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Applying Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement & Agency Management

This webinar, presented by Richard Benyon, CEO – Decideware, Daniel O'Brien, Global Business Analyst – Pfizer, and Diane Gibbons, Global Procurement – Pfizer, took a look at how to apply business intelligence tools to analyze agency budgets and performance using the wealth of available marketing procurement data.

Has Performance-Based Agency Compensation Failed?

Forrester research shares why performance-based agency compensation hasn’t resulted in higher quality work, and provides alternate methods to motivate agency partners.

Advertising Age: 2014 Agency Roundup and Best Practices

Advertising Age shared major trends in agency consolidation, review, and compensation from 2014.

Transparency Issues in Post-Production

AICE called for greater transparency in the business practices of agency-owned post-production services.

Client-Agency Erosion: Why We Need to Restore the Momentum of Trust in the Procurement Era

A look at the critical issues of transparency and equity in client/agency relationships.

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