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Navigating the New Customer Journey

Cisco’s B-to-B marketers have shifted focus from promotion to engagement, aligning with sales to drive volume, velocity, and value.

Navigating the New Customer Journey

In this video, learn how Cisco’s B-to-B marketers have shifted focus from promotion to engagement, aligning with sales to drive volume, velocity, and value.

Pipe Burst

A Brazilian building materials retailer designed an interactive tablet ad unit to surprise magazine readers.

Mubiquo Apps, S.L.

A machinery company created an informative mobile app to empower its sales force. Integrating Mobile in the Car Buying Process took an integrated approach to the “Go Mobile” campaign and engaged employees, dealers, and the industry with a diverse and innovative set of pre-, during, and post-trade show tactics at the annual North American Dealers Association conference.

Lead Qualification Process Diagram

A tool to help you visualize what steps need to be taken to qualify a new sales lead in your CRM system.

Juniper Networks: Marketing Education and Certification Programs for the Real World

Juniper Networks developed a marketing education program to keep its marketing team up to date on the latest trends and best practices, and to develop its future marketing leadership.

10 Things Brands and Singles Have in Common

Even in the industrial B-to-B marketplace, brand-building can be a lot like dating.

Grey SF Drives New Ryder Campaign

This week, Ryder is launching the most comprehensive integrated business-to-business campaign in the company’s history.

Got ROI? Prove It!

Today marketers must provide a variety of measurements, roll up reports to show progress, and demonstrate real ROI (return on investment).

Optimizing Marketing Operations: Streamline, Manage and Monitor Your Marketing Organization

The marketing organization is evolving quickly, and the expectations for what we can and should deliver have changed dramatically.

Social Media Strategy for B-to-B

Dell shared best practices for integrating social media into a B-to-B marketing strategy and achieving measurable business results.

Zodiac Pool Systems: Digital Media Case Study

Zodiac Pool Systems changed its rebate system and partnered closely with brick-and-mortar retailers to engage more consumers for less money.

Maximizing Mobile’s Impact in the Marketing Mix

The Mobile Marketing Association showed how its research study can help marketers measure and maximize the impact of their mobile spend.

Metrics, Not Myths

By calling out marketing B.S and offering certainty instead of half-truths, Adobe became the trusted partner to deliver the confidence digital marketers desperately need. This is the story of how Adobe transformed itself from a creative company that “makes” to a marketing partner that “makes and measures.”

Profound Brevity: Go Deep, but Keep It Simple

Author Joe McCormack discussed the importance of developing today’s essential new skill: profound brevity.

Engineers, Coders, Growth Hackers and IT Mavens: We’ve Come a Long Way from Captain of the AV Club

Ad Age led a panel of two engineers-turned-marketers and a leading marketing technology observer to discuss the future of marketing and tech.

Challenger Marketing: Succeeding in Today’s B2B Battleground

As information becomes more readily available, sales representatives need to change their own behavior in order to change their customers’ behavior.

Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future

Jonah Sachs, Author of Winning the Story Wars, shared three simple tools for breaking through and becoming an icon: be interesting, tell the truth and live the truth.

Mastering the Moment: the Live Opportunity for B2B Marketers on Twitter

Twitter, a medium of “now” moments, holds significant untapped potential for B2B marketers to gain customer insights and create meaningful connections with consumers.

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