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How to Apply Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement

Leverage business intelligence and data analytics to make better agency management decisions.

Eli Lilly and Company: Procurement’s Business Partnering Journey

Michael Thyen, director, global procurement, emerging markets at Eli Lilly and Co., shared how the procurement department at Eli Lilly transformed itself from a “necessary evil” to a valued internal business partner.

Intuit Ensures Marketing Category Management Success Through Talent

Firat Ozkan, group manager, global marketing sourcing at Intuit Inc., discussed how Intuit identifies and retains sourcing talent.

Balancing Agency Relations and Procurement

Eve Reiter, vice president, global supply management at American Express, discussed how marketing procurement and a brand’s agency relations team can work better together.

Global Marketing Procurement Transformation

Steve Lightfoot, senior manager, global marketing procurement at WFA, discussed how the role of procurement is changing globally.

Agencies and Digital: A Wall Street Perspective

A look at the agency landscape from the perspective of a Wall Street analyst.

Applying Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement & Agency Management

This webinar, presented by Richard Benyon, CEO – Decideware, Daniel O'Brien, Global Business Analyst – Pfizer, and Diane Gibbons, Global Procurement – Pfizer, took a look at how to apply business intelligence tools to analyze agency budgets and performance using the wealth of available marketing procurement data.

Nationwide on the Benefits of Marketing and Procurement Collaboration

In this webinar, attendees heard from Pennie Valentine, Senior Consultant, Strategic Sourcing - Nationwide, on how their procurement team consolidated spend and kept the marketing team comfortable.

IBM: Outsourcing Marketing Procurement

One segment of IBM’s business provides outsourced procurement services to clients.

Microsoft Corporation: Driving True Partnership and Value between Marketing and Procurement

Microsoft shared the marketing IQ required to drive true partnership and value between marketing and marketing procurement.

Eli Lilly: Procurement Best Practices

Procurement at Eli Lilly and Co. has promoted its brand internally through strategic business partnering.

MillerCoors: Integrated Cross-Functional Agency Management

MillerCoors takes an integrated approach to cross-functional agency management.

Report on Global Agency Remuneration Trends and the Use of Performance Metrics

This report outlines the primary global agency remuneration models in use - complete with helpful graphs and definitions.

Guidelines on Client-Agency Relations and Best Practice in the Pitch Process

Guidelines for the agency and the client on how to organize, conduct, and conclude a pitch process leading to a new client-agency relationship.

Decoupling Digital Content Production

Campbell’s shared key learnings from its first year of digital decoupling.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Comcast: An ANA Member Procurement Snack Pack

Boehringer Ingelheim’s new truncated RFI process significantly reduced turnaround time and allowed the brand to focus on the final round of agency selection, while Comcast increased its production savings by double digits by standardizing costs across all its AORs.

ANA Member’s Point of View

A conversation between Steven Wales, COO of Decideware, and Christine Eaton, senior sourcing manager of advertising and agencies at General Mills.

Advertising’s Transparency Crisis

Experts from around the world discussed the concerns, developments, and best practices for achieving media buying transparency.

Advertising’s Transparency Crisis

Experts from around the world discussed the concerns, developments, and best practices for achieving media buying transparency.

CMO Keynote: Why Marketing and Procurement Need to Work Together

At Nationwide Insurance, marketing and procurement have been able to reduce agency fees and increase campaign effectiveness.

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