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Overview of the 2015 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

In this video, get an overview of the Overview of the 2015 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference.

B-to-B Sales Tools for a Digital World: Leveraging Digital Marketing Principles to Boost Strategic Sales

Principles from digital marketing can be used to shape a new generation of strategic sales tools.

How Are Manufacturers Generating Leads?

Manufacturers are driving customer acquisition by embracing data and technology, according to DataMentors.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Mobile Case Study

In this session, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC shared their consumer facing platforms including a recently launched website, responsive mobile site as well as their native iOS & Android apps.

Build a Healthier Media Plan

The healthcare and pharma industries should embrace digital media to reach consumers.

Where Summer Travelers Go, Digital Follows

An infographic exploring trends around summer vacations.

Marketing Through the New Customer Life Cycle in the Digital Age

The traditional sales cycle is evolving into one focused more on online media and leveraging awareness than sales meetings.

Five Factors of Video Viewability

According to research from Google, DoubleClick, and YouTube, things like player size and position determine video viewability.

How to Save Your Ads and Improve Their Resonance

Ads should be assessed for effectiveness throughout their lifecycle, not just during the creative development.

How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Marketer

Five ways marketers can utilize emotional intelligence in the digital age.

Forrester Says E-commerce to Reach $334 Billion

Online spending in the U.S. will reach about 10 percent of all sales in 2015, according to Forrester.

When Engaging Canadian Consumers Online, Marketers Must Use the Right Tools

Canadians are developing online shopping and research preferences that will influence how marketers can best reach them.

As Online Sales Gain, Orlando and Washington Emerge as Key Markets

Key regional differences are emerging in online shopping behaviors.


To raise awareness for its spay/neuter program, the SF SPCA created a brand of condoms for pets to highlight the foolishness of owners’ fear of “emasculating” their pets.

How Canadians Use Mobile Search

An ethnographic study of Canadian smartphone users to understand their mobile conversion behavior.

YouTube Increases Interactivity in TrueView Video Ads

Brands like Burberry are taking advantage of a new YouTube ad feature.

Ad Tech Revenue to Grow to $100 Billion by 2020

Advertisers are increasing ad tech investments, according to a new vendor benchmark report.

Spending Up, but Marketers Still Have Big Digital Blind Spots

Digital marketing expenditures are becoming equal to spending on traditional marketing.

Programmatic May Give Search Marketers Opportunity to Oversee Other Media

Programmatic buying and automation may bring organizational changes to marketing teams.

Facebook Outpacing YouTube in Video Ad Buys

Search may play a role in more brands planning to run video ads on Facebook compared with YouTube in 2015.

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