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Super Bowl Ads Sell Out at $4.5 Million Per Spot

Over 70 30-second ads for the 2015 Super Bowl went for approximately $4.5 million per spot, putting NBC's advertising revenue for the day at $315 million.

Linear TV Boosted by Online Viewing

Forty-six percent of Americans watch live (or "linear") TV in a month, according to this article from MediaPost.

Digital Up, TV Dips in Q4 Media Spend

Digital media spending increased by 15 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, while national broadcast TV was down by two percent.

For Football Fans, It's More Than Just a Game

Fans of the Super Bowl conduct multiple online searches before, during, and after the game on a wide variety of topics, including recipes, information on players and teams, and popular ads.

Must See TV: How Twitter Activity Ahead of Fall Season Premiers Could Indicate Success

Twitter can be used to help networks and advertisers determine potential audience sizes for new programming ahead of season premieres.

Millennial TV Viewing Differs Via Ethnnicity, Gender

Nielsen, via MediaPost, breaks down TV time spent by generations, gender and ethnicity.

Outback Steakhouse Menu Innovation and Consumer Engagement

From the first Moonshine cocktail tasting in the Outback Test Kitchen to the 360-degree marketing plan, Outback Steakhouse shared its journey of Moonshine BBQ in its restaurants.

Measuring the Consumer Decision Journey

Microsoft shared a new consumer-centric approach to multiscreen marketing and measurement.

A+E Ad Receptivity Study

A+E shared key findings from its study on whether the emotional tonality of programs affects ad receptivity.

GEICO Gives Millennials Better Tools and Access

GEICO shared how its highly-competitive brand personality led it to conduct a review on Millennial behaviors that greatly affected the brand’s marketing strategy going forward.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

The NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

NBA Inspires and Connects with the Total Market

In this video, the NBA described its total market approach and offered five tips for executing total market successfully.

Made of More

The Guinness “Made of More” campaign celebrated inclusion and showed the remarkable things people with disabilities were capable of.

TV Ad Industry Terrible At Marketing

According to the Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, the average American watches more than 34 hours of television every week, up more than 25% from 15 years ago. Not only do Millennials watch TV, they watch six times as much of it as they do digital video, and 35 times as much as they watch video on a smartphone.

SAG-AFTRA Changes and Issues in the Digital/Social Universe

The growth of digital media has made it necessary for the SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreement to be reviewed in order to potentially include new types of performances and talent.

Building Time-Shifted Audiences: Does Social TV Play a Role?

Time-shifted viewing has become increasingly important to networks and advertisers, with some networks seeing over 50% of their 18-34 aged viewership coming in the seven-day window after the live airing.

The Big Picture

While challenges remain, addressable TV may finally be within reach for marketers.

By the Numbers

Learn about the science behind advertising in a fragmented TV world. The effect of fragmentation is seen in an erosion of ratings and increasing challenges in reaching both large and targeted audiences.

Talking Shop

In this one-on-one interview, Doug Ray, global president of Carat, discusses how his agency attracts billions in new business from brands like Macy’s, Staples, GM, and Dannon, and gives his take on where the industry is going.

Adapting in the Data-Driven Evolution

Today, the TV landscape is increasingly fragmented, and this has made it more difficult than ever for an advertiser to efficiently reach its entire audience through a contextual network media purchase.

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