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Chevrolet Helps Awaken the Dream of a King

Chevrolet shared how TV, print, and digital amplified awareness of a campaign, while experiential and social created a conversation about how to apply the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King to modern-day life.

The Postal Service and Spiderman: An Integrated Partnership

USPS and Sony partnered on an integrated campaign leading up to the release of The Amazing Spider-man 2.

MetLife Integrates Peanuts into Its Production Process

Guidelines and approval procedures helped MetLife integrate licensed characters into its marketing materials.

Using Digital to Reinvigorate Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest executed a multi-channel rebranding campaign that increased both new subscriptions and renewals.

Outback Steakhouse: Connecting Through Energized Sponsorships

Outback Steakhouse recently rebooted its title college football bowl sponsorship to include more fan engagement and an appetizer giveaway.

Experiential Marketing: The Value of Brand Experiences

This Insight Brief discusses the best practices, measurement challenges, and future opportunities of experiential marketing.

Social Media at JCPenney

JCPenney’s social media team has helped the company promote products, generate engagement, and defuse potential negative PR situations.

Intuit’s Small Business Super Bowl Campaign

The largest social campaign in Intuit’s history awarded one lucky small business an ad during the 2014 Super Bowl.

Corporate Reputations Hit Highest Levels Since the Great Recession

While a strong brand holds a company’s promise to customers, a company’s reputation gives it credibility and the license to operate. And for consumers, that reputation plays a strong role in guiding their decisions to buy — or not buy — a company’s products.

The Power of Pricing

There’s nothing like the power of setting your own prices. It’s not something every brand can do, and most brands are actually price takers that accept the prices established by the market. But, when a company offers something that can’t be beat, it creates a significant and lucrative business lever — the ability to name your own price.

Volvo Cars of North America: Making Innovation Happen

Everything that Volvo does is designed around people, and every innovation the company makes is designed to simplify and improve its customers’ lives. Volvo discussed how it continues to innovate and keep up with meeting the needs of customers.

Tips for Crafting a Clear and Compelling Brand Positioning

Author and media consultant Denise Lee Yohn provided an easy-to-use framework for a brand positioning statement, and shared methods of identifying target segments and differentiating brands from their competition.

The Wendy’s Company Integrated Media Success Story

In this video, Wendy's discussed using a physical re-imaging, new high-quality products, and a fully integrated partnership with ESPN to differentiate itself from QSR competition.

404 Fun Not Found by Fanta

To generate awareness of its playful campaign, Fanta took the fun away from tweens’ favorite websites by replacing it with an error code in order to show users just how much play was needed in their lives.

Hurricane Sandy Response

Duracell used social media during Hurricane Sandy to help consumers notify each other of potential hazards and locate stores that still carried emergency supplies, like batteries.

Santa in Transit

The Copenhagen Airport used Santa Claus in a mobile campaign to position itself as a less chaotic, more diverse alternative for Danes to go Christmas shopping.

The Wendy’s Company Integrated Media Success Story

Wendy’s used a physical re-imaging, new high-quality products, and a fully integrated partnership with ESPN to differentiate itself from QSR competition.

Access All Areas App

To establish itself as a leading app developer, Samsung partnered with Australian TV networks to deliver an app that granted users early access to hit shows.

One Million Mangrove Trees

Bonafont’s social campaign planted one tree for each new Facebook like, allowing consumers to make a difference without a time commitment.

AutoNation: Rebranding a Large Organization Filled with ‘Armchair CMOs’

Greg Revelle, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at AutoNation, Inc., shared the company’s experiences — both positive and negative — in rebranding a large organization full of “armchair CMOs.”

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