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Guidelines On Client-Agency Relations and Best Practice in the Pitch Process

Guidelines for the agency and the client on how organize, conduct and conclude a pitch process leading to a new client-agency relationship.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic media buying has caught the attention of major advertisers. This Insight Brief defines key terms in programmatic buying, explains how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk, and offers best practices for managing agency fees. Marketers can also learn about considerations for taking programmatic buying in-house and read case studies from Kimberly-Clark and Ford.

GEICO: A Marketing POV that Changed an Industry

Six lessons learned about integrated marketing from GEICO’s journey to the No. 2 spot in a competitive category.

Agency Relations

This Insight Brief covers several models for agency relations, the agency selection process, compensation, and best practices for writing strong briefs.

Agency Creative: Leaning in to Change

The in-house agency at Discovery has embraced change, enabling it to deliver relevance and results.

Marriott International: Successful In-House/Outside Agency Collaboration

The in-house agency for Marriott Hotels shared best practices for collaborating with a client and its outside agency of record.

Programmatic Buying: Implications for Brands and Agencies

Representatives from 4A’s led a roundtable discussion on the implications of programmatic buying for brands and agencies.

Procurement: Opportunity Knocks

This Insight Brief discusses the best practices, challenges and trends related to the relationship between marketing and procurement.

Agency Partners: How Many Is Too Many?

As the world of marketing becomes more complex, brands are relying on an increasing number of partners to help them connect with consumers.

Collaborative Negotiation Practices for Win-Win Results

A negotiation strategy focused on mutual trust and active listening can strengthen a deal for both parties.

4A’s Perspective on Conflicts

Ogilvy & Mather examined the changes occurring in brand/agency relationships regarding conflicts, and shared advice and best practices on how to adapt.

Myths, Challenges, and Best Practices in Digital/Social Agency Compensation

Agency consultant R3 provided best practices for payment models and role alignment that allow the client/agency relationship to be a mutually beneficial one.

CMO Keynote: Why Marketing and Procurement Need to Work Together

At Nationwide Insurance, marketing and procurement have been able to reduce agency fees and increase campaign effectiveness.

Driving Value and Innovation

Kimberly-Clark shared examples of how it has driven successful collaboration between marketing and procurement.

Performance Incentive Compensation

The ANA and the 4A’s provided an overview of the current state of performance incentive compensation, including which metrics are being used, what’s working, and what’s not.

CMO Keynote: Why Marketing and Procurement Need to Work Together

At Nationwide Insurance, marketing and procurement have been able to reduce agency fees and increase campaign effectiveness.

The Biggest Risk for Agencies is Not Taking a Risk

The top four agency holding companies account for two-thirds of all advertising spending, despite no longer being involved in all of the "4P's" of marketing. To justify increasing fees, agencies must reclaim a larger stake in the business of their clients.

Agency Compensation: Building a Win-Win Scenario

Bob Wolf Partners/TPG and the 4A’s shared a brief history of agency compensation, the different models in use today, and best practices for establishing “win-win” relationships.

The New Power Partnerships

While witty, resonant ad messages will always be critical and appreciated by advertisers and consumers alike, in our increasingly fragmented media world, it takes many more skill sets to bring brilliant executions to life at the right time, in the right context, for maximum impact.

Viewable Impressions: New Currency for Digital Advertising

In this video, an update on Media Rating Council’s work toward setting a viewable impressions digital advertising standard and how Kellogg’s has increased its campaign effectiveness through viewability.

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