy and achieving measurable business results.

Agency Creative: Leaning in to Change

The in-house agency at Discovery has embraced change, enabling it to deliver relevance and results.

Wells Fargo: Integrated Marketing Management Software Best Practices

Wells Fargo discussed the project management solution it is currently using and some of the new requirements that marketers might encounter when exploring software options.

Pivotal Research Discusses Programmatic Buying

The Pivotal Research Group shared the latest trends in programmatic buying, discussed considerations for choosing programmatic technology, and talked about the challenges and benefits of bringing programmatic buying in-house.

10 Alternatives to the RFP

Getting to know agencies outside the RFP experience is also critical to the selection process and should provide marketers and agencies with a chance to have some fun together.

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