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Inside the Mind of Karen Walker

Learn how Karen Walker, CMO at Cisco, turns customers into brand advocates and blends B-to-B and B-to-C buyer patterns.

Vanguard Group: Reviving the Creative Innovation

Discover how Vanguard Group enhances their customer relationship through social channels and also partners with the advertising team to test and learn across the digital landscape.

Vitamix: Amplifying Our Customer Stories

Discover how Vitamix showcases customer loyalty via, their online store and social media platforms to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to customers and to continue the Vitamix conversation with post-purchase customers.

Life & Style All Mobile Loyalty Club

KappAhl introduced a fully-mobile loyalty program to drive sales and brand affinity.

Three Lessons from Online Dating for B-to-B Marketers

Marketers should know lead generation is about quality, not quantity.

Sungevity, Inc. Innovates with Relevant Customer Experiences

In this session, Sungevity, Inc. shared a case study on how they use media and retail partnerships to drive innovation and differentiation through Instant iQuotes, which allow homeowners to instantly view a 3D model showing the most optimal solar designs for their home based on roof pitch, sun angle and other key variables.

Wells Fargo Social Media Innovation

Learn how Wells Fargo approaches social media and emerging social trends.

GE Leverages Advanced Analytics and Marketing Technology to Drive Revenue

In this video, GE discussed the development of digital strategies that enable its business units to drive deeper customer relationships, high-quality leads, and incremental revenue via digitally sourced data, advanced analytics, and marketing technology.

Creating Value to Capture Value

Examining the virtues of a client stewardship program.

B-to-B Marketing

For years, Business-to-Business marketing was largely viewed as a support function for the company’s salesforce. Recently, however, an increasing number of B-to-B organizations are realizing the importance of branding, cross-channel messaging, and leveraging customer insights to resonate with business decision-makers on an emotional level. The ANA and BMA shared insights, trends, and best practices from some of the world’s leading B-to-B brands.

Want to Get Frequency Right? Find out which Account You're Emailing

Marketers can gain a real advantage by knowing whether subscribers are reading commercial mail in their primary accounts.

Putting It All Together

Not one for impulse purchases, the self-empowered consumer can be a difficult sell. Connecting to the DIY crowd requires the right set of tools and a long-term marketing approach.

Marketing Automation: How to Make the Right Buying Decision

An overview of a survey conducted across marketing automation users and vendors.

A Manufacturer’s Step-by-Step Guide for Improving the Customer Experience

Steps manufacturers can take to improve experiences and increase customer loyalty.

Social Listening: What Marketers Should Be Hearing

Allison Smith, analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., discussed why social listening should be a priority for brands.

Social Listening: What Marketers Should Be Hearing

In this webinar, Allison Smith, analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., discussed why social listening should be a priority for brands.

Hallmark Social Media Listening Integration

Social media is a powerful agent of change, and affects the consumer’s experience of a brand.

Kimberly-Clark: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing

In this session, Mayur Gupta, Global Head of Marketing and Innovation – Kimberly-Clark, shared how to frame your marketing technology leadership around the consumer, measuring the business impact and ROI as well as balancing the different kinds of human needs within your organization and in the market, across different segments and different geographical regions of the world.

IKEA Innovates Consumer Engagement in the Modern Retail World

IKEA explained its three key strategies for creating value with its showroom.

Reviving the Creative in Social

Vanguard explained how it keeps the creativity in its social media strategy even though it has established practices.

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