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B-to-B Marketing

For years, Business-to-Business marketing was largely viewed as a support function for the company’s salesforce. Recently, however, an increasing number of B-to-B organizations are realizing the importance of branding, cross-channel messaging, and leveraging customer insights to resonate with business decision-makers on an emotional level. The ANA and BMA shared insights, trends, and best practices from some of the world’s leading B-to-B brands.

Marketing Automation: How to Make the Right Buying Decision

An overview of a survey conducted across marketing automation users and vendors.

A Manufacturer’s Step-by-Step Guide for Improving the Customer Experience

Steps manufacturers can take to improve experiences and increase customer loyalty.

Kimberly-Clark: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing

In this session, Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing and Innovation – Kimberly-Clark, shared how to frame your marketing technology leadership around the consumer, measuring the business impact and ROI as well as balancing the different kinds of human needs within your organization and in the market, across different segments and different geographical regions of the world.

IKEA Innovates Consumer Engagement in the Modern Retail World

IKEA explained its three key strategies for creating value with its showroom.

Reviving the Creative in Social

Vanguard explained how it keeps the creativity in its social media strategy even though it has established practices.

B-to-B Customer Loyalty: The Proven Path to Monetizing Customer Experience

The Incentive Group and HCL shared best practices for B-to-B customer loyalty programs and explained their importance to driving business growth.

Big Data, Little Data, and Marketing at the Intersection

VMWare discussed the importance of leveraging every piece of first-party customer data available to optimize the brand experience.

B-to-B Customer Loyalty: The Proven Path to Monetizing Customer Experience

In this video, the Incentive Group and HCL shared best practices for B-to-B customer loyalty programs and explained their importance to driving business growth.

From Price to Advice: Generating Sustainable Advantage in B-to-B Markets

Gallup Consulting shared how through customer engagement and client business impact, B-to-B brands can differentiate on a more meaningful level than through pricing.

Marketing for Profit, Not Just Sales

Tom Nagle, Ph.D., senior advisor at Monitor Deloitte, discussed how profitability increases market share, and not the other way around.

It’s About Time

Gradually, more retailers are experimenting with same-day delivery.

New Models for B-to-B Engagement

Andrew Gaffney of the Demand Gen Report discusses new methods B-to-B marketers should consider to engage their customers in today’s interactive digital marketplace.

General Motors Innovates in Enterprise Customer Service and Social Media

General Motors created a positive customer experience with a collaborative social media strategy.

Driving Business Through Content Marketing

In a few short years, content marketing has gone from an emerging tactic to a necessity in most brands’ marketing strategies. By delivering value to consumers within the context of the platform they’re on, brands can deeply engage and establish long-term relationships with them. The ANA shared insights and best practices for content marketing from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Customer Retention Efforts Can Backfire

A new study from Columbia Business School found that proactive retention campaigns may actually encourage customers to switch providers.

Starwood Hotel & Resorts: Bringing the Real-World Experience to Mobile

Starwood Hotels & Resorts provided an overview of its approach to a personalized mobile experience for the busy traveler.

Social Media Innovation Case Study

To connect with customers, Nissan developed an approach to social that was rooted in successful partnerships.

Time Warner Cable Business Class

Time Warner Cable Business Class leveraged its loyal customer base (No. 1 in the industry) to create a campaign that showed small business owners real-world success stories “by the numbers.”

Big Trends that Will Drive Big Results

A look at the mindset and behaviors of the next generation of young consumers: Centennials.

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