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Epicurious Taps Swirl In-Store Mobile Beacons

Retailers and marketers are partnering with media companies to gain access to their app users in-store.

GEICO: A Marketing POV that Changed an Industry

Six lessons learned about integrated marketing from GEICO’s journey to the No. 2 spot in a competitive category.

Consumers Agree To Mobile Location Tracking For Specific Reasons

Will consumers allow marketers to track their location to deliver relevant information and offers in real-time?

Mobile Isn't a Marketing Channel. It's a Multi-channel Beast In Need Of Taming

It’s not TV, radio, or email – but it also is those things and more. It requires multiple approaches for what are effectively “channels within the channel.”

Client Strategies In Action: Online Retail - ebay

eBay’s primary goal was to increase brand recognition and attract new members with a creative execution handcrafted specifically for the in-flight video space.

Case In Point:

For the launch of printed receipt coupons in VeriFone yellow taxis in New York, VeriFone partnered up with

Case In Point: J.Crew

Depending on the taxi rider’s location, the banner for the nearest J.Crew store was displayed.

The Postal Service and Spiderman: An Integrated Partnership

USPS and Sony partnered on an integrated campaign leading up to the release of The Amazing Spider-man 2.

The Postal Service and Spiderman: An Integrated Partnership

In this webinar video, USPS and Sony partnered on an integrated campaign leading up to the release of The Amazing Spider-man 2.

Citi Bike: The Currency of Brand Generosity

Citi shared what made the Citi Bike launch so successful, and how giving back to consumers in a meaningful way drives stronger brand engagement and results.

Godiva: An In-House Chocolatier’s Dream

Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. shared some of the engaging content from its “truffle flight” launch campaign, and provided best practices on streamlining and inspiring its in-house talent.

Five Effective Ways to Differentiate via Disruption

Accenture shared some disruption tactics that helped increase its business to the 300,000-employee, $30-billion-a-year global presence it is today.

Taking the ‘Less is More’ Approach to a New Level

MetLife discussed how it built a mega-relationship among five partner brands and the New York Giants and Jets football teams.

Grab ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

While consumers increasingly interact with brands via some type of screen — whether on a TV, smartphone, or tablet — many marketers are rediscovering the importance of engaging their audience in person through branded entertainment where they live, work, shop, and play.

The Biddable Revolution

The success of paid search marketing has spurred the emergence of real-time bidded (RTB) display advertising, which is expected to grow at an average rate of 48 percent per year to $14.4 billion by 2017. Beyond digital, advertisers are also starting to cozy up to bidded media in television and out-of-home.

Say Everything By Saying Nothing

A campaign to promote Daft Punk’s new album broke sales records without allocating any spend to digital advertising.

Bleachable Moments

Clorox used interactive billboards in Las Vegas to generate engagement and relevance for its 100-year-old product.

Hurricane Sandy Response

Duracell used social media during Hurricane Sandy to help consumers notify each other of potential hazards and locate stores that still carried emergency supplies, like batteries.


GE used “Windbikes” to communicate the ease of producing renewable energy to politicians in Berlin in hope of reinvigorating their enthusiasm for clean energy.


To introduce Performa condoms to a conservative Chinese audience, Durex created a superhero whose special power was longer-lasting sex, the same benefit of the brand’s new product.

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