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Infographics: 2014 Shifts in Mobile Marketing

These infographics reveal how marketing organizations are using mobile apps and mobile-enabled websites to connect with customers, identify metrics used to measure mobile performance, and determine marketers’ usage plans for the future.

Infographics: 2014 Content Marketing Survey

These infographics reveal how content marketing is being deployed, integrated into the organization, measured and budgeted.

Influencing the Purchase Funnel through Cross Platform Marketing

This webinar provided highlights of two new proprietary studies; a cross-platform study, from GFK, as well as a purchase funnel study, from 'the futures company,' which examined the influence of media platforms throughout the purchase decision process.

Research Report: 2014 Content Marketing Survey

This research report examines at how marketers are employing content marketing today, and how they will use it in the coming years. What media are working? How content is being managed, budgeted, deployed, and measured? Are marketers using forma guideline/standards? ANA members share their current and future insights on best practices on content marketing.

Data Charts: 2014 Content Marketing Survey

This collection of data charts represents findings from an ANA study on content marketing. ANA surveyed members to understand how they use and budget for content marketing, manage its implementation internally and externally, and measure its success.

ANA Media Leadership Conference in Three Minutes

In this video, get a three-minute overview of the 2015 ANA Media Leadership Conference where leaders of the media industry discussed urgent issues and shared insights on the newest ways of connecting with today’s consumers.

Subaru’s Success with Branded Content

Subaru owes its content success to a media integration strategy that focuses on naturally incorporating its vehicles into content that puts them in front of the right audience.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Viral Marketing Sensation

A simple online challenge created a viral sensation that transformed the fortunes of the ALS Association.

Hyperlocal: Understanding this Mobile Marketing Opportunity

This webinar dove deeper into the mechanics of hyperlocal advertising, providing attendees with the tools and tactics they need in this space. Attendees also learned the mobile technology trends that are connecting brands and consumers by generating predictive, personalized campaigns.

Hyperlocal: Understanding this Mobile Marketing Opportunity

In this webinar video, dive deeper into the mechanics of hyperlocal advertising and get the tools and tactics needed in this space. Attendees learned the mobile technology trends that are connecting brands and consumers by generating predictive, personalized campaigns.

Catching Up with Gary Slack

In this Q&A with Gary Slack, organizer of the 2015 BMA Annual Global Conference, learn what attendees can expect this year.

Get More Social

Discover how B-to-B companies can make better use of social media to achieve objectives across all areas of marketing, with perspective from BMA and ANA members.

Uncommon Sense: How to Increase Your Digital Advertising Effectiveness Through "Reach Efficiency"

Over the last few years, digital audience measurement has been getting better: measurers are on the lookout for “fraudulent” views, are working to include only “viewable” impressions, and are measuring what percentage of people reached by a campaign actually belong to the group the advertiser was paying for.

New Anti-Drug Campaign Uses Gesture Recognition Technology And A Facebook Game

Ten years ago, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids launched the “Above the Influence” campaign to differentiate from other anti-drug initiatives by positioning the social pressures to experiment with drugs as the enemy—not the drug itself.

Pay Attention To This: TV Engages People Half As Long As Digital, Nielsen Lab Study Finds

Consumers may tune into TV on a regular basis, but they mentally tune out rather fast in favor of the array of "second screen" options.

Digital Advertising Alliance Launches Opt-Out App

The industry self-regulatory group Digital Advertising Alliance is releasing a mobile app that enables consumers to opt out of behavioral advertising on smartphones and tablets.

Target Regains Some Style Groove; Will Focus More On Natural, Organic Foods

After a year of playing transitional defense, Target is taking the offensive, upping its marketing spending and digital initiatives, and getting ready to reinvent its food offerings.

New Cable Subscribers Help Balance Increase In Cord Cutters

Somewhat dampening cries over cord-cutting, traditional pay TV providers added 101,000 new subscribers during the fourth-quarter 2014 period. But a closer look reveals that there are ongoing issues.

Brands And Social: Don't Just Farm It Out

Last week Nielsen announced key rollout dates for its previously stated measurement enhancements, most of which had been announced last year. Nielsen plans to utilize several new statistical methodologies across both local and national measurement services.

Big Screen Dollars, Little Screen Marketing

When it comes to generating buzz for new movies, trailers and TV commercials remain king. According to Nielsen’s 2014 Moviegoing Report, movie previews and TV spots are the top two ways Americans get their movie info.

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