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Real Returns: What Matters Most in Digital Advertising

With so many channels and so little time, it’s a bigger challenge to reach consumers at the right place and the right time.

Creating Customer-Centric Brand Experiences on Television

BrightLine discussed how utilizing “enhanced TV” allows brands to deeply engage with consumers in a way that provides them value and doesn’t feel intrusive.

Hormel Foods Integrates the Skippy Peanut Butter Brand in 89 Days

Hormel Foods shared how it acquired the Skippy brand in less than three months and the strategy behind an integrated communications mix that led to increased market share.

Touchstone Energy's Integrated Marketing Campaign

Touchstone Energy shared key tactics and results from an integrated marketing campaign designed to educate its co-op members.

Leveraging Smarter TV Advertising to Drive Purchases

The Ultimate Fighting Championship discussed top ways to use data and targeting to drive greater results from TV advertising.


Universal Pictures held a “takeover” of some of Germany’s premier news and entertainment websites to promote the main character of its upcoming comedy, TED.

Gastronomic Heritage

To raise awareness for its evaporated milk, Rica invited consumers to share their favorite family recipes to be included in a cookbook that highlighted historical recipes from across the nation.


To introduce Performa condoms to a conservative Chinese audience, Durex created a superhero whose special power was longer-lasting sex, the same benefit of the brand’s new product.

Hanes Dares Women to Overshare

Hanes leveraged the tendency of people to overshare on social media to find out what color underwear women were wearing and reintroduce itself as a style brand to younger buyers.

When it Comes to Attribution, Customers Count

When selecting an attribution model, marketers must remember to keep the customer at its center.

Dunkin’ Brands: Driving Brand Innovation

Christopher Fuqua, vice president of brand marketing at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., shared how the brand leveraged consumer insights to develop a cross-channel integrated marketing approach.

Los Angeles Metro: How Its In-House Agency Helped Make Public Transit Cool

Michael Lejeune, creative director at Metro Design Studio, discussed how L.A. Metro’s studio and staff applied design strategy and thinking to the nation’s second largest transit agency, which serves some 1.5 million people each day.

Defining and Mapping the Native Advertising Landscape

This report from Altimeter addresses the questions: What is native advertising and, by extension, what is it not? It also attempts to map and outline product offerings from the native advertising triumvirate: publishers, technology vendors, and social media platforms.

Monsanto Uses Big Data to Build Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics Strategy

Alight Analytics’ Matt Hertig and Monsanto’s Gary Sakin discussed how data dashboards were used to plan and optimize Monsanto’s marketing ROI.

Ted. The Impossible Hero.

To generate buzz for Ted, Universal Studies International went rogue by creating head-turning interest on social media.

RBZ Hockey Stick

CCM Reebok launched its RBZ Hockey Stick through a partnership with Xbox and the EA Sports NHL 2013 video game to connect with its target audience in a fresh, innovative way.

Girls Night In

Clean & Clear partnered with a TV station’s movie night and created a digital space online for teenage girls to celebrate their best friends and engage with the brand.

Cross-Screen Engagement: New Patterns of Multi-Screen Behavior

Ivy Esquero, global consumer insights at Microsoft Advertising, unveiled key findings from Microsoft’s Cross-Screen Engagement Study that can help marketers provide flexible, portable, and engaging content that can resonate across devices.

The Excella’nt Competition

Excella, a popular cooking oil brand in South Africa, used a mobile sweepstakes competition for the first time to build a database of consumers to talk to and to increase sales.

The Weather Channel: Android App Revamp

The Weather Channel (TWC) promoted the redesign of its popular Android app via mobile and tablet banner ads, content and videos posted to, live mentions of the app on TWC’s TV network, and a humorous video on YouTube.

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