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Top 10 Sponsorship Deals of the Week

SponsorPitch shared a curated list of the biggest sponsorship and event marketing deals for the week of September 28th.

Top 10 Sponsorship Deals of the Week

SponsorPitch shared a curated list of the biggest sponsorship and event marketing deals for the week of September 21st.

Making the Pieces Fit

PJA advertising + marketing employs a puzzle-solving game to promote higher education.

IKEA Innovates Consumer Engagement in the Modern Retail World

IKEA explained its three key strategies for creating value with its showroom.

FINNEGANS' Reverse Food Truck

To transform the impulse purchase into an impulse donation and harness slacktivism, we created the world’s first Reverse Food Truck. It is a truck that doesn't make food, but accepts food and monetary donations, spreading the FINNEGANS mission through events, word of mouth and news coverage.

No Judgments. Just Help.

Smokers know the reasons to quit and want to quit, but quitting is hard. QUITPLAN® Services responded by connecting with smokers using genuine empathy and a promise of “No judgments. Just help.”

The "One Person Away from Home" Campaign

How does a nonprofit animal shelter in Chicago with a small budget and big competition draw busy city dwellers inside its nondescript shelter? By giving the animals the voice they needed to connect with owners, and crafting our communication to hit our target’s emotional core.

Innovation Inspired by You

USG Boral’s “Innovation Inspired by You” campaign was used to launch a new product, USG Boral Sheetrock, which was developed based on feedback provided by the target audience.

Digital Dandelion

Accenture launched a cross-media campaign to promote its two new lines of business: Accenture Strategy and Accenture Digital.

Jack's Frozen Pizza: The Official Pizza of the Grill

Jack’s rebranded its frozen pizza as “The Official Pizza of the Grill” enabling it to compete with popular summer grilling foods.

State of Montana Turns $25,000 Investment into $6.9 million

The Montana Office of Tourism used “geofencing” to measure the ROI of a mobile marketing campaign that was created to attract skiers Montana’s slopes.

LG's The Art of The Pixel

LG launched its 4K OLED television with an art competition in which the works of art were displayed on the product screen.

We Are Boston

New Balance’s “We Are Boston” campaign integrated the brand into the community without an official marathon sponsorship.

The Bar That Jack Built

To celebrate Jack Daniel’s 148th birthday, the brand invited customers to build the first crowd-sourced bar in exchange for whiskey.

REI Village Mobile Tour

The REI Village Mobile Tour created outdoor experiences for REI’s members to interact with one another and create user-generated content that would attract new members.

The Voice 360: Be the Coach

NBCUniversal partnered with Oculus Rift to deliver an immersive virtual experience that put fans in the coach’s chair of the hit show The Voice.

Walmart Shares Core Principles and Its New Customer Journey

Walmart developed a shopper marketing model to enhance its in-store experience and customer satisfaction.

Boston Scientific Corporation

After losing the trust of its customers, Boston Scientific successfully redefined its brand with a marketing strategy that emphasized the emotional value of its products for clients.

Big Screen Dollars, Little Screen Marketing

When it comes to generating buzz for new movies, trailers and TV commercials remain king. According to Nielsen’s 2014 Moviegoing Report, movie previews and TV spots are the top two ways Americans get their movie info.

American Licorice Finds Its Sweet Spot with Earned Reach

American Licorice shared how its brands have generated cross-platform engagement and earned reach on limited budgets.

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