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TV Ad Market Expected to Hit $68B, Digital Video $6B in 2014

Although digital video is growing rapidly, traditional TV advertising will continue to surpass it in terms of advertising revenue.

Beautiful Game: Soccer in the U.S. Could be a Win for Advertisers and Programmers Alike

Two-thirds of people who follow soccer say that they take notice of brands that support their favorite teams or players.

Twitter Makes Watching TV Interactive

In 2013, 36 million people in the U.S. sent Tweets about TV, indicating that advertisers should looks for ways to extend traditional TV through the social media channel.

Key Findings Report: 2014 ANA/Forrester Survey: Media Buying’s Evolution Challenges Marketers

This Key Findings Report includes results from the 2014 ANA/Forrester Survey: Media Buying’s Evolution Challenges Marketers that was conducted online during February and March, 2014. This survey focused on how the rise of digital media and the increasing use of new, automated, impression by impression platforms effects media transparency, programmatic buying, and metrics.

Nielsen to Expand Local TV Market Samples

The size of 15 of Nielsen's Local People Meter TV markets will increase by 30 percent over the next two years.

Research Report: 2014 ANA/Forrester Survey: Media Buying’s Evolution Challenges Marketers

A survey from ANA and Forrester focuses on how the rise of digital media and the increasing use of new, automated, impression-by-impression platforms affects media transparency, programmatic buying, and metrics.

Landscape Update: Connected TV

A 44 percent increase in the number of consumers watching connected TVs is leading the shift towards new forms of TV viewing.

Heavy TV Viewers More Likely To Buy Cars, Clothes

People who watch more than 12 hours of TV per day are 16 percent more likely to have purchased a car and 17% more likely to have purchased clothing in the past year.

Advertising and Audiences: Making Ad Dollars Make Sense

Americans spend more than one-fifth of their time watching traditional TV — and a lot of ads, as a result. Adding to this increased ad exposure is the fact that the number of commercial minutes each hour has increased year-over-year on broadcast television, according to research from Nielsen.

Changing Channels: Americans View Just 17 Channels Despite Record Number to Choose From

The proliferation of devices for consuming content has enabled more choices than most can count. But the “problem” of having too many options doesn’t seem to be having an impact on our TV viewing preferences.

TV Binge Viewing on the Rise

Seventy percent of TV users consider themselves to be "binge viewers," meaning that they will watch three or more episodes of a series in a single sitting.

BrightLine: Rich Media TV Trends Issue 16

Smart TV advertising is a great way to reach Millennials, who are more likely to pay attention to interactive ads than other demographics.

CarMax Super Bowl Case Study

CarMax drove conversation around its 2014 Super Bowl ad with paid, owned, and earned tactics.

Intuit’s Small Business Super Bowl Campaign

The largest social campaign in Intuit’s history awarded one lucky small business an ad during the 2014 Super Bowl.

Is the Tablet the Ultimate Video Viewing Device?

Tablet owners are more likely to give videos their undivided attention when using them at home vs. other devices.

Understanding the Smart TV User

YuMe surveyed approximately 600 people located around the world to determine how smart or connected TVs are being used today.

Millennial Report: Video Viewing Discoveries

Millennials are more likely to use a smartphone than a TV, especially when viewing videos.

To Switch or Not to Switch, That Is the Question

Today’s consumers have a wealth of options at their fingertips when it comes to technology. Yet many products, such as televisions and mobile phones, would be little more than pricey paperweights without the services they need to operate fully.

The Role of Digital in TV Research, Fanship, and Viewing

Digital platforms such as YouTube and Google are extending the experience of watching a program beyond the TV set.

Touchstone Energy's Integrated Marketing Campaign

Touchstone Energy shared key tactics and results from an integrated marketing campaign designed to educate its co-op members.

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