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The State of Digital Video: A Publisher Outlook

This presentation from YuMe details the ways that digital video, though in its infancy, is becoming a must-have for publishers.

Holiday Shopping: A Multi-Screen Path to Purchase

Survey results of nearly 1,000 consumers from a nationally representative online panel show current trends, online habits and media consumption, specifically related to holiday shopping trends and preferences.

Pursuit of Attention: Getting to the Center of Attentive Audiences

Plentiful details about where, when and how (on what device) audiences are most receptive to ads.

Serving Up Opportunity: the Best Spots for Restaurant Growth in 2014

Nationwide, roughly 88% of consumers have eaten at a quick-service restaurant in the past month, while 79% of consumers have visited a sit-down restaurant. However, when it comes to restaurant patronage and growth, not all parts of the country are created equal.

Tech-Or-Treat: Consumers Are Sweet on Mobile Apps

With Halloween around the corner, our thoughts turn to candy corn, gummy spiders and mini chocolate bars. But U.S. consumers today also crave another treat. Sure, candy apples are great, but mobile apps are also satisfying.

Digital Ad Revenue Hits $23 Billion In First Half Of 2014

Internet ad revenue rose 15% to $23.1 billion during the first six months in 2014, compared with the same time period in 2013.

Online Advertising Benchmark Report

In June 2013, Demand Metric conducted a benchmarking study to assess the impact online display advertising and real-time bidding is having on the online advertising landscape.

The Car IS the Information Superhighway

Cars are big business, and as technology continues to permeate our lives, the auto industry is broadening its revenue base by tapping into consumers’ desire to stay connected from behind the wheel.

Red Roof Inn Turns Flight Cancellations into Customers

Red Roof Inn leveraged technology to target stranded travelers at their moment of need: searching via mobile for a hotel after a flight cancellation.

Sam’s Club 2013 Holiday Mobile Web Initiative

Sam’s Club redesigned its mobile site to optimize the consumer shopping journey just in time for the holiday season.

Pipe Burst

A Brazilian building materials retailer designed an interactive tablet ad unit to surprise magazine readers.

Leveraging Mobile to Drive Acquisitions

TD Ameritrade used mobile search technology to deliver targeted ads created in real time during market-driven events such as IPOs and stock splits.

Bringing the Ford F-150 to Life in Innovative 3D Mobile Ad Experience

Ford created an interactive virtual showroom within a 3D mobile ad unit.

Getting Our Money’s Worth

While technology has been the great enabler, it has also spawned a disease that is leading to an erosion of the phenomenal potential of digital marketing platforms. Find out what steps the ANA is taking to combat the less-than- trustworthy digital media supply chain.

The Battle Over Bots

Bots are a significant problem facing digital marketers. Preventing bot fraud from damaging the Internet is an industry imperative.

The Hostess Story

With a budget of just $3.5 million, Hostess bounced back from bankruptcy by activating an interactive marketing campaign that featured digital media to build buzz and reach Millennials.

App-Enabled Smart TV Gains Popularity

New research from Parks Associates reports 70% of TV households will have an app-enabled smart TV by 2018.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic media buying has caught the attention of major advertisers. This Insight Brief defines key terms in programmatic buying, explains how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk, and offers best practices for managing agency fees. Marketers can also learn about considerations for taking programmatic buying in-house and read case studies from Kimberly-Clark and Ford.

Tribune Publishing Partners With Contend For Native Advertising Deal

Designed to help marketers engage and reach customers cross-platform, including print, social, and mobile, through creative, relevant content.

Navigating the On-Demand World of Millennial Shoppers

Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. discussed how the unique Millennial mindsets apply across categories and brands, and how understanding those mindsets are crucial to engaging the generation.

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