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From Content Creation to Value Creation

How marketers can benefit from maximizing post-production.

Storytelling Tips from an Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer

Quick tips on how to entertain and inform an audience with stories around your brand.

Warby Parker, Moosejaw, and Amazon Earn Millennial Shopper Love in the Store

FutureCast shared four ways that retailers can win with Millennial shoppers.

Build a Healthier Media Plan

The healthcare and pharma industries should embrace digital media to reach consumers.

’Square Peg’ Lawyers and ‘Round Hole’ Ethics: Twelve Legal Ethics Issues for In-House Lawyers (and Outside Counsel Who Assist Them)

"Square Peg" Lawyers and "Round Hole" Ethics - by Bruce Johnson, Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, presented the ethical issues confronting in-house counsel in a number of areas.

Centro DSP Quick Start Guide

An introductory guide to setting up a programmatic buying campaign for desktop, mobile, or video.

Mobile ROI Data and Insights from Walmart, The Coca-Cola Company and MasterCard

The Mobile Marketing Association's (MMA) groundbreaking SMoX Study (Cross Marketing Effectiveness) provided brand marketers, for the very first time, empirical evidence for what the allocation to mobile should be...and that's in the double digits!

Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Innovative Approach to Visitor Engagement

Discover the innovative digital and social steps the Philadelphia Museum of Art took to increase visitor engagement and reposition their brand as an active and strong global cultural entity.

Vanguard Group: Reviving the Creative Innovation

Discover how Vanguard Group enhances their customer relationship through social channels.

Visit Philadelphia’s Innovative Approach to Digital Marketing

See how VISIT Philadelphia’s innovative approach to digital marketing has increased the company’s reach and influence, and helped VISIT PHILADELPHIA boost the destination’s image and buzz to unprecedented levels.

Comcast Strengthens Their Brand Through Innovation

Hear how Comcast's unexpected example of brand storytelling became a social media phenomenon which enhanced the brand's image and reputation.

Mobile ROI Data and Insights from Walmart, The Coca-Cola Company and MasterCard

In this webinar, learn about a new study showing empirical evidence for what the allocation to mobile should be...and that's in the double digits!

Effectively Negotiating Sports and Entertainment Sponsorships

Legal professionals from Verizon and the NFL discussed the current sports and entertainment sponsorship landscape.

Celebrity and Brand Ambassador Arrangements

Legal professionals discussed the latest developments in brand/celebrity agreements, and shared best practices for both parties.

Music, Video, and Creative Rights Deals

Dick’s Sporting Goods discussed key issues and best practices regarding the licensing and use of content.

Where Summer Travelers Go, Digital Follows

An infographic exploring trends around summer vacations.

B-to-B Video: The Comedy Writes Itself

Tim Washer explained how brands can use humor to create lasting connections with an audience.

Face-to-Face Marketing Rules

eMarketing Strategy shared the reasons marketers still turn to face-to-face marketing, and provided tips for improving brands’ face-to-face efforts.

B-to-B Customer Loyalty: The Proven Path to Monetizing Customer Experience

The Incentive Group and HCL shared best practices for B-to-B customer loyalty programs and explained their importance to driving business growth.

B2B Companies: Major Sports Sponsors of the Future?

Learn how and why sports sponsorships are so hot in the b2b world.

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