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Experiential Marketing: The Value of Brand Experiences

This Insight Brief discusses the best practices, measurement challenges, and future opportunities of experiential marketing.

Honest Tea Drives Business Results Through Social Experiment

Dan Forman, director of PR and digital media at Honest Tea, shared a case study for the National Honesty Index, a disruptive event and digital experience designed to drive product trial and earn media coverage.

Grab ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

While consumers increasingly interact with brands via some type of screen — whether on a TV, smartphone, or tablet — many marketers are rediscovering the importance of engaging their audience in person through branded entertainment where they live, work, shop, and play.

Trends in Advertising

Discover the latest trends in real-time bidded (RTB) display advertising and experiential marketing. Also, learn five tips for maximizing social impact.

Carefree Secret Talks

Carefree used OOH ads and samples to educate women in Saudi Arabia on its product benefits.


GE used “Windbikes” to communicate the ease of producing renewable energy to politicians in Berlin in hope of reinvigorating their enthusiasm for clean energy.

Brewer on Doorstep

Keurig delivered 15,000 brewers in one day to create an event that would put it at the forefront of the coffee conversation in the U.S.

Word on the Street

The Economist inserted itself into the daily lives of German consumers by offering excerpts of its content on everyday items.

SXSW 2014: What Marketers Need to Know

In this webinar video, media news website Mashable chronicled the hottest trends to come from SXSW 2014, a showcase of the best ideas in digital.

SXSW 2014: What Marketers Need to Know

Media news website Mashable chronicled the hottest trends to come from SXSW 2014, a showcase of the best ideas in digital.

Live Nation Cross-Platform Media Case Study

Ben Long, vice president of strategic alliances and technology and innovation lead for North America at Live Nation Network, shared a global, cross-platform media and marketing campaign case study.

Del Monte Social Media Strategy

Mac Tillman, vice president of marketing and creative services at Del Monte, walked through four phases of the company’s journey towards digital campaign integration, highlighting the role of emerging technology.

Experiential Digital Brand Experiences

Jim Scott, founder and managing partner of mono, shared how Lucy Activewear created an interactive, celebratory experiential campaign designed to be shared on social.

The Next Frontier

Enlightened marketing leaders are achieving success these days by seizing ownership over the entire customer experience — from delivering the message to innovating the experience.

Sponsorship and Event Marketing

This ANA Insight Brief features sponsorship case studies from Con Edison, Herbalife, Home Depot, Norwegian Cruise Line, and SAS. Read about important considerations to protect your sponsorship, secrets to successful experiential marketing, and the most popular types of events sponsored by ANA members.

Get Personal

Discover how brands including Jaguar and IBM are working to win over customers through experience using social and mobile technology.

It Takes Discipline

Author Kerry Bodine presents six disciplines marketers should master to see customer experience drive profits.

Keep It Nimble

Experience-driven communications require new agency/client collaboration. In order to succeed in today’s multichannel world, agencies must act as the anti-corporation in the relationship.

Put Data to Work

Decision Sciences makes it simple to design new experiences laying the foundation for creativity and providing the connective tissue that makes the whole experience greater than a sum of tactics.

Data Charts: 2013 Experiential Marketing Survey

This collection of data charts represents findings from the 2013 Experiential Marketing Survey. The objectives of this survey were to determine how experiential marketing is used by ANA members, what metrics are used to measure success, the value of experiential marketing programs to client-side marketers, and the main drivers of experiential marketing budgets.

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