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  • Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

    Insight Briefs   December 9, 2016  

    Food and beverage brands are finding success by aligning business and marketing goals under unified strategies.

  • The Fearless Marketer’s Guide to 2017 Planning

    Knowledge Partners   December 6, 2016  

    Three foundational questions marketers should ask before creating strategic plans.

  • A Good Example

    ANA Magazine   December 3, 2016  

    New ANA Chairman Marc Pritchard has used P&G’s marketing to talk about social issues and make a difference in the world — his plans for the industry are no different.

  • It's the Most Search Time of the Year

    MediaPost   November 28, 2016  

    With more people searching for the best gifts online, search advertising is as important as ever, though some of the dynamics may be changing.

  • The Indispensability of "Small" Innovation — and How to Do It Well

    Nielsen   November 28, 2016  

    Many brand extensions that large companies launch year after year are absolutely essential for growing existing brands and defending shelf space.

  • Digital Operating Models

    Knowledge Partners   November 23, 2016  

    Why do some companies consistently outperform their peers? What do digital leaders have in common? Learn how leaders turn high-level talk about digital strategy into meaningful, high-quality, operational action.

  • How Jägermeister Became the No. 1 Liquor Brand in Social Media

    Event Recaps   November 15, 2016  

    OgilvyOne shared Jägermeister’s rebranding approach and how the brand used content and integrated experiences to capture a new audience.

  • Look to Nature

    Industry Insights   November 10, 2016  

    There is no better natural form to help model a brand than the iceberg. Though often viewed as menacing, the iceberg provides far more positive analogies: structure, mystery, and beauty, all of which have their place in the world of branding. With the company’s identity as a foundation, here’s how to create a potent brand, using the iceberg as a model.

  • Understanding Live Event Behavior and Sponsorship Opportunities

    Nielsen   November 10, 2016  

    To optimize concert sponsorships effectively, brands need to understand the demands and affinities of particular music event audiences.

  • Eight Influencer Marketing Mistakes CPGs Make

    MediaPost   November 7, 2016  

    MediaPost shared some of the typical influencer marketing mistakes that brands should avoid making.

  • Why Mobile Advertising Is Missing Its Target

    MediaPost   November 4, 2016  

    Because mobile campaigns don’t address the nuance of mobile experiences, they often feel as if they are designed for devices instead of humans.

  • Three Keys to Boost ROI of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    MediaPost   November 4, 2016  

    Learn three ways to help your brand hone its efforts to maximize ROI and better monitor campaign engagement.

  • The Mutual Impact of Brand Equity and Corporate Reputation

    Nielsen   November 1, 2016  

    Brand marketers will increasingly need to weigh synergies between brand promise and corporate image to maximize success in this fast-changing industry.

  • Brands, Don't Forget the Boomer Audience This Holiday Season

    MediaPost   November 1, 2016  

    MediaPost shared three insights that marketers should take into account when trying to connect with consumers aged 55 and up this holiday season.

  • Alaska Airlines: From Locally Loved to Nationally Relevant

    Event Recaps   November 1, 2016  

    In this session, Shelley Williams, director of brand strategy and expression – Alaska Airlines shared the journey of refreshing this 80-year-old brand and lessons learned. She also touched on the newest challenge of bringing together two very different brands as Alaska tackles integrating with Virgin America.

  • Changing The Nonprofit Narrative from Fear to Hope

    Event Recaps   November 1, 2016  

    In this presentation, Donna Lee Ubertalli, vice president marketing and digital channels – City of Hope presented a case history of City of Hope's "Miracle of Science with Soul" marketing campaign, that linked positive communication of the hospital's progress in cancer treatment to actual results – increased donations and support.

  • B-to-B Content Marketing

    Insight Briefs   October 29, 2016  

    The term “content marketing” rose to prominence over the last three years, but the fact is that B-to-B marketers have been using non-advertising content to build their brands and convince decision-makers for years. However, the practice has evolved significantly in today’s digital- and mobile-driven market. The ANA compiled the best content marketing practices from top B-to-B brands across categories, and took a look at the emerging trends that will help marketers grow their business going forward.

  • TouchPoints

    B-to-B Marketer   October 26, 2016  

    Jim Speros on creativity and courage; using improv to improve brand communications; challenges to the success of native content; and more.

  • Understanding the Shopping Habits of the Disabled Consumer

    Nielsen   October 26, 2016  

    Nielsen examined the specific needs and unique desires that drive where disabled consumers shop and what they buy.

  • More Than Words on Paper

    B-to-B Marketer   October 25, 2016  

    Stein IAS’ Reuben Webb weighs in on the importance of company values.


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