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The Future in Ten Minutes or Less

Join a panel of the top lawyers in the business in a whirlwind tour of what advertising law will be in ten years.

SAG-AFTRA and the JPC — Finding Common Ground

This panel will provide a lively discussion of the nuts and bolts of the commercials contract and building a collaborative relationship between SAG-AFTRA and the industry, including the advertiser and union perspectives.

Data Security – What’s Next?

This panel will discuss the evolution of data breach and security litigation in the class action and enforcement arenas and identify new privacy litigation risks appearing on the horizon.

Advertising, Marketing, and Other Perspectives on Doing Business in Asia

David Adelman, former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, will update the American pivot to Asia and the challenges facing multinational corporations in the region, including advertising and media issues.

Social Media 2.0 - Where Are We Now?

This session will review the current status of the world of social media looking back at major campaigns and issues from the past year.

The Current and Future State of Advertising Self-Regulation

Advertising industry self-regulation has been lauded for its role in promoting truthfulness and accuracy in national advertising, but how has the program weathered its 40-plus years of existence?

How to Negotiate a Client-Agency Agreement (From Both a Marketer and Agency Perspective)

This panel will host a discussion on the latest points of contention in the agency selection and contracting process. The panel will examine the most-current compensation models and the costs/benefits to advertisers and agencies.

The People Are Revolting: Advertising in the Age of Review Sites

This session will explore recent cases where dissatisfied businesses have challenged how review sites curate, aggregate, and present consumer reviews as well as how some of them advertise (allegedly falsely) the reliability of the reviews on their sites.

What the New Political Reality Means for Advertisers

The new GOP-led Congress has arrived, promising to break the gridlock in Washington. Get an analysis of what all this means for the advertising industry.

Laboratories of Democracy: State Privacy and Security Initiatives

In the past few years, issues such as data breach notification, location tracking, and the use or disclosure of student data for advertising purposes have loomed large. This session will focus on the considerable ongoing activity at the state level.

What Do Consumers Think? Using Online Surveys to Demonstrate Implied Claims

The session will examine when and how to conduct online surveys and present strategies for their effective use in advertising disputes.

The Natives Are Restless: Legal Perspectives on Native Advertising

Learn about native advertising and more at this session, which will provide the latest perspective on the tension between consumer protection enforcement and commercial speech in the age of sponsored media.

Marketing with New Technology: The Intersection of Advertising and Data Collection

This session will examine how advertisers can tout the benefits of their x-ray vision into the minds and behavior of consumers in a manner that diminishes the likelihood of regulatory scrutiny or consumer backlash.

A Discussion on the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

A panel will discuss the objectives of TAG, which include providing the advertising community with tools that promote brand safety through transparency and accountability, eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, and fight the theft of digital content.

The Brave New World at the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is in the midst of a potential major change regarding its regulatory mandate. This effort coincides (and may collide) with one of the hottest policy debates at the FCC in recent years — network neutrality.

Litigating Damages Claims in Lanham Act False Advertising Cases

This session will explore the law governing the ability to obtain damages in Lanham Act false advertising cases.

Meeting the Challenges of Producing Commercials Overseas

A panel of advertising law experts from around the world, members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), will help marketers feel confident in circumnavigating the world of global advertising production.

Digital Advertising Alliance Launches Opt-Out App

The industry self-regulatory group Digital Advertising Alliance is releasing a mobile app that enables consumers to opt out of behavioral advertising on smartphones and tablets.

Ad Industry Unveils New Anti-Piracy Program

A coalition of major ad industry groups are rolling out a new program that aims to “validate” companies that offer anti-piracy services to ad agencies and marketers.

Lawmakers Ask FCC, FTC To Investigate Verizon's Tracking Technology

Three Senate Democrats are asking the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Verizon's decision to insert tracking headers — also known as “supercookies” — into mobile traffic.

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