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Canada's Anti-Spam Law, Poised to Take Effect, Requires Action Now

One of the most stringent anti-spam laws every enacted is set to take effect in Canada on July 1, 2014.

Achieving Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel and multichannel marketing have different values to your business and perform differently. What this means for email is, you have to think of your email and multichannel programs as a portfolio.

Targeted Marketing Is Smart Marketing

Direct mail is not going away, and marketers should take notice. Direct mail done well that is sent to a highly targeted list of qualified prospects is smart marketing.

The Evolution of Direct Mail

Technology can strengthen mail’s message. Advances like augmented reality, QR codes, PURLs, and digital watermarks have taken catalogs to another level.

Holiday Bonanza

If you think only cutting-edge companies are using technology enabled mail, you might be surprised to learn that organizations as conservative as the USPS have been testing outside of their traditional marketing.

Direct Mail Has Pull

Direct mail is a cost effective lead generation tactic. It also has relevance with millennials. Finding ways that allow them to interact with their mail and magazines using a smartphone or tablet will be key in keeping direct mail relevant to this generation.

What’s New at USPS in 2014?

Gary Reblin, VP of new products and innovation at the U.S. Postal Service, shares his award winning efforts with digital and what’s in store for mailers in 2014.

Five Ways To Improve Your Cart Abandonment Emails

Shopping cart abandonment emails are among the most powerful messages a marketer can send, but they could be even more powerful.

Are Your Emails Positioned Well?

Email marketers spend so much time on where their emails are positioned in the inbox that they ignore the more important positioning: in the consumer's mind.

How User-Generated Content Sparked a Shift in Expedia’s Brand Marketing Strategy

Noah Tratt shared the way Expedia developed a new approach to content marketing and how it has moved the company forward in unexpected ways while reinventing the way the brand communicates with customers.

Sirona Dental Product Launch and Lead Generation Campaign

To launch a new dental product, Sirona Dental and its agency Eric Mower & Associates crafted an award-winning integrated marketing campaign that included print, email, online rich media, video, social media, promotions, and an interactive software simulator.

Trade Secret: The Right Response to Engagement-based Filtering

Getting your email to the inbox isn’t getting easier. Today, engagement-based inbox placement decisions are making it harder to reach email subscribers — at least the unengaged. And the secret to getting past individual-level filters isn’t as simple as “mail less.”

What's the Best Send Time?

All of us who deliver email for a living monitor changes in consumer patterns. But do trends shift due to consumer changing their patterns, or do marketers contribute to this pattern shift by conditioning consumers?

2014 Annual Outlook: What to Expect in Digital and Direct Marketing

In 2014, the Winterberry Group predicts that the advertising industry will see a growth in data-driven marketing, while traditional channels continue to decline, along with an increase in the use of content and programmatic marketing tactics.

Marketers' Budgets Up, But Cite Inability to Leverage Data

According to StrongView’s "2014 Marketing Trends Survey," marketers plan to increase their budgets on activities that increase customer engagement through more relevant and timely campaigns.

USPS Shares Best Practices to Drive Direct Mail ROI

Rab Govil, CEO of Naehas, showed how dynamic content has become a key strategy to direct mail optimization.

Life’s a Photo. Take it

To demonstrate the superior quality of photos from Samsung’s Galaxy Camera, a social media photo campaign highlighted influencer and consumer photos to create a feeling of online stardom.

Leveraging Consumer Insights and Measurement to Create Content that Wins in Digital

Reid Greenberg, director of digital marketing strategy and e-commerce at Seventh Generation, shared insights from Seventh Generation’s success in digital and e-commerce.

Enterprise Data Management Platform

This paper from [x+1] will help you understand what questions to ask and what functionality to look for when choosing a DMP to enable you to achieve programmatic marketing success.

Holiday Dreams

AT&T applied the principles of responsive website design to its emails, so that its email messaging is optimized regardless of the device being used to read it.

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