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The Latest in Value-Based Compensation and Agency Incentives

R3 shared why value-based agency fees and incentives are on the rise, and which models brands can choose for agency compensation.

Negotiating Advertising Agency/Client Contracts

Legal professionals from brands and agencies discussed the evolution of the client/agency contract.

Darren Woolley Outlines Five Ways to Ensure that Agency Incentive Payments Work Fairly and Beneficially

The Internationalist spoke with Darren Woolley on performance-based agency compensation.

Six Degrees of Integration for Agency-Marketer Alignment

The R3 team sees six types of client-agency alignment structures or “six degrees of integration” among the best work.

How to Negotiate a Client-Agency Agreement (from Both a Marketer and Agency Perspective)

Representatives from both the client and agency sides discussed a range of issues, including agency compensation, exclusivity and ownership, liability, and patents.

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